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    t-shaped conservatories

    The T-Shaped Conservatory

    Working best on larger properties, the T-Shaped conservatory is a combination conservatory style with a central projection.

    Its curved central bay provides maximum impact, giving you added space and panoramic views of your garden.

    This bespoke conservatory can either be Victorian, Gable or Edwardian in style. The T-Shaped conservatory is perfect if you love the style of a traditional Edwardian or

    Victorian conservatory but need something a little bigger.

    t-shaped conservatories

    t-shaped conservatories

    T-Shaped Conservatory Design

    The T-Shaped conservatory is very versatile, offering you two distinct living spaces within one design.

    The top part of this design adjoins to the house whilst the other section extends into the garden.

    It works well in just about any home however, it is best suited to larger style homes and gardens. This is mainly due to its large central projection.

    The central part of this conservatory projects into the garden.

    Garden space is extremely valuable so you want to ensure you garden can accommodate a conservatory such as the T-Shape.

    Bespoke Conservatory Design

    Your T-Shaped conservatory can be built to your requirements, creating a beautiful and seamless link between home and garden.

    Whether you use the extra space for a lounge or dining room, the large section of this conservatory lends itself to multiple uses.

    The smaller section of this conservatory generally tends to be used as either a play area or garden room. The smaller section can either be straight-sided or faceted.

    Imagine steps leading down from your conservatory to your garden – a great addition and great added aesthetic.

    The T-Shaped conservatory will be a stylish and flexible living space that you can enjoy all year round.

    T-Shaped Conservatory prices

    t shaped conservatory

    A Conservatory Tailored To You

    The T-Shape conservatory is a great way to extend living space.

    You can choose from a range of colours and finishes, including woodgrain colours for those wanting to maintain a traditional look.

    No two conservatories are very the same. T-Shaped conservatories can be tailored to your existing property and garden, with a choice of glazing, windows and doors.

    You can make a statement with beautiful French or patio doors and even add some decorative glazing.

    Whatever your preferences, your conservatory installer can help you achieve the look you desire.

    T-Shaped Conservatory Prices

    T-Shaped Conservatory Costs: Dwarf Wall

    Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
    5000 x 3000 Polycarbonate £12,500 – £14,000
    3500 x 3000 Glass £13,000 – £14,750
    5000 x 3500 Polycarbonate £13,500 – £15,000
    5000 x 3500 Glass £14,000 – £15,500
    5000 x 4000 Polycarbonate £14,250 – £15,750
    5000 x 4000 Glass £15,000 – £16,500

     Refurbishment – No Base Work Included

    Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
    5000 x 3000 Polycarbonate £7,750 – £8,750
    5000 x 3000 Glass £8,250 – £9,250
    5000 x 3500 Polycarbonate £8,250 – £9,250
    5000 x 3500 Glass £8,750 – £9,750
    5000 x 4000 Polycarbonate £8,750 – £9,750
    5000 x 4000 Glass £9,500 – £10,500

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