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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    How Does a Conservatory Become an Extension for Less?

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    When Does A Conservatory Become An Extension?

    If you have an old conservatory, you could transform it to become an extension. That way, you can reclaim the space, and make it even more useful for your home. Some conservatory designs in homes are becoming more and more outdated over the years.

    That’s often because of poor design or cheap materials. For example, in your home, you might have a build with single-glazed glass, plastic frames and a roof that uses polycarbonate panels. All of these materials have issues, and you start to feel them far too much after a while.

    Single-glazed glass allows for a lot of heat transfer, as do the other materials. Heat transfer is the ideal term because it refers to both warm and cold air passing through your home. If there’s too much transfer going on, then you’ll never feel in control of your living space.

    In an old conservatory, cold air can pass through thin materials and bounce around the room, creating a cold area that’s almost impossible to use. Worse still, the summer brings stifling sunlight that has the opposite effect. However, if your build suffers from these problems, you don’t have to tear it down or forget about it.

    Instead, your conservatory could become a stunning new extension. And you won’t have to tear the old build down – you can convert your current conservatory into one for less! As a result, you won’t have to pay the high price a new extension brings, and you’ll get the same benefits you would with a brand-new build.

    And, if you don’t want to go the whole hog on your new investment, you can choose the best places to convert. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can invest in solid walls, durable doors, remarkable roofs, and so much more.

    when does a conservatory become an extension

    Converting Conservatory Walls

    For your conservatory to become an extension, it’s vital to know the differences between them. A conservatory is a much more open build, which uses double glazing in 75% or more of its design. An extension, on the other hand, is far more similar to your current home.

    One of the ways they appear as if they’ve always been a part of your property is through solid walls. You can build them right around your conservatory, adding in new windows and replacing the old glass, or you could choose only to wall up in certain areas. Either way, though, you’ll make your current space warmer, safer and a seamless part of your living space.

    With many suppliers, you can colour match the new walls. That means, if you use brickwork, you’ll be able to pick the precise shade to match your current space. Also, brick walls are far more durable than all-glass options.

    The bricks can sponge up rainwater, while internal cavity trays can drain it, so it doesn’t collect and cause problems over time. Additionally, solid walls offer superior sound insulation, meaning you won’t have to deal with distractions outside, and you get more privacy inside.

    But perhaps the biggest benefit of converting the walls of your conservatory to become an extension is the comfort. With solid walls, you won’t have to worry about heat escaping your home nearly as much. You’ll get robust insulation inside the design, blocking cold air from entering a space that used always to be chilly.

    Additionally, you’ll capture more of your home’s natural heat, meaning you don’t waste as much energy. Even with solid walls alone, you can make your old conservatory more usable all year round. Not only that, but you’ll save money on energy bills in the process!

    Doors For An Extension

    Your conservatory bridges the gap between your home and the outdoors. However, if you barely use it, it’s unlikely you’ll use your garden as much as you’d like. Often, in older designs, you can get connecting doors that just don’t connect to the outside world. These clunky doors can creak and crack after a while too, becoming more of a barrier than anything else.

    If you want your conservatory to become a stunning new extension, though, new doors make a massive difference. With some of the latest designs, you can make your home far more accessible, making your garden feel so much closer to you.

    While French doors are a conservatory classic, they might not be right for an extension. These doors don’t have large glazing sections, and they have swing arcs, which means they can blow back into your build in the wind and potentially become a trip hazard.

    For an extension, you could expand your space and make it feel more welcoming too. A perfect way to do it is through investing in superb sliding doors. Sliding doors operate on an in-line slider, meaning no swing arc and much more room to use. When you open the doors, you can push them along their tracks right into the corner of the room.

    When you do that, the door disappears, revealing a wide-open gateway to your garden. And, with a low-threshold option available, you can reduce the clearance even further, so everyone in your family can go through them with ease. Also, you could choose bi-fold doors, which have multiple panels of double glazing rather than one.

    In both of these designs, you’ll make your home brighter whether your doors are open or shut. The full glazing sections have slimline frames, meaning you get brilliant views and natural light.

    conservatory extension

    Replacement Solid Roofs

    Most older conservatories use a glass roof – to become an extension, though, your ceiling might need something more solid. Fortunately, many providers offer replacement roofs, and you can combine them with solid walls to create a stunning extension.

    While glass roofs have improved over the years thanks to double glazing, they still allow for a lot of heat transfer. Not only that but when the sun comes out, the rays can bounce off the roof and create an uncomfortable glare which can be blinding at times. Because of this, a build with more robust materials is a much more worthwhile investment.

    Solid roofs feel much more like options you’d find in your home. They use similar materials, too, with a blend of slate and concrete. Because of this, these roofs offer brilliant insulation. Also, while the design has exceptional strength and durability, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

    That means you won’t put any strain on the support beams of your old conservatory, even while you convert it into a new extension. You can fully customise the ceiling to suit you as well. If you’d still like some glass in the design, you can leave certain sections exposed, or invest in a roof lantern that adds a skylight to the centre.

    Alternatively, you could go with a tiled roof. Tiled roofs are ideal if you want to create an extension with a more classic design. The design uses plenty of small, lightweight tiles, which work together to protect you from the elements.

    The tiles have small, air-tight gaps to prevent rainwater and wind from entering your living space. Also, you can ventilate your build using these, meaning you’re less likely to get uncomfortably hot. As a result, tiled roofs, and solid roofs alike, can give you control over your home’s climate, and control over your energy costs as well.

    The Cost For A Conservatory To Become An Extension

    There are several costs to make your conservatory become an extension. For example, a replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory starts at around £4,740. Solid and tiled roofs usually cost 50% more, so you could expect to pay around £7,000. Solid walls can also raise the price while sliding doors could add £950 as well.

    However, you won’t be spending as much as you could have been by building a new conservatory. Not only will there be less hassle, but you’ll get a far better space and potentially for less.

    There are plenty of ways you can cut the cost of converting your conservatory as well. One of the best is to find a local company to do the job, rather than going with a national brand that charges much more for the same service.

    Finding a local installer, though, can be tricky, and there’s plenty of rogue traders out there. Also, it can take up a lot of your time, which you don’t want to be wasting on taking call after call with shady businesses. That’s where Conservatory Online Prices can help.

    conservatory become an extension prices

    Turn A Conservatory Into An Extension With Conservatory Online Prices

    At Conservatory Online Prices, we make improving your home a little easier. When you work with us to find quotes for solid walls, new doors and replacement roofs, you’ll be taking the risk out of your investment. That’s because, instead of finding a company on your own, we can refer you to a trusted network of suppliers right on your doorstep.

    You can speak to several of them to compare their prices, so you get the best deal. Also, many of them have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, so your conservatory can become a high-quality extension.

    To get a free quote, fill out our online contact form today, and our friendly team will be in touch as soon as they can. Alternatively, you can ask us anything directly by calling us on 0800 124 4307.

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