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    What To Do With a Conservatory

    What is there to do with a conservatory? It’s a question you might be asking yourself if you’ve just moved into a new home with one. Not only that, but the question might be stopping you adding one to your space. With a conservatory, you can expand your home with a bright, airy new room that frees up the rest of your living space.

    However, some older builds are difficult to use. If you’ve moved into a new property, then you might be inheriting an old conservatory with an outdated design. These builds aren’t long-lasting, suffer from damage in poor weather, and the temperature fluctuates throughout the year.

    One of these spaces could become a new focal point for your home though. You can transform an old build with some replacement parts and minor additions. That way, you can stay a little warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and more comfortable all year round.

    And, if you’re investing in a brand-new design, then you have a world of possibilities to explore. You could consider unique lights, blinds and curtains for added privacy, and smart storage to help you use more of your space. Even adding a new floor to an old or new conservatory could make a world of difference.

    If you’re thinking about what to do with a conservatory, then there are plenty of options. You could design your old space to make the best of what you have, or change parts of it for better performance. And, for a new build, you can create a bespoke room with a vast range of customisable options.

    No matter what you’d like to do with a conservatory, though, Conservatory Online Prices can help. We offer low prices from trusted local installers for new and replacement conservatories!

    what to do with conservatory

    What To Do With Conservatory Heating

    You might have moved into a house with an old conservatory. However, you don’t have to make it an afterthought in your home. One of the main problems with these builds is that they suffer from excessive heat transfer. Many designs use thin materials, such as single-glazed glass or plastic, which don’t offer a lot of insulation for your home.

    As a result, cold air can pass through these thin barriers, and your home’s warmth can escape the other way. Because of this, the conservatory can get cold in winter but stifling in summer too. However, there are ways you can save your conservatory’s heating, without paying the cost of a new one.

    Two ways you can reclaim your conservatory’s heating is new roofs and new glazing. The roof of your build comes into the most contact with the sun. A solid or tiled roof absorbs that energy and keeps cold air away from your living space. Additionally, you can get more privacy for your home, and you could select partial glazing or a roof lantern for a unique and bright design.

    Alternatively, replacing the glazing in your build costs even less. By upgrading to double glazing, you’ll get a thermal barrier for your home that could help you save money on energy bills over time! Double glazing comes as standard in new builds as well.

    What To Do With Conservatory Blinds

    In both an old and new conservatory, you can let natural light lift your whole living space. However, as is true for the best things in life, you should only have it in moderation. In some designs, light can pour in a little too much, causing some problems.

    Harmful UV rays can get into your home and create sunspots, wearing away carpet flooring and damaging conservatory furniture. Another issue is glare, which is caused by light bouncing around the glass panels in your conservatory. That creates an uncomfortable reflection effect, leading to a bright light that it’s difficult to see through.

    The best way to get control of your home’s lighting for less is to install conservatory blinds. Blinds or shutters can help you block out the sun when you need to, and open up to it too. You can get remote-controlled systems as well, so you can make your conservatory more comfortable at the touch of a button.

    Additionally, roof blinds are available too. These clever solutions are an affordable alternative to a new roof, using fabric to block out certain areas of a glass roof. That way, you can invest in unique patterns that help light fall in attractive ways to lift the look of your living space.

    what to do with old conservatory

    What To Do With Conservatory Lighting

    When you think about what to do with a conservatory, a light might not be the first lightbulb that goes off in your head. After all, most builds get a lot of natural light. However, when the sun goes in, any conservatory can grow dark quickly, and you could end up relying on your electricity bills to use it.

    If you want to use a conservatory as an open social space, especially for gatherings, then lighting is key. Fortunately, there is a myriad of bright ideas when it comes to lighting. You could get spotlights for the build, pendant lights, or even a chandelier to create a new centrepiece.

    Lights can help old and new conservatories alike. A new light can help you refresh the look of your space in an old build, especially if it hasn’t been used a lot. On the other hand, the right light might tie your new conservatory together. You don’t have to buy a separate light either – instead, you can invest in new features that integrate lights into their design.

    Take solid roofs, which can come with internal LED lighting underneath the ridge. Available with remote control, or even smart speaker connectivity, you can set the mood of your space with ease.

    What To Do With Conservatory Flooring

    Conservatory flooring makes a big difference, too. That’s because the right floor can help you tie the design of your build together. Not only that, but it can make using your conservatory throughout the day a lot less frustrating. For example, if you have an old build, you might have a dusty old carpet which is looking tired.

    Carpet flooring has good insulation, helping you stay warm, and it’s ideal for a soft lounge area for a young family. However, if you want to access your garden through your old conservatory – or a new one – then carpet flooring collects dirt, making it difficult to clean when you track it in from the outdoors.

    Instead, then, you could invest in timber flooring. However, wood can splinter and stain, especially if you use your conservatory as a dining area. To protect it, you can apply a laminate over it, stopping anything from coming into direct contact with the wood.

    As a result, you’ll get an authentic, rustic floor for your space, without any of timber’s drawbacks. You’ll be able to select furniture that ties in with your new floor as well, with the option of unique colours for the wood inside. Also, dirt stays on the laminate sheet, making it much easier to hoover up.

    what to do with your conservatory

    What To Do With Conservatory Storage

    What is there to do with the storage in your conservatory? If you are using yours to keep stuff in, then you might not have other space to put it. Additionally, storage is vital in a new design, especially if you want to use it as a dining or living area. Because of this, your home’s storage has to be smart.

    However, there are nifty storage solutions out there, allowing you to maximise your floor space and use your conservatory more freely. For example, you can invest in sofas with integrated storage, or TV stands that double up as additional cupboards.

    With smart storage, you can securely pack away the things you’re keeping in a conservatory at the moment, without needing more space. That means you won’t have to use your conservatory as a laundry room, part-time play area or an afterthought. Instead, you can focus the space, whether old or new, on a unique purpose that benefits you and your family.

    You can create a spacious living room or dining area, or go the other way and install a home office. With a new conservatory, and by adding new elements to an old one, you’ll get the performance you need to use it comfortably every day.

    What To Do With Your Conservatory

    So, here’s what to do with your conservatory ideas – if you’d like a new conservatory, or to replace parts of your old one, then contact Conservatory Online Prices today!

    With us, you can get quotes from local companies near you that you can trust. Because they’re on your doorstep, you won’t have to pay excessive travel costs, and a local company won’t charge premiums on their parts.

    Using our network of accredited installers, you’ll get a quality conservatory with a made-to-measure fit. You can speak to several of them, many of whom are approved by bodies such as FENSA and CERTASS, through us to find the best possible deal, and you’ll be able to build a bespoke conservatory for your home.

    All you have to do is fill in our online contact form today! One of our friendly team members will get back to you promptly, and help you through the process. You can also give us a call on 0800 124 4307 to find out more about what we do, or to ask any further questions.

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