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    Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

    Can I Replace My Conservatory Roof With a Tiled Roof?

    Most of the time, a conservatories loss in performance can be down to an old or faulty roof, which can be easily replaced with a number of different options.

    Up until a few years ago, polycarbonate roofs were the standard for most conservatory installations, but they are not the longest lasting or the best at thermal insulation, meaning that they often need replacing.

    Tiled Conservatory Roof

    However, instead of replacing your old conservatory roof with a new polycarbonate or glass roof, is it possible to replace your conservatory roof with a tiled one?

    Getting a tiled conservatory roof for your property is in fact incredibly easy to do, often without any planning permission required and being fully installed within three to five days.

    Tiled Conservatory Roofs

    A tiled conservatory roof is one of the two common options for solid roofs for extensions and conservatories, as well as a solid conservatory roof.

    Solid conservatory roofs are made up of multiple sections of solid roofing, allowing for large sections of glass rooflights to be put in, for strategic natural light to enter your property.

    replacement conservatory roof

    Tiled roofs, however, are far more traditional in appearance and can be made to match the roof of your main property, through finding the same or similar tiles.

    Tiled conservatory roofs, like solid roofs, offer a solid ceiling for the interior of your conservatory.

    tiled conservatory roof

    Credit: Ultraframe Tiled Conservatory Roof

    This gives your conservatory a far more room-like feel to it, helping it feel more naturally incorporated with the rest of your home, rather than an additional afterthought.

    The tiles you choose are also customisable, coming in a range of different options for materials, either composite or traditional clay. As a result, you can control your conservatory tiled roof cost much more closely.

    They are also available in a range of different colours so you can be sure they will perfectly complement your properties’ original roof.

    Replacing a glass conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof

    Getting a tiled conservatory roof for your pre-existing conservatory is a great, easy and affordable way of not only improving your properties outward appearance, but also improving its thermal efficiency.

    A poorly installed or poorly insulated conservatory roof can often lead to you losing hundreds of pounds in heating bills, with heat funnelling out of the roof and allowing cold air to get in from the outside.

    Replacing Conservatory Roof

    There is no point in investing in thermally secure windows and doors for your conservatory if your roof is going to be letting you down.

    Polycarbonate roofs are especially known for this, with them often becoming unusable in winter due to the cold coming in from outside, making the floor unbearably cold and stopping you from sitting and enjoying the view or the sun.

    A solid tiled conservatory roof, however, acts in much the same way as your main properties roof. It locks in the rising heat from your central heatin, making your conservatory a warmer and more comfortable place to be.

    solid conservatory roof

    In the end, you will end up relying far less on your central heating to keep your house consistently warm, meaning that your new conservatory roof can help pay for itself with the amount of money you will save in heating bills, as well as your overall carbon footprint.

    The replacement conservatory tiled roofs that we offer are lightweight and able to be installed easily onto your pre-existing conservatory, without you having to worry about your uPVC walls being able to support a heavier roof.

    If you are worried that your old conservatory may not be able to have a new roof, get in touch with our team who will be able to talk you through all of the available replacement roof options.

    Can you put a tiled roof on a conservatory without planning permission?

    Planning permission is the bane of many homeowners and contractors when planning on having something installed onto a property.

    It often results in months of waiting in limbo, costing you more money in fees even before you can start planning the actual installation work.

    So, can you put a tiled roof on a conservatory without planning permission.

    The short answer is: Yes, you can easily install a conservatory roof without planning permission.

    Conservatory building regulations

    Thanks to changes in legislation from 2015, it is now easier than ever to get an installation on your property.

    Thankfully, without any of the legal red tape of planning permission, including having tiled conservatory roofs installed onto your pre-existing conservatory.

    As long as you are within the regulations, it is often the case that you do not need to have any planning permission in order to have a tiled conservatory roof installed.

    Because of this, your conservatory roof installation work can begin almost as soon as you receive your initial quotation.

    The work itself can take at least a week, depending on the type of roof you have chosen, so for more information on the length of the installation work it is recommended that you speak to your chosen installation company.

    Do I need building regulations for a conservatory with a tiled roof?

    Do you need building regulations for a tiled conservatory roof?

    If you are building a conservatory with a tiled roof from scratch and would like to know if the same permitted development applies to new builds, then you are in luck.

    Thanks to recent changes in legislation, getting a tiled roof installed onto your conservatory is now considered to be a ‘permitted development.’

    This means that it qualifies to be installed without going through any planning permission process. This allows for installations to be completed quickly, without hassle and for less money.

    To qualify as a permitted development, and not require any planning permission, your new conservatory tiled roof:

    Must not exceed the height of your original properties roof

    Must not be over 4 meters in height in general, if it is attached to your original property.

    Cannot cover more than half of the original land surrounding your house (typically meaning your garden), this includes any pre-existing sheds or garages which are included in the total covered square foot measurements.

    Must not extend past the back wall of your property for more than 8 meters.

    There are far more regulations in place, both for conservatory roofs and brand-new conservatory builds, viewable through the UK government’s Planning Portal.

    It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the regulations before taking any steps to hire installers for your project.

