Sunrooms for Bungalows

Choosing sunrooms for bungalows gives you the opportunity to brighten your whole home. These spaces take the brightness of a conservatory but enhance it with a robust and sleek design.Sunrooms add an extra room to your home that updates your whole bungalow’s look. They’re ideal if you feel like you and your family are outgrowing your home, and are much more affordable than moving house.The main drawback of bungalows is their lack of space and light. The design of these spaces doesn’t put natural light first, meaning you often end up with a dark space that doesn’t stay warm.

With a sunroom, you can add a structure that uses multiple panels of advanced glazing, slimline frames and a beautiful roof. That way, you can create a bright and airy space that lifts your whole home with light.

Sunrooms are also all-year-round spaces. While you may think the glass makes them exposed, it makes these designs more robust if anything.

Thanks to advanced double glazing, the sunroom will be able to insulate your home. Your sunroom won’t let go of its natural warmth, nor will it get too hot and suffer from the greenhouse effect, ensuring everyday comfort.

Also, sunrooms can be more affordable than you might think. With prices starting from as little as £14,500, they are far more affordable than regular bungalow extensions, yet offer more natural light and warmth.

Not only that, but sunrooms can save energy for bungalows. As a result, you’ll feel warmer at home, and you won’t have to rely on your central heating.

Benefits of Sunrooms for Bungalows

Sunrooms can provide a whole host of benefits for bungalows in particular. In your home, chances are you’ll have walls, windows and doors that don’t use efficient materials, and they’ll lose their performance over time too.

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As a result, your home’s natural heat can escape through thin walls and single-glazed glass. Not only that, but cold air can come through in the same way, making your living space uncomfortable.

By adding a sunroom, you can put an efficient room in between the outside world and your home. Because of this, you’ll be able to relax in this bright and airy space in total comfort, while knowing it’s helping your home to stay warm.

Thanks to the durable and efficient design, your sunroom will continue to insulate your home for decades, and you can save money on energy bills from day one.

Also, sunrooms are flexible spaces that you can customise to suