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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    What Can I Do With an Old Conservatory?

    What Can I Do With an Old Conservatory?

    Modernising an old conservatory can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your home. If you already have one of these spaces, you may not use it as often as you’d like. For example, it could grow excessively cold and hot in both winter and summer, or the design looks dated.

    However, rather than adding another build, you can change the features of your old one to get that brand-new feeling.

    Modern conservatories are superb investments for your home. Unlike older designs, they put warmth and comfort first. Thanks to advanced glazing and frames, the whole room will work to maintain a stable temperature.

    As a result, you won’t feel like you’re stepping into a freezer in winter or a furnace in summer. You can add features of these designs into your old conservatory too.

    For example, you can change the glazing, preserving more of your home’s heat and reducing any intense glare. You could add new frames and structures, like uPVC or aluminium that doesn’t block out natural light.

    Alternatively, add a dwarf wall or brickwork addition that improves security and privacy. Brand new roofing can make a massive impact as well. And, finally, you could convert a conservatory to an extension!

    Not only that, but you can make minor changes inside your room that help it to stay warmer and appear more modern. New flooring, furniture and finishes can all play their role in updating your space.

    Not only can you improve the style of your conservatory, but the new materials you can take advantage of help to make your space much more efficient too. You can even save more money on household bills by modernising an old conservatory.

    Is It Time to Upgrade Your Conservatory?

    In your current home, you may already have a conservatory. But, if it’s been there for a while, it could be beginning to show its age. For example, your build could use polycarbonate in its surrounds and roofing.

    This material is dated and doesn’t perform well, with little insulation. As a result, your conservatory loses and gains heat quickly, making it uncomfortable to use.

    Not only that, but the design may be outmoded too. Many older conservatories have carpeted flooring, which is especially dated these days. Also, the doors of your conservatory may have some issues as well.

    Many older entries have limited openings and low thresholds, meaning you get less ventilation and decreased accessibility.

    Because of all this, you could be thinking of replacing your conservatory completely. But you only need to add a few new features, and replace some old ones, to make your space work for you.

    You could make more radical decisions, like replacing the roofing or surrounds, or you could change little things in your space to make it that little bit more comfortable and more modern.

    The benefits of making these changes are almost endless too. You’ll have a warmer space that lets more natural light and heat into the rest of your home. Additionally, you can add more durable materials that can make your home safer and give you better protection.

    You’ll be able to cut down your energy usage, saving you money, and the added security can give you total peace of mind.

    Modernise Your Old Conservatory

    The best part about modernising an old conservatory is the amount of choice you’ll have in doing so. There are several ways you can make little changes to your spaces, or big ones, that massively change its style and performance.

    For a start, you can add new furniture and decorations to the room. While these won’t improve the performance, you can match them to a chosen style, so you get a more modern appearance.

    Replace the Glazing in an Old Conservatory

    To bring your conservatory up to modern standards, you’ll need to make more significant changes. A brilliant way of doing this is by replacing the glazing in the build.

    Double glazing has much better insulation than either single-glazed glass or polycarbonate. As a result, it’ll trap more natural heat and keep colder air away from your space. You can also choose triple glazing for added insulation and warmth.

    Additionally, you can customise your new glazing to suit you perfectly. You can add obscured glass, which gives you a little more privacy and shading, as well as a self-cleaning option that breaks down dirt and muck, so you don’t have to.

    Not only that, but you can add tints and patterns to the glass to add a splash of colour, and you can add these to the frames as well.

    Replace the Frames in an Old Conservatory

    The frames in an old conservatory can be a crucial reason why it isn’t performing. Many older designs use timber frames, which can wear down over time.

    That’s because timber isn’t weatherproof, so wind and rain can cause the material to crack. You can swap out these frames for advanced materials though, such as uPVC and aluminium, that can give you much better performance.

    uPVC and aluminium have more strength, meaning your conservatory will stay up for longer. Also, these frames are slim so that they won’t block your views of the outside world or the natural light from it.

    Finally, their weatherproof design makes them exceptionally durable. That way, they can continue to perform for decades, setting your conservatory up for the years to come.

    Replace the Roofing in an Old Conservatory

    A brilliant way of modernising an old conservatory is to change the roofing. Instead of going with glazing, you could add more durable materials that let you style the top of your space.

    For example, there’s the option to add lightweight tiles to your roof. These tiles seal together to maintain heat and keep dampness away, and you can add colours and finishes to them to make sure your roof has a unique look.

    Alternatively, you could go with a solid roof. You’ll be able to get slate and concrete, which give you fantastic insulation and block out sounds from outside to create a peaceful, modern space.

    With both options, you can also choose to only partially cover your conservatory, leaving parts of your pre-existing roof or adding new glazing. That way, you’ll have total control of the lighting and design of your updated room.

    Design Ideas to Modernise an Old Conservatory

    If you want to update your old conservatory, but you don’t want to spend as much, then there’s plenty of affordable changes you can make too. You won’t need a large installation or conversion, and they’ll be simple to fit.

    While you won’t get as dramatic a change, a few little additions can add up to make a massive impact on how your home performs.

    For example, you could add new lighting in the space. When the sun sets, it’s easy to forget that your conservatory will become dark and difficult to use.

    You could add some new side lighting that can make your conservatory much more usable, particularly in the winter. Also, you can fit new solid roofs with artificial lighting so that you can set the mood of your space.

    Also, you could decide to change your flooring. Your floor can lose a lot of heat, especially with thin carpets. You could install tiled or woodgrain flooring to give you a more solid base, and improve the authentic look of your home.

    These materials will offer you more insulation so you won’t get cold under your feet, and you can install underfloor heating as well for a bit of extra warmth.

    Conservatory Conversion

    Alternatively, you could choose to get rid of your conservatory and turn it into something new. If you’ve wanted to expand your home with a brand-new room, then you can do so using your conservatory as the basis.

    You can add solid walls, new roofing and stunning doors to convert your conservatory into an extension. You could even turn it into a garden room or sunroom.

    Converting a conservatory helps you to save money on extending your home. You won’t have to rip apart the old space, and you can save on new base work if you’re happy with the existing size.

    You’ll get advanced materials all across your new room, and you can match them to your existing property. As a result, your new conversion will look like a natural part of your home and raise its performance too.

    Finally, you can get even more control and flexibility when you convert an old conservatory. If you decide to turn it into an extension, you can choose brand new walls, windows, doors and more.

    You’ll be able to customise the colours, finishes and any other features too, so your space suits your dream ideas. However, you won’t lose the character of your existing build in doing so.

    Conservatory Prices

    To save money on modernising an old conservatory, Conservatory Online Prices is the ideal choice.

    You can compare prices for a range of replacement options using our online conservatory cost calculator. There, you can get multiple free quotes online for any new features.

    Once you’ve done that, we’ll put you in touch with trusted suppliers who’ll help you get the job done for less. Many of them have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, so you can be sure you’ll benefit from the highest build quality.

    Get in touch with us today to find out more about conservatories and our services!

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