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Tiled Roof Conservatories

A tiled roof conservatory gives you a flexible all year round space.

Tiled Roof Conservatories

Looking to add conservatory to your home? Then consider the benefits of a tiled roof conservatory.

Everyone wishes they had more space throughout their home. Enough space to meet family needs, lifestyle and aesthetics.

A tiled roof conservatory is cost-effective solution to those of you looking to add valuable space.Whether you use the added space to accommodate guests for the weekend, or turn the room into a larger living area or dining area – the choice is yours.

A tiled roof conservatory will provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable living space for any activity, no matter the weather.

This is why many homeowners replace their existing glass or polycarbonate roofs with a fully insulated tiled conservatory roof.

Tiled Roof Extensions

A tiled roof conservatory gives you a flexible space which you can use all year round, thanks to its fantastic insulating properties.

When extending your property, as well as being fit for purpose, your conservatory should feel like a seamless addition to your property.

Thanks to modern day developments in technology, conservatories no longer need resemble a traditional garden room.

The modern tiled roof conservatory can be specified in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your property requirements, as well as your lifestyle.

Today’s tiled roof conservatory, is all about permanence.

Tiled Conservatories

You can also tailor your conservatory to your aesthetic preferences, adding bi-folding doors, underfloor heating and blinds.

Your tiled roof conservatory can feature brickwork or full height glass panels. It can even be half brick (dwarf wall) in style.

A tiled roof conservatory provides greater privacy than an all-glass extension. It also helps reduce glare and sun exposure making it an ideal place for an office.

Tiled conservatories also make great family rooms. The space can be used as a hide-out or added living room with TV and media.

If you have always fancied a bigger dining space of kitchen, then a tiled roof extension offers the ideal construction. Many are turning modern conservatories into open-plan kitchen diners to meet their modern lifestyle.

Solid Roof Conservatories

A tiled roof conservatory is a great replacement option for an ineffective roof.

A tiled roof conservatory has a solid roof design, meaning it gives you more opportunity to customise the interior.

This means a tiled conservatory roof will integrate with your existing property rather effortlessly.

It features a plastered ceiling (much like that of a house) giving the option of interior lighting including spotlights and downlighters.

A solid conservatory also gives you the option to integrate electrical elements.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not usually required for conservatories because they are seen as a permitted development.

However, we would always recommend you ask your conservatory installer or check on the Government’s Planning Portal before you go ahead with any construction.

Conservation Area

If you happen to have a listed property or live within a conservation area, then a conservatory tiled roof may be ideal.

More often than not, planning permission is granted for conservatories with tiled roofs.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Benefits

A tiled extension offers many benefits, especially when compared to the standard glazed sun room.

Tiled conservatories offer great insulation, helping to keep your space cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

Compared to a glazed roof, a tiled conservatory roof is a much better insulator.

A tiled roof is also a lot more secure compared to a glazed roof which can often be vulnerable to break ins.

A solid conservatory also means you can enjoy minimal external noise and glare from the sun.

Your tiled roof conservatory cost will be lower than the cost of a new build, too, meaning no need to tear the old one down.

It will give you a comfortable room all year round – who could ask for more?

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