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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    When Is It Time To Change Conservatory Roof?

    Should you change your conservatory roof? If you have an older build inside your home, then replacing it might help you make this space far more usable. If you’ve just moved into a new home with an old conservatory, or you’ve had one for a while, it might not be as comfortable as you’d like.

    That’s because these outdated designs often use thin materials like single-glazed glass. As a result, an older conservatory can suffer from the greenhouse effect. Cold days can turn the room into a freezer, while hot days turn it into an oven, with no happy medium in between. Because of this, you may only use the room for storage, making the rest of your home more cluttered.

    If you’re thinking about getting a new conservatory, though, think again. Instead of tearing your current room down, you could improve it for less. One way is to change your conservatory roof for a modern design. Thanks to today’s technology, you can get a roof that uses durable materials, giving you better insulation and protection from the weather outside.

    You can get glass options that use panels of double glazing, solid options, or designs with lightweight tiles. All of these roofs are more energy efficient, helping you use your conservatory all year round, and they’re long-lasting as well, giving you years of performance.

    But when is it the right time to change your conservatory roof? If it’s beginning to break, it may already be too late in some ways. Repair costs can set you back a lot of money, and an older roof will eventually fail no matter how many times you fix it. Getting a replacement roof, then, can help you save a lot of hassle and hard-earned cash in the long run.

    when is it time to change conservatory roof

    Reasons To Change Your Conservatory Roof

    It could be time to change your conservatory roof as soon as you move into a new home. When you move in, you might already find an old conservatory waiting for you. Unfortunately, these old designs don’t stay comfortable as much as you’d like.

    With poor insulation and not a lot of weather protection, you can feel far too exposed to the elements. The roof could be the cause of a lot of these problems, too. Your ceiling is the part of the build that comes into the most contact with the sun. That means, if it’s underperforming, your roof could be letting a lot of natural heat escape.

    When you move in, it could be wise to check the roof of your conservatory. That way, you can see if there are any visible issues. Dirt and debris may be collecting on the roof, or there could be cracks and stains in the glass. If that’s the case, then changing the roof now could be an investment that saves more money than it costs.

    When you change your conservatory roof, you can pay a lot less for the design than when you buy it with a new build! That way, you’ll be able to enhance your new home without doing extensive work and paying expensive money.

    It’s helpful to clean your conservatory roof every so often to stop dirt and debris collecting on it. However, you can also use the clean to check for any visible signs of damage. Over time, little chips and cracks can build up in old roofs, as they aren’t very durable.

    Because of this, they can weaken over time, making them more vulnerable to issues. For example, debris from storms can weaken the glass, eventually leading to cracking. At that point, your roof could become a ticking time-bomb, meaning you could end up paying hefty repair costs eventually to keep your roof working.

    But, when you change your conservatory roof, you’ll get a brilliant new design that gives you total peace of mind. New roofs can come with more robust materials, including solid designs and tiled options. These builds can deal with even the worst weather conditions, and tiled roofs even have ventilation gaps to let excess heat escape from your build.

    Not only that, but these modern roofs can give you more privacy and security. Your roof will have superb sound insulation, blocking out unwanted sound from outside, and the designs are secure too. Because of this, you and your family could be a little bit safer inside your home.

    Also, a good time to change your conservatory roof is when you start to feel the cold. If you have been for a while already, then there’s no need to put up with a room you can’t use. That’s because getting a replacement roof is an investment that improves what you have, without tearing it away.

    You’ll be paying a lot less for your new roof than an entirely new conservatory, and you’ll be able to preserve your current build too. That means you can preserve the look of your living space if you’re fond of it, and you won’t have to turn your home into a building site to get a warm conservatory.

    With a new roof, you’ll be able to stop as much energy from your home escaping. Because of this, you won’t have to rely on your central heating to make up the difference, and it’ll have more impact. New roofs can also insulate your home while still brightening it.

    That’s because you can install a roof with double glazing glass panels, or a solid or tiled roof with partial glazing. With two glass panes, they offer much more protection than older roofs against hot and cold temperatures. As a result, you can use your space all year round, while using less of your central heating, meaning you save money every day for years to come.

    replacement conservatory roof

    New Conservatory Roof Options

    When you change your conservatory roof, you could transform an old, tired space into a new focal point for your home. New roofs come in a range of materials, such as glass and tiles, but also have customisable options too. For example, you can add roof cornices if you have a traditional home or a stunning roof lantern for a modern addition.

    You’ll be able to customise your new roof to suit you as well! That means you can get a bespoke, made-to-measure ceiling that fits your build precisely. You’ll be able to choose bold RAL colours for the roof too, meaning it’ll stand out on any street.

    A glass conservatory roof won’t leave you out in the cold. That’s because a new design will use double glazing as standard. With two panes of glass, your roof can become a thermal barrier for your home. The glass can trap more of your home’s natural heat and insulate your space against cold air, helping you stay more comfortable for longer.

    However, while glass roofs are affordable, they can have some issues. Glass roofs don’t stop heat transfer completely, and light can bounce off the glass to cause glare. As a result, you could be better off with a change to a more robust conservatory roof.

    One option is the solid design. Solid conservatory roofs usually use a mixture of slate and concrete in their build. Because of this, they aren’t too far away from the roofs you’d get inside your home. As a result, you can make your conservatory feel like a more natural extension of your living space.

    You’ll do it in more ways than one, too, as solid roofs can give you the same insulation that you’ll get in your home. Not only that, but these designs are highly durable and impact-resistant. They’ll be able to withstand debris without breaking or losing their performance so you can rely on them for decades.

    Alternatively, you could change your conservatory roof into a chic tiled design. These builds are a collection of lightweight tiles that fit together in a water-tight design. Because of this, the roof won’t put a strain on your current structure. Not only that, but they’ll stick together and remain durable, meaning they won’t put any stress on you either.

    Tiled roofs are fully weatherproof and able to deal with hot weather as well as cold weather. The gaps in between the tiles can act as ventilation points during the summer, helping heat escape your home. Also, you can style each tile with a unique colour to create bespoke patterns for your roof!

    change conservatory roof prices

    Change Your Conservatory Roof For Lower Prices

    If you feel like it’s the right time to change your conservatory roof, then there’s one way you can save even more money on getting it. At Conservatory Online Prices, we point you to the local people who offer leading quality roofs at lower prices.

    With us, you can use our trusted network to find a trusted company on your doorstep. You can speak to several of them, meaning you can find the one offering the best deal. Many of them are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too for total peace of mind.

    All you have to do to get your new roof with us is fill in our online contact form, and a friendly member of our team will go through the process with you.

    And, if you’d like any more advice or information, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 124 4307!

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