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    Conservatories UK

    Conservatories can enhance any home in the UK. While they used to be famous for growing uncomfortable and being hard to use, modern designs are transforming the way we think about these builds.

    cheap conservatories

    The conservatories of today use innovative glazing, slimline frames and durable roofing.

    That way, they can stay warm and comfortable, ensuring you can use yours every day.

    You may already have a conservatory in your home. However, if it’s an older build, then you may already be experiencing the loss of heat and performance.

    uk conservatories

    You can solve this, however, by replacing or converting the conservatory with modern materials.

    Also, if you live in a home that you and your family are outgrowing, then you should be able to add one of these bright, spacious designs with ease.

    That’s because conservatories are more affordable and quicker to install than other spaces. They’re much cheaper than a full house extension, and you can build them without going through planning permission in many cases.

    Also, if you work with a trusted installer, you can get the space fitted to your home within 2-3 weeks, as well as ensuring it meets all of the building regulations.

    Not only that, but conservatories offer a bright space that lifts all the other rooms in your home. You’ll get glazing that lets in plenty of natural light, and structures that don’t get in the way.

    Additionally, you’ll benefit from superb insulation in the glass, durability in the frames, and high-security doors too. As a result, you can save money, save time and save a whole lot of worry by investing in conservatories for your UK home

    Conservatories UK: Styles

    The first thing to choose for your conservatory is the style. There are several conservatories available in the UK, with differing designs and unique features.

    You’ll be able to find one that suits you, regardless of how you’d like your conservatory to enhance your home’s style. Whether you want a traditional addition or to modernise your space, the choice is entirely in your hands.

    conservatories uk

    Victorian Conservatories

    For a traditional design, the Victorian style is an ideal choice. These designs have plenty of elegance and lots of decorative features.

    Victorian spaces use a bay front with multiple facets, as well as ornate roof design that features finials and crestings. Because of this, they evoke classic designs and give your home a traditional touch.

    However, these spaces’ performance is anything but old. You’ll be able to choose from double, triple or even solar glazing in your design. Double glazing uses two panels of glass to trap more heat inside your home, whereas triple glazing uses three for more impact.

    Additionally, they can block cold air from getting in, ideal for the winter months. As a result, you’ll be able to use your space in more comfort and warmth.

    Edwardian Conservatories

    Edwardian builds are a slightly more straightforward take on the Victorian design. While Victorian builds feature bay fronts, which give them a unique shape, Edwardian designs are squared-off.

    Because of this, they’re easier to install, and you can get more space in your new addition. These designs are perfect if you want to expand your home with a space you can use for a variety of purposes.

    No matter how you decide to use your new conservatory, you can be sure you can use it with total peace of mind. As well as a choice of glazing, you can also customise the frames you add to your build.

    There are uPVC, aluminium, and traditional timber options. Timber is the most costly, and while it gives you an authentic look, it can wear down quickly and crack under bad weather, meaning your space loses its strength and performance.

    Gable Conservatories

    Gable conservatories are some of the most opulent spaces you can add to your UK home.

    Gable builds use a high-pitched roof, plenty of glazing and are chock full of decorative features.

    These designs are grand and theatrical and will make your home and garden stand out.

    With a gable conservatory, you’ll be investing in an incredibly bright space that’s perfect as a welcoming social hub.

    Gable builds offer plenty of natural light. That’s because their roofing system is incredibly open, giving you plenty of overhead space and room for sunlight to flood your home. In many of these designs, you can get a decorative front as well, with the sunburst effect particularly striking.

    You’ll be able to prioritise light and warmth in these spaces by customising your roof, which plays an enormous role in how your conservatory performs.

    Your roof could feature advanced glazing, solid materials, or even lightweight tiles. Glazed roofs give you fantastic lighting, but don’t offer as much protection from temperature change, and can lead to intense glare.

    With a solid or tiled roof, you’ll get more control of the light, and they’ll help you save more money on your energy bills. You can also partially fit these roofs, leaving glazing areas that open up your space.

    Lean-To Conservatories

    If you have a smaller home, then adding a lean-to conservatory can be a useful and affordable option. Unlike the other designs in this guide, lean-to conservatories are effortlessly modern.

    They have a squared-off design that keeps the floor space open, meaning you get plenty of flexibility in how you use the room. Also, these designs are usually smaller, meaning they’re more cost-effective.

    The lean-to style is also easier to install as a result. For the most part, you won’t have to worry about planning permission either.

    As long as you check the Government’s Planning Portal to make sure you’re on top of the regulations, lean-to builds are very unlikely to break them.

    As a result, you can install them reasonably quickly and with less hassle.

    Also, lean-to conservatories have a flat roof, helping them fit more seamlessly with homes in the UK. You can add brickwork to these builds to match your new addition to your property precisely, and the bricks will give you added insulation and protection from intruders.

    The flat roof also has a slight angle that leans against your home, allowing for rain to slide off with ease. It’s this leaning look that gives these builds their name.

    P-Shaped & T-Shaped Conservatories

    If you want to expand the space in your home even further, though, you can do that as well. The P-Shaped and T-Shaped designs give you more space and are some of the most expansive conservatories available in the UK.

