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    The Modern Orangery

    A modern orangery can enhance your lifestyle and give you more space inside your home. Unlike a conservatory, these spaces use more brickwork and solid materials in their design.

    Because of this, they connect to your home more naturally, and they blend in with your existing property. Not only that, but they can stay warmer throughout the year as well.

    These spaces can suit any home. They blend traditional design with modern technology, giving your space a brand-new area for relaxation and comfort.

    You’ll get a balance of light and space, as well as warmth and privacy. That’s because you can get both expansive panels of glazing in the design, as well as a mix of brickwork and timber structures.

    With an orangery, you’ll be able to free up the rest of your home, giving you and your family more space to spend your time.

    Also, you’ll be able to add more light to your home, as you can replace an old wall with this bright and airy new space.

    Not only that, but your orangery won’t be prone to excess heat transfer, meaning it won’t get too hot or too cold.

    As a result, you’ll be able to use the space in comfort every day of the year, and for a variety of purposes. Because of this, you could create the room you’ve always wanted or needed without having to move away.

    modern orangery

    What are the Benefits of a Modern Orangery?

    For a start, new orangeries feature some of the most up-to-date technology available on the market. Not only do you get a beautiful space, but you get to customise it with roofing, doors and panels of glazing.

    The suppliers in our network use some of the finest materials out there, so you can build an efficient space that helps your home to channel energy better.

    For example, you can choose between double, triple or even solar glazing for your orangery. These glass solutions use multiple panels of glass to trap more heat inside your space, stopping it from escaping.

    Additionally, they can block out excess heat and reduce glare. As a result, the modern orangery can help you save money on energy bills.

    Orangeries are open spaces, but they don’t feel exposed. That’s because they use more durable materials in their design, such as brickwork.

    You can install brick walls around the orangery that give it outstanding weather protection, stopping wind and rain from affecting your home. Also, these materials improve your home’s security with a robust design.

    Finally, a modern orangery can be a much more affordable way of making your space feel like new.

    If you feel like you and your family have outgrown your current space, there’s no need to go through the hassle of moving.

    Instead, you can design an orangery so that it fits your needs precisely, without having to pick a new place that you haven’t created yourself.

    modern orangery

    How Can I Make My Orangery More Modern?

    Orangeries are still known for being traditional options for homes across the UK. However, thanks to new developments, these spaces are becoming far more modern.

    There are loads of unique features you can add to your new orangery to make it suit your home, and have the look of an innovative space that updates your home’s aesthetics.

    While most orangeries use brick walls, you could eschew them in favour of ceiling-to-floor glazing. That way, you’ll get gorgeous views of the outside world that make it feel closer to you, as well as plenty of natural light and warmth. Additionally, you can install doors that feature multiple glazing panels, like bi-folding doors, that disappear to reveal a wide-open entrance to your garden.

    Another way to create a modern orangery is to install sleek roofing. An innovative new solution is the roof lantern, which uses a vaulted area of glass surrounded by a solid structure.

    This design gives you a stunning overhead view of the sky, providing a focal point to your new space. Roof lanterns are perfect for new dining areas, and their clean sightlines are effortlessly modern.

    Finally, you can take total control of the colours and accessories in your orangery too.

    For example, you can customise the frames around the glass in your orangery in a range of vibrant colours, and you can get tinted glazing that lets you control the mood of the space.

    If you want to create a futuristic new space in your home, an orangery enables you to do just that.

    solid conservatory roof

    How is an Orangery Different from a Conservatory?

    An orangery is different from a conservatory in many ways. Firstly, a conservatory uses much more glazing in its design, with up to 75% of the overall structure being glass.

    Orangeries provide you with more of a balance between light and shade, and more design options. That way, you can take greater control of the style of the room.

    Also, you’ll be able to stay warmer more reliably in an orangery. Because you’ll get more brickwork in the design, you’ll be able to insulate the space more effectively.

    As a result, you’ll get a more stable temperature, meaning you’ll use less energy to keep it warm, saving you money on bills. Additionally, the brickwork also helps an orangery blend in with your existing home more cleanly.

    Another crucial difference is that orangeries do cost more than conservatories to install. However, they are more comfortable spaces to use throughout the year, and they can help you save more money on your energy bills.

    You’ll also be investing in a much more secure space, that has reinforced doors and durable brickwork. In that regard, orangeries are a more reliable investment.

    modern orangery

    Does an Orangery Require Planning Permission?

    One way that an orangery is not different, however, is in its building rules. If you decide to build an orangery in your home, you’ll be able to follow the same rules as you would for a conservatory.

    The planning authority treats the two similarly. As a result, you can often install an orangery in your home without having to go through the red tape of planning permission.

    However, before you do decide to go ahead with the build, you should check a few things.

    For example, you should check if any previous owners of your property have extended it in the past, as this can affect the amount of space you can build on. When you work with Conservatory Online Prices though, you can get in touch with an installer who’ll help you work within the regulations.

    Some of the planning permission rules around orangeries include:

    • The build cannot exceed more than four metres in height
    • The build cannot take up more than half the land around your property
    • The build cannot exceed more than half of the width of your current home if you build it at the side of your property
    • The build cannot extend any further forward than the sidewall of your property

    When you work with one of the installers in our trusted network, they’ll help you get around planning permission rules with ease. They can carry out a full technical survey as part of your quote, and they’ll give you their expertise. As a result, installing an orangery in your home isn’t any more complicated than fitting a conservatory, and it’ll have much better performance.

    planning permission

    Is an Orangery Right for Me?

    A modern orangery can give your home a brand-new space that you can use like any other room. While they cost more than a conservatory, they give you more reliable warmth and comfort. Also, the fact that they use more solid materials makes them more suited to larger ideas. For example, if you want a new lounge or dining area, then an orangery could be right for you.

    How Much Does a Modern Orangery Cost?

    A modern orangery can cost anywhere between £24,000 and £82,000 on average. These figures are very far apart, of course, meaning that the cost can vary wildly depending on the space you want to build. The price will change depending on the size of the build, the amount of glazing you want to add, and more. For a room that has modern styling, you can expect to pay a little extra

    For example, ceiling-to-floor glazing can cost more to add to your space, as well as bi-folding or sliding doors. Your roofing can also play a role in how much you pay for your orangery.

    If you want a solid or tiled roof, then it’ll cost more than a glass one to install. However, they provide you with better insulation and better control of how you light your space.

    With Conservatory Online Prices, however, you can manage the cost of your orangery with ease. We offer an innovative orangery quote builder, which lets you pick and choose all the aspects of your new build.

    Then, we’ll give you a free, bassline quote and put you in touch with our network of suppliers.

    You’ll be able to fit your modern orangery with a local specialist, many of which have approval from bodies like CERTASS and Which?

    Because of this, they’ll give you a brilliant installation as part of your quote, and use market-leading materials to make sure your space performs. That way, you can make an intelligent investment on a modern orangery you and your family will adore.

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