    If you are unsure about whether your new tiled roof conservatory qualifies as a permitted development, feel free to get in touch with us through our online contact form, and a member of our team will be on hand to help answer any questions you may have.

    How To Put a Tiled Roof On a Conservatory

    Thinking of installing a tiled conservatory roof yourself?

    Usually the price of the installation will be included in a quote from an installation company, but if you are looking to get a supply-only conservatory roof and install it yourself then you may be wondering how exactly to go about it.

    If you are not trained, experienced or confident in doing DIY, building or home improvement installations, installing your own conservatory roof can be risky, dangerous and can often lead to flaws.

    Also, your insurance company may not be willing to cover you if your conservatory roof isn’t professionally installed, if an accident were to happen.

    A poorly installed conservatory roof can have major limitations to its thermal performance and its overall lifespan, and any mistakes could be costly to fix.

    However, if you are confident in your ability, it is important that you are aware of your insurance policy and speak to local contractors for advice before you begin.

    However, by getting an installer to professionally fit your conservatory roof, you will benefit from their years of experience in the home improvement field.

    They will remove and dispose of your old polycarbonate or uPVC roof, before fully installing your brand new solid conservatory roof.

    This can take around 3 to 5 days to fully install, although each conservatory installation is different. For a more accurate estimation on the length of your installation, please contact your chosen installer.

    What Roof is Best For a Conservatory?

    Polycarbonate – The most affordable option, it remains an incredibly common roofing material for many conservatories.

    However, with a lifespan between 10 – 12 years, it isn’t as long lasting or as thermally secure as many other conservatory roof options.

    These are best recommended as place-holder roofs for your conservatory, while you are waiting for your new conservatory roof to be installed.

    GlassThe classic option. Glass conservatory roof allow in large amounts of natural light into your property, brightening it up while also providing excellent thermal security, meaning you can use it all year round without having to worry about the weather.

    With a lifespan of around 15 years, they are a good long-term alternative to polycarbonate.

    TiledTiled conservatory roofs are a great outward look, matching your properties pre-existing roof or offsetting it with complementary tile colours.

    nside, your conservatory will have a solid room-like ceiling, making it feel like a natural continuation of your property, while also allowing for skylights for additional natural light.

    Tiled roofs can easily last for up to 50 years without any needed maintenance aside from the occasional replacing of a broken tile or two.

    SolidSimilar to a tiled roof in appearance and lifespan, a solid roof is made up of a number of solid composite panels that can fit together in any kind of orientation.

    This easily fitted together design allows for panes of glass to be installed alongside these panels to allow for large amounts of natural light at strategic points along the roof.

    Like a tiled roof, solid roofs give your conservatory a room-like feel that allows it to feel more incorporated into your overall property rather than just an afterthought.

    LanternA great option for flat-roofed conservatories, a lantern roof takes the best of both worlds from both a solid and a glass conservatory roof.

    With a solid ceiling surround, the lantern roof’s glass sections rise up to create a triangular prism that allows in natural light and adds to the height of the room, creating the illusion of extra space.

    Stylish and ornate, your conservatory will feel like a part of the rest of your house, while also having a great central piece for light and appearance, perfect for if you are using your conservatory as a dining room, kitchen extension or a place to entertain guests.

    Conservatory Online Prices is proud to be able to offer you options in nearly every kind of conservatory roof design, from glass and lantern to solid and tiled.

    Each conservatory roof is different, meaning that you can take complete control over how your conservatory looks and how much it costs, by using our free online conservatory roof quotation calculator.

    For more information on all of the different conservatory roof designs above, contact a member of our team, or follow the links to the roofs respective information pages, where you will be able to find out more about them.

    Tiled Conservatory Roofs Near Me

    Are you interested in replacing your old, underperforming conservatory roof with a brand-new model?

    Finding the right roof for your conservatory can be hard, which is why Conservatory Online Prices is here to help you find the very best installation quotes for your dream conservatory roof design.

    No matter where you live around the UK, you will be able to help put you in touch with recommended installers.

    Use our free conservatory roof cost calculator to design your very own bespoke roof, including its style, materials and other specifications. W

    ith our calculator you are able to put together a conservatory roof that matches both your personal taste and the overall aesthetic to your house, making it entirely and uniquely personalised to you.

    Once this design is to your liking, we will connect you with a number of local, reputable and recommended conservatory roof installers operating in your area.

    These companies will then offer you competitive quotes for your installation, allowing you to compare different companies together in order for you to find the right price.

    Our service is entirely free of charge and with zero obligation to you whatsoever, meaning you can use our calculator as many times as you need to make sure you are getting the perfect roof for the perfect price.

    For more information on how our quotation engine works, talk to a member of our team who will be all too happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Replacing a Conservatory Roof with a Tiled Conservatory Roof

    When deciding on what kind of replacement conservatory roof to choose for your property, knowing the cost is always an important factor to know.

    The price of a conservatory roof can vary on a number of different factors, from the size of the roof to the materials it is being made out of, as well as the style of your conservatory.

    The bigger your conservatory, the longer it will take to install and the more materials will be have to used, as well as what shape your roof is going to be in.

    Because of this, the style and size of your conservatory is often the best way of measuring how much the installation of the new solid roof will cost.


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