    The P-shaped combines a Lean-To and Victorian space into one, joining them in a right angle. The T-Shaped build, on the other hand, has a curved central bay that extends further out towards your garden.

    With both of these designs, you can bring your living space closer to the outside world. Because of this, it’s crucial to install the right door for your conservatory.

    Instead of going with a regular option, you can choose expansive doors that feature plenty of double glazing, and even have low-threshold options.

    That way, you can make the pathway between your home and your garden seamless and accessible.

    For example, you could choose French doors that swing outward, opening up the world to your conservatory.

    Alternatively, you could make your doors disappear when you want them to with sliding or bi-fold options.

    Every door you choose to add will use stunning glazing and frames, and they’ll open smoothly for years to come as a result.

    That way, both P-Shaped and T-Shaped builds can help your home feel more natural.

    Bespoke Conservatories

    If neither of these designs suits your ideas, however, you don’t have to stick with them. You can design a bespoke conservatory for your home working with expert suppliers and installers.

    If you want a unique shape, a standout feature or to blend other materials into the design, the options are at your fingertips. You’ll be in complete control of making your unique vision a reality.

    How Long Does It Take to Build a Conservatory?

    You may not want to invest in conservatories for your UK home because of the amount of time they take to install. But you can add a conservatory to your home in only a few short weeks.

    After you’ve selected the space and style you want and sourced a supplier to install it for you, you can turn a simple patch of land to a stunning conservatory within 2-3 weeks.

    This timeframe doesn’t take into account the planning process. However, you can save time by being careful about your build, and always ensuring it meets the regulations.

    It’s wise to work with a professional conservatory installer, as they’ll help you carry out a technical survey of your property, and ensure that your new addition will be compliant with the rules.

    Alternatively, you could even choose to build your conservatory on your own. If you have any DIY experience, then it could also be an exciting challenge for you. You could install your entire conservatory in less than a week as well, saving you loads of time and cutting the price of hiring an installer.

    However, to make sure you get the best quality build, its best to work with an expert installer from your area.

    For most styles, including the Victorian and Lean-To builds, you can expect a 2-3 week timeframe. But if you want to install a larger build, such as the P-Shaped and T-Shaped designs, then it could take closer to one month.

    Bespoke conservatories are challenging to estimate, but you can negotiate with your installers to get a schedule. In most cases, though, installing a conservatory is more than worth the minor disruption.

    Conservatory Roofs

    When it comes to designing conservatories for your UK home, your roof is a crucial part of the build. That’s because the roof comes into the most direct contact with the sun. As a result, it can determine a lot about how your new build will perform and use its energy.

    By installing the right roof, you’ll be able to preserve more of your home’s natural heat, saving you money, while also adding a stylish cover to your conservatory.

    Glass roofs give you loads of natural light and make your new room feel incredibly spacious. Not only that, but you can choose from a wide range of tints and foils for your glazing.

    For example, you can select obscured glass which gives you both extra shading and privacy in your space. Glass is also a more affordable roofing option than a solid or tiled design, but it doesn’t have as much insulation.

    Solid roofing is more robust, with a denser build. Because of this, you’ll have more insulation, meaning your conservatory’s temperature will be stable and comfortable. Also, your new roof will be fully weatherproof, and rain and water won’t seep through the materials.

    If you still want overhead views though, you can get those as well. Add a roof lantern which uses a glass skylight for a dramatic centrepiece.

    Finally, tiled roofing lets you be even bolder with your design. You can choose from a colossal range of colours for your roofs. For example, you can customise each tile individually to create patterns in your roofing, and you can pair colours together in a unique palette.

    No matter your designs, you can be sure in the knowledge that these tiles give you brilliant insulation and warmth, and cost a similar amount to solid roofing.

    Conservatories UK: Conservatory Replacement

    If you already have a conservatory, you don’t need to miss out on these stunning spaces. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can add a brand new conservatory as a replacement option.

    Also, you can convert your current build with new glazing, roofing and more to get a slice of modern performance without losing your existing space. Not only that, but you’ll be able to save money by replacing your conservatory too.

    For a start, you won’t have to tear your whole conservatory down. Because of this, you can save money and time by not having to go through a disruptive process.

    Replacing your conservatory can give you a much more efficient space, that you won’t have to rely on your central heating to keep comfortable. As a result, you can save more money on your energy bills over time.

    Also, you can only choose to replace some aspects of your build. For example, you could only want to replace the roof with a brand-new design, add some brickwork, or change your doors.

    You’ll be able to choose each feature individually and to mix and match them as well, so you get the precise changes you want to make for the right price.

    Conservatories UK: Conservatory Prices

    Prices for conservatories in the UK can start from as little as £6,000. However, the cost can rise depending on the style, materials and features you’d like to add to make your new space unique to your home.

    Also, another factor in the cost is whether you choose a fully built new conservatory or a refurbishment to an existing one with no base work.

    Check our pricing tables below to get a rough idea of how much your conservatory could cost:

    Conservatories UK

    Get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today to get stunning conservatories for less right across the UK.

    Use our online conservatories quote builder to get instant quotes for your design, and we’ll refer you to our network of local installers.

    That way, you’ll get to work with a trusted specialist, and many of them are Which? Trusted Traders and Checkatrade members too, for added peace of mind.

    Contact us today to add a stunning new conservatory to your home!

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