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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Ways to Stop Your Conservatory From Getting Too Hot

    How do you stop your conservatory from being too hot? With summer on the way, you might want to know the answers sooner rather than later. Right now, you might have a conservatory in your home, which can struggle when the sun comes out. Older builds get cold in the winter, but they can also get excessively hot in the summer.

    As a result, you might want to find ways of stopping your conservatory from becoming too hot. Some options include investing in air conditioning, but it can be a lot to invest in a system you won’t use very often. You could also look to open your conservatory’s windows and doors more often, but even that might only have a limited effect.

    Another option is to replace your conservatory roof to stop it from getting too hot. Many roofs have innovative designs that have small gaps inside them to allow hot air to escape your home without cold air coming back in. Because of this, you can enjoy your space how you want to during the summer, and you’ll have a stylish new ceiling to enjoy as well.

    And, if you want a complete change, you could also replace the glazing in your conservatory, the doors, or even the whole thing entirely. With modern conservatory design, you can benefit from thermally efficient materials that reduce the greenhouse effect. As a result, your space will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter as well, saving you money on energy bills.

    You can also find another way to save money when searching for brand-new conservatories through Conservatory Online Prices. With us, you can get quotes in minutes from local suppliers near you. As a result, you can compare their offers to save up to 40%!

    ways to stop your conservatory from getting too hot

    Tips to Stop a Conservatory Becoming Too Hot

    If your conservatory is too hot, you might not want to spend a lot of money to solve the problem. Fortunately, a few tips can help you reduce the issue, if not solve it completely. One way is to try your best to improve your space’s ventilation. Leaving windows and doors open regularly allows fresh air to circulate and hot air to escape from your home.

    If that isn’t working, then there are some cheap solutions. For example, you can invest in cooling film for the glazing in your conservatory. A cooling film can cost as little as £12 for 50mm and is a reflective adhesive layer. Cooling film redirects the sun’s energy away from your home, meaning that less heat travels through in the first place.

    You could even invest in conservatory blinds to stop your build from becoming too hot. Blinds give you more control over how you use your space too. During the summer, they can reflect heat, reduce glare and even make the greenhouse effect pronounced. But, you can still enjoy natural light and warmth when you open them when it’s more comfortable.

    While all of these solutions can make a difference though, their impact will only be limited. During hot summer days, ventilation may only be allowing hot air in, the cooling film may not be as effective, and blinds could even cause your space to heat up more. Because of this, the best way to stop your old conservatory from becoming too hot is to invest in new parts for the build.

    conservatory cooling

    Conservatory Too Hot? Try A Replacement Roof

    If your conservatory gets too hot, your roof could be the cause. Conservatory roofs come into more contact with the sun than any other part of the build. Because of this, a poor roof can let a lot of the sun’s energy inside without protecting you from excess heat. Sunlight reflects around your build more intensely, making the room hotter and hotter.

    However, by replacing your roof, you can protect your home from excess light and heat. For example, you could replace your old roof with a new double glazed design. With two panes of glass in each panel rather than one, you can prevent heat transfer, meaning heat can’t pass through as easily. As a result, you have more control over your home’s temperature.

    You could choose more durable conservatory roofs for your home, though. Solid roofs have fantastic insulation in the winter, but they also reflect heat superbly in summer. And, with full customisation, you can control how light enters your home. You can even add a skylight, a roof lantern, or vents that open up to improve your conservatory’s ventilation.

    Finally, tiled roofs combine traditional design with modern performance. Your tiled roof will have small gaps between each tile, allowing hot air to escape your space without you doing anything. When the weather turns on you, the durable materials will also be weatherproof, meaning your roof won’t fade, warp or discolour for decades!

    is my conservatory too hot

    Does a Modern Conservatory Get Too Hot?

    If you’ve had your conservatory for a while, this summer may not be the first time it’s been too hot. Unfortunately, these designs don’t last forever, and older builds struggle more and more with the heat every year. Because of this, you may have been putting up with an underperforming build for many years. Not only that, it may fail in only a few more.

    Rather than wait for the high repair costs, though, why not replace your conservatory? With a brand-new build, you can get a design that’s factory fresh and performs to its full potential immediately. And, with premium-grade materials and modern technology across the build, you can benefit from a more comfortable room in your home that you can use with ease every day.

    You don’t necessarily have to take your old build down. With brand-new double glazing and even conservatory doors, you can help your conservatory become less hot. Designs like sliding and bi-fold doors, for example, offer wider openings, meaning more fresh air can enter your home, and more warm air can exit it.

    But, for the best possible performance in summer, a modern conservatory is the ideal investment. You can even customise the build to suit you, meaning you get the features and styles you want to build with the perfect size for your home. With Conservatory Online Prices, you could even save up to 40% on a bespoke conservatory that won’t get too hot for decades to come.

    conservatory too hot prices

    Comfortable Conservatory Prices

    When you search for a brand-new conservatory through us, you can make the process more comfortable. Instead of taking days to find multiple offers for a project, you can find them in minutes using our network. We work with trusted local suppliers across the UK who we can instantly refer you to and that you can trust and rely on.

    Also, you can compare their offers to get a better deal for your brand-new investment. Whether it’s a replacement roof, new glazing, expansive doors or a full new build, you’ll be able to save by working with the local installers in our network. For added peace of mind, many of them are Checkatrade and Which? members as well.

    If you’d like to stop your conservatory from being too hot, why not get in touch with us today? You can use our online contact form to start the process or ask our friendly team anything by calling 0800 124 4307. We look forward to hearing from you!

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