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    The Differences Between a Conservatory and an Extension

    What Are The Differences Between a Conservatory and Extension?

    The differences between a conservatory and an extension are significant and impact how you use the space. While both can give your home an extra room, they use different materials and designs. Because of this, installing the right build for your home is a crucial decision.

    conservatory extension

    Conservatories use a mixture of double glazing and slim structures to give your home a bright, relaxing room. Many of these builds use double glazing across 75% or more of their design. While this used to mean that the space would fluctuate in temperature, modern technology makes these usable every day of the year.

    Meanwhile, extensions use more robust materials, such as brickwork, to make them blend in more naturally with your property. Thanks to this design, you can connect the space to your mains electricity and plumbing. That way, you can use the room for absolutely any purpose you can imagine.

    At Conservatory Prices UK, we try to give you the whole picture on the differences between a conservatory and an extension, including answering questions like:

    • Why should I get either a conservatory and an extension?
    • What are the advantages of a conservatory?
    • What are the advantages of an extension?
    • What are the differences between a conservatory and an extension?
    • What conservatory styles are there?
    • How can I customise an extension?
    • Can I convert a conservatory to an extension?
    • How much do a conservatory and an extension cost?
    • Am I making a worthwhile investment?

    With Conservatory Online Prices, you can take control of your new home improvement. Rather than going direct to suppliers, risking disappointing service, we give you quotes from a range of trusted installers. They’ll provide you with astonishing spaces that perform, and they’ll do it for less cost as well.

    Why Should I Get Either a Conservatory and an Extension?

    If your family is growing and your house isn’t growing with it, then it might be time to get a conservatory or an extension.

    Both of these structures add a whole new room to your home, freeing it up. That way, you’ll have more space to enjoy, and you can create an area in which you can fulfil your passions.

    That’s because conservatories and extensions can offer privacy and seclusion as well as space. In modern builds, you’ll get sound insulation that blocks out any distractions from outside.


    As well as that, you can install robust doors to create a separation between your home and the room, making it a secluded place to either work or play in.

    However, you can also make it blend seamlessly with your living area.

    With a conservatory, you’ll get outstanding natural light and warmth that also allows you to feel closer to nature. You can choose to install wide and accessible doors, such as bi-fold or sliding designs, that make your home’s rooms melt into one natural space.

    Extensions can also connect seamlessly to your current home, too.

    For example, you can build them from brickwork that blends in with the rest of your property. Not only that, but you can fully customise any extension you get through our network of installers with windows and doors to suit your style.

    Not only can Conservatory Online Prices get you a new space, but we can also offer replacements to improve your pre-existing one too.

    If you have a conservatory or an extension that feels cold, old or isn’t performing, then our network can offer you roofs, surrounds and more to fix it. They’ll give you cutting-edge materials that let you reclaim your space.

    What Are the Advantages of a Conservatory?

    Conservatories are infamous for their poor heat transfer.

    Bad heat transfer means that warmth from your home can easily escape it, while colder air from outside can also enter to replace it.

    However, thanks to our network, you’ll be investing in a conservatory with stunning double glazing and insulation that keeps your home comfortable every day of the year.

    Because of this, your conservatory can help your home to save energy.

    The double glazing in the space can not only protect the heat in that room, but the warmth will spread all across your home. That way, you can stay comfortable without needing your central heating, saving you a considerable amount on your household bills.

    Conservatories also give you beautiful natural light. Thanks to their double glazing and slim sightlines, you’ll get stunning views of the outside world anywhere you look.

    Not only that, but you can open the outer doors up to your garden during the warmer months, creating a truly natural area for you and your family to enjoy.

    Another advantage of conservatories is that they can give you this light without compromising on protection.

    With many of our suppliers, you can fit self-cleaning double glazing in your new structure. These smart panels work to break down dirt and scum, so you don’t have to, giving you more time to relax.

    Finally, conservatories are a more cost-effective option than extensions.

    You don’t need to connect them up to your electricity or plumbing, and they are less complex to build and install.

    As well as that, many of these spaces don’t need planning permission. That way, you can avoid plenty of red tape and improve your home’s space without worry.

    What Are the Advantages of an Extension?

    Alternatively, you can fit an extension to your home that transforms how you use it. Unlike conservatories, you can connect your extension to your home’s electricity and plumbing to create a seamless new room. As well as that, you can design them with solid brickwork or concrete to give you outstanding insulation and security.

    As well as adding a warm space to your home, you’ll be adding a safe one too.

    That’s because extensions use robust materials in their design. You can also fit a range of windows and doors to them with security hardware and durable uPVC or aluminium frames. That way, you won’t have to worry about intruders getting anywhere near your home.

    Extensions also give you outstanding weather protection too.

    That’s because your durable structure can withstand wind and rain with ease, and your brickwork or concrete won’t lose their shape under excess water. You can even add a cavity tray inside your walls to collect water safely, improving the lifespan of your new addition.

    Installing an extension can also open up your home to endless possibilities. You can use these spaces any way you want.

    Whether you want a new kitchen or dining area to entertain the family, a home office, or a private playroom for the kids, these rooms make it possible.

    With this structure, you can make your home suit your needs much better.

    While extensions do cost more than conservatories to install, they save more energy for your home and use stronger materials. Because of this, they’ll last longer, stay warmer, and add value to your living space for decades to come. When you decide to move house, an extension can also improve your home’s pro

    perty value, so it’ll reward you even then.

    What Are the Differences Between A Conservatory and an Extension?

