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    Victorian Conservatory vs Orangery

    Should you invest in a Victorian conservatory or a Victorian orangery for your home? Both designs are classics, giving your home a touch of class. However, while they have similar names, their designs are quite different. As a result, the one you choose can have a marked effect on your home’s performance, and the amount you spend on the design.

    Both of these spaces have the Victorian design style, the UK’s most popular option. Victorian builds combine traditional features with modern materials, creating an ideal marriage between old and new. Along with classic touches like roof cornices, bay fronts, faceted windows and pitched roofing, you’ll get slimline profiles and advanced double glazing.

    However, the difference comes from which build you choose. A Victorian conservatory uses much more glass in its design. As a result, the build feels open and bright, connecting your home more closely with nature. Because of this, though, they can feel a little more exposed. Not only that, but they could suffer from the greenhouse effect on cold and hot days.

    On the other hand, a Victorian orangery uses more solid structures, such as brickwork. That makes them more durable, robust and private. However, you can also benefit from better insulation, helping you save money on your energy bills and use the space more comfortably. But a Victorian orangery can cost a lot more to install.

    No matter which space you decide to invest in, though, there is a way to save money on it. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can invest in both a Victorian conservatory an orangery without having to spend too much on the build. Using our network, you can find local installers who’ll provide fair prices, fantastic service and a quality design that transforms your home.

    victorian orangery

    Victorian Conservatory and Orangery Features

    Victorian designs have unique features that make them stand out from the rest. For a start, you’ll get a pitched roof in both designs. The pitched roof adds overhead space inside the room, making it feel brighter and more open. Not only that, but the angle helps rain and snow slide off the roof into your guttering with ease.

    Another feature of a Victorian conservatory and an orangery too is roof cornices. Cornices go along the side of the build, concealing the gutters from view. Because of this, they can protect the guttering from wear and tear, and they can improve how your space looks. From the outside, you’ll see a sleek, elegant room. However, on the inside, it’ll be warm, welcoming, and with a weather-resistant design.

    With a Victorian build, you’ll also get a unique shape. The reason for this is that Victorian designs use a bay front as their centrepiece. The bay front features multiple panels of advanced double glazing, letting natural light pour into your living space. As a result, you can feel close to nature, while the double glazing protects you from the cold air outside.

    And, finally, you can customise both designs with a range of additional features as well. For example, you could choose obscured glazing for added privacy, or select self-cleaning glass that breaks down dirt and muck. You can also benefit from a solid or tiled roof and stunning sliding or bi-fold doors. The choice is yours with both a Victorian conservatory and orangery!

    Victorian Conservatory and Orangery Benefits

    With a Victorian conservatory, you can feel sunlight from all angles. More than perhaps any other build, the Victorian design lets light pour into your home. You’ll get faceted windows with slimline uPVC or aluminium profiles, meaning there’ll be nothing in the way of the light getting in. Not only that, but you’ll get slim sightlines and gorgeous views of the outside world.

    Also, a Victorian conservatory blends old with new seamlessly. As well as older features like cornices and dwarf walls, you’ll get clever new ones too. You can choose unique doors, such as bi-fold designs, which fold into the corner of the room when you open them. And, with a low-threshold option, they’ll be accessible to all.

    A Victorian orangery, though, has even more advantages you can benefit from. With more solid structures in the design, you’ll get better insulation throughout the year. You can get brickwork walls with internal insulation and full weatherproofing, keeping you warm in all conditions. They can even come with cavity trays, which redirect water that seeps through the brickwork out.

    Not only that, but you’ll get better security. Your build will be more robust than a conservatory, and it’ll come with the latest security hardware too. Doors and windows with multi-point locking mechanisms, durable handles and anti-tamper locks will ensure nobody can enter your space without your permission.

    victorian conservatory

    The Differences Between a Victorian Conservatory and a Victorian Orangery

    There are a few differences, though, between a Victorian conservatory and an orangery. For a start, they use different amounts of glass. In a conservatory, more than 75% of the build could be double glazing. While this lets natural light pour into your living space, it can lead to an uncomfortable greenhouse effect. Glare can also develop on hot summer days, creating blinding reflections.

    Your conservatory will also use less solid materials. Instead, it relies more on uPVC and aluminium profiles for its strength. While they are durable designs, they don’t provide the same quality and reliability as solid materials. However, you can fit a dwarf wall to a Victorian conservatory, or even a full solid wall as well.

    With a Victorian orangery, you’ll get a space that feels more like an extension. With solid walls, you’ll get better insulation and more seamless connectivity with your home. As a result, it’ll be more comfortable and usable for multiple purposes, like a home office or reading room. Also, you can colour match the brickwork to your property for a natural fit.

    And, if you’d rather have the design be closer to a conservatory, you can make that happen too. You could fit floor-to-ceiling glazing, sliding doors, and roofing with partial glazing to let light pour into your orangery as well. And, with a roof lantern, you can add a vaulted glass section to your build that could become its centrepiece.

    The Cost of a Victorian Conservatory and Orangery

    The biggest difference between a Victorian conservatory and orangery, though, is the cost. While the former can start at around £10,500 for a fully glazed build, the latter starts at closer to £24,000. Because of this, an orangery can seem like a pricey option. However, with better insulation and a longer-lasting design, it could save you more money in the long run.

    Also, other factors can affect the price of your build. For example, you could choose a solid or tiled roof for both designs, both of which add to the cost. Additionally, features like sliding or bi-fold doors, triple glazing, and even the dimensions play a role. Because of this, the cost can rise quite quickly if you aren’t careful.

    However, with a Victorian design, you could save money straight away. One reason these designs are the UK’s most popular is that they are affordable. With other period designs, like gable builds, you could pay a lot more for the room. Not only that, but fully bespoke designs can cost thousands more, and they can take longer to install for your home.

    As a result, a Victorian conservatory or orangery makes a good investment for your home. But, with Conservatory Online Prices, you could make it an even better one. By searching for a quote through us, you can find lower prices from local installers you can trust near you. That way, you can take the work out of getting a great deal for your home.

    victorian conservatory vs orangery prices

    Victorian Conservatory and Orangery Prices

    So, how can you save on a Victorian conservatory or orangery with Conservatory Online Prices?

    Firstly, you’ll save money on your initial investment. By using our network, you can compare quotes from local installers in your area. Local companies are usually smaller, meaning they have fewer overheads. As a result, you don’t have to pay premiums to cover them, which national brands can often charge.

    Additionally, you’ll be able to save money in the long run with a Victorian conservatory or orangery. That’s because we only work with companies who offer high-quality builds for your home. They’ll test every component of the build before installation to ensure it works to its full potential. Not only that, but they work with leading manufacturers, and many of them have FENSA and CERTASS accreditation.

    Secondly, you’ll save time. Because we connect you to companies, you don’t have to spend time finding them yourself. Not only does that take no time at all, but it leads to less risk. You won’t have to worry about working with a rogue trader when you work with Conservatory Online Prices – we regularly review our network to make sure you only choose the best service for the most competitive conservatory prices.

    To find out more about how we can help you, why not get in touch with us today? You could fill in our online contact form in a matter of minutes to reach out to our friendly team with any questions you may have. And, if you’d like to speak to us directly, give us a call on 0800 124 4307 today to talk through how much your conservatory costs! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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