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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    When Is It Time to Replace My Conservatory Roof?

    When is it time to replace a conservatory roof? Over time, issues can occur that can bring that moment closer. If you have an older conservatory, then the roof may be hampering its performance, rather than helping it. Earlier models use cheaper, thinner materials in their design.

    For example, polycarbonate and single-glazed glass don’t offer a lot of insulation. Because of this, your roof may not be as durable as you like either. These roofs can suffer from poor ventilation, water ingress, dirt build-up and roofline problems.

    When any of these issues happen, your conservatory becomes a challenge to manage. You can try and repair the roof, or fix problems yourself, but often things like this keep recurring. As a result, you can get caught in a vicious cycle or repairs.

    However, what if you decided to replace? Rather than spend money on constant maintenance, you could replace your conservatory roof with a brand-new design. Today’s roof models are highly efficient, more durable, and long-lasting for your home.

    But when is it the right time to replace a conservatory roof? After all, getting a new one can cost a lot of money, especially if you aren’t ready to make the change. However, you don’t want to wait for when a problem occurs, and you can’t fix it.

    As a result, it could be wise to get ahead of any issues that might happen. Also, when you decide to replace your conservatory roof, you can turn that room of your home into a comfortable space that you can use every day. You could even find you save money on your energy bills!

    replace conservatory roof costs

    Replace a Conservatory Roof with Condensation Issues

    Condensation is a critical issue for a conservatory roof. Over time, it can build up on thin glass panels, as a result of inadequate thermal protection and maintenance. Condensation occurs when there’s a difference between the heat on either side of the glass.

    When this happens, mist can develop across the glazing, blocking out light and making your space colder. If left unchecked, condensation can develop into something even more severe, such as black mould, which can lead to health problems.

    You can reduce the risk of further problems with regular cleaning, and opening up the panels if you can to ventilate them. However, eventually, condensation can damage the roof beyond repair. If your roof is suffering from problems like these repeatedly, then it could be wise to replace it.

    Modern designs don’t deal nearly as often with condensation. That’s because designs like tiled roofs have small gaps for ventilation, while solid roofs use robust materials to deal with the worst of the weather.

    Replace a Conservatory Roof with Drainage Problems

    When the weather turns against you, debris and dirt can affect your conservatory roof. Because many designs have an angle, some of this can slide down and lodge inside the guttering. When this happens, it can be a small object that causes significant problems.

    One bit of debris can block the whole system, affecting drainage and leaving more water on your roof, causing ingress and damage to the design. Over time, the roofline can weaken underneath excess water and debris too, leading to further problems.

    If you begin to notice issues with the gutter in your roof, then it could be time to replace it. That way, you won’t have to deal with drainage issues that cause problems for your whole home. With a new roof, you can keep guttering out of sight and out of mind – quite literally.

    Many models have decorative cornices and other features which conveniently conceal the gutters of your roof. That means you’ll get a sleeker design, and you’ll protect the drainage from wear and tear.

    Replace an Older Conservatory Roof

    A new conservatory roof can last for decades. However, an older roof can last even longer. That’s not because the design retains its performance, but because you can forget about the roof over time. If you’ve moved into a new house, then you might not know just how old the roof of your conservatory is.

    However, if it shows any visible signs of wear and tear, uses cheap materials, and appears to be decades old, then replacing it is essential. That way, you’ll get a roof meant to last that long.

    If you try to maintain it, you’ll eventually end up in the vicious cycle of repairs. Once that happens, you’ll always feel like you’re one day away from another issue. When you replace your conservatory roof, though, you’ll get peace of mind, and you’ll save money.

    You won’t have to shell out for repair costs, and you’ll be able to cut other expenses too. A new conservatory roof can help you warm up your whole home, meaning you can keep comfortable without relying on your central heating, so you save money on bills.

    replace conservatory roof benefits

    Why Replace a Conservatory Roof?

    When you replace a conservatory roof, you can transform how your space looks and feels. Firstly, you’ll have complete control over the design of the roof. You’ll have the option of double glazing, tiles or even a solid ceiling that uses slate and concrete.

    Not only that, but a modern roof is fully customisable. You’ll be able to mix and match materials by adding partial glazing or a roof lantern to a tiled or solid model. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose unique colours and authentic finishes to make the roof of your build pop.

    Once you’ve got the right roof, you can create the right conservatory for you. The roof of your build comes into more direct contact with the sun than any other part of it. As a result, an advanced roof can make a colossal impact. It can protect you not only from the extreme cold but intense heat as well.

    A solid or tiled roof can dispel harmful UV rays, so they don’t damage any carpeting or furniture in your room. Additionally, a new roof will have tiny gaps in the design for ventilation, allowing intense heat to escape.

    When you replace a conservatory roof, you’ll get a design that lasts for years to come as well. Many modern models use robust, durable materials, which are fully weatherproof. As a result, these roofs are far less likely to wear down.

    You can be sure your new design won’t crack, rot, warp, twist, or suffer from water ingress and mould. Also, many roofs have panels you can open up, so you can improve ventilation and prevent condensation. You’ll be able to make your conservatory last for decades.

    How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Conservatory Roof?

    A new conservatory can cost £10,000 or even more. However, if you only decide to replace the roof, you can save thousands on your investment. You’ll be able to install a new glass roof for as little as £2,610 and a tiled roof from £3,456 for your home.

    That way, you can get an energy efficient new part for your build, while preserving the overall style. You’ll also have less time to wait to install your new roof. Rather than wait weeks for a company to fit a whole new conservatory, you can get a new roof from a local provider in far less time.

    Because of this, it could be more cost-effective to replace a conservatory roof rather than repair it. The price of repairing the roof can soar over time and build up. Instead, for only a few thousand pounds, you can get a whole new roof that promises decades of performance and durability.

    Not only that, but you can make your home more peaceful and more private. Solid or tiled roof designs offer incredible sound insulation, so you can enjoy your conservatory without hearing any commotion outside.

    You can save even more when you replace your conservatory roof, too. When you work with Conservatory Online Prices, you’ll be able to get a lower price for a new design. We refer you to a fully trusted and reviewed network of local suppliers and installers in your area.

    Then, you can speak to several of them to find the best possible deal to replace your conservatory roof. For further peace of mind, many companies in our network have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS too.

    replace conservatory roof prices

    Replace a Conservatory Roof Prices

    Replace your conservatory roof for less with Conservatory Online Prices!

    You can start the process today when you use our online quote builder. This interactive tool lets you choose and compare every part of a roof so you can get the design that suits your needs and your budget.

    Once you’ve found the roof that’s right for you, we can provide an instant online price for any configuration. Then, we’ll refer that quote to our trusted network, and you can speak to them to agree on a fantastic deal.

    To find out more about conservatory roofs, speak to our expert team! Fill in our online contact form or call us on 0800 124 4307 today.

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