    The differences between a conservatory and an extension are crucial to getting the right space for your home.

    The first main difference is the materials they feature in their structure. While 75% of your conservatory will feature double glazing, extensions use solid brickwork or concrete.

    Because of this, you can take control of how you want to light your home with this decision.

    You can customise your extension with windows and doors in a variety of styles, all of which use advanced glass to light up your space.

    However, you can also fit conservatories with either solid or tiled roofs, that provide shade and help the area to save energy and money.

    Another significant difference is the installation process. Extensions are more complex to install, as they have more elements such as surrounding walls, cavity insulation, as well as your windows and doors. Conservatories often only need foundation work, and they have a straightforward design.

    Because of this, many conservatories don’t require planning permission, saving you time and plenty of headaches too.

    As well as that, they are more cost-effective, while still providing you with savings on your energy bills.

    However, extensions have stronger insulation, more space and greater flexibility, giving your home a stunning all-round room.

    Finally, extensions also offer you increased protection and security. At Conservatory Online Prices, we put safety first when you work with us.

    We’ve extensively reviewed our network, so you only get in touch with the best suppliers and installers.

    They’ll fit your new space precisely, and ensure all of your security hardware is up to scratch.

    What Conservatory Styles Are There?

    If you decide to install a conservatory, then there are plenty of designs for you to choose from. Each one has a unique look that can complement any home. Whether your space is traditional, modern, or you want to try something new, our network of suppliers can get you a build that is unique to you.

    Victorian Conservatory

    The Victorian design uses a steeply pitched roof to concentrate light into your space. You’ll benefit from slim structures made from uPVC; a durable material that helps your conservatory save energy. Not only that, but you can customise your design, choosing how many windows you want to feature in the stunning bay front.

    Edwardian Conservatory

    Alternatively, you could fit your home with an Edwardian conservatory. This design is a more straightforward take on the Victorian one, with a squared-off shape to give you more space. That way, you’ll get the flexibility and freedom to use the room how you choose, with the superb sound insulation keeping distractions well away.

    Gable Conservatory

    While both the Victorian and Edwardian designs are very traditional options for your home, a Gable conservatory can take this a step further. For a period look that stands out, the gable build uses a high-vaulted roof and decorative features. Because of this, you add outstanding natural light and warmth to your home.

    Lean-To Conservatory

    While the previous designs give your home traditional flair, a lean-to conservatory can bring it into the modern-day. It uses a flat-roof and a squared-off design so it can fit precisely into any home, even smaller ones. You’ll also get superb weather protection, as water on your roof will flow away through the innovative guttering system.

    How Can I Customise an Extension?

    Extensions may not come in distinct styles as such, but they offer you plenty of flexibility.

    The differences between a conservatory and an extension allow you to have a more significant say in the design and style of your new space.

    You can add windows, doors and intelligent features that make your extension work perfectly for you.

    Start by adding windows to your space in a variety of styles.

    Thanks to our online quoting system, you can input windows in with your extension design, and our trusted network will give you a quote that factors it in.

    You’ll also get windows that help your home save energy and money, thanks to their advanced double glazing and durable frames.

    Another way you can customise your extension is through getting connecting doors. If you value privacy and seclusion, then you can add a sturdy timber or composite door to block out noise.

    Alternatively, you can blend your conservatory into your garden seamlessly with doors that use double-glazing panels, such as innovative sliding doors.

    You can also add surrounding features to your extension to give it better security and performance. You can add reinforced handles and aluminium frames to your windows and doors to make them more secure.

    As well as that, our network has a vast range of features such as cavity trays, in-roof lighting and more that let you tailor your new room precisely.

    While you may think extensions might not be as bright as conservatories, you can change that as well.

    You can get glass house extensions through our network, that blend the solid walls of extensions with vistas of double glazing. That way, you can get the best of both worlds for a slightly more substantial investment.

    How Much Do a Conservatory and an Extension Cost?

    The most significant of differences between a conservatory and an extension is the cost.

    While both spaces can save money for your home, make it more comfortable and even reduce your carbon footprint, the costs can wildly vary between them.

    The overall price depends on the building materials, designs and any customisable features you want to add.

    Conservatories can start from just over £10,000, for a smaller Victorian option, the UK’s most popular. However, a more modern Lean-To design can be a more cost-effective investment, costing around £7,500 with advanced double glazing.

    Other, more intricate styles like P and T-shaped conservatories will have a higher price.

    Meanwhile, extensions can begin from around £15,000 as a base price, which can rise depending on the windows, doors, roofing and internal work needed.

    As well as that, the price may vary depending on how large you want the extension to be. If you’re after an extensive build or one with multiple storeys, you’ll also have to seek out planning permission.

    However, with Conservatory Prices UK, you can lower these costs and enhance your saving potential. That’s because we let the suppliers come to you, meaning they’ll compete for your custom with lower quotes.

    Because they’re all trusted local companies, you’ll get market-leading quality and installation too.

    Am I Making a Worthwhile Investment?

    When you design a dream conservatory or extension with Conservatory Online Prices, you’re making the ideal choice for your home.

    Because we put you in contact with only trusted suppliers, there’s less risk and less worry.

    They’ll also include technical surveys, a choice of colours, and any foundational work in their quote, saving you money and time.

    Finally, you’ll be adding a conservatory or extension that guarantees long-lasting performance.

    These builds use the best materials on the market to make sure they won’t wear down over time. That way, investing in these spaces with us will provide you with a brighter, more spacious home that’ll save you money for years to come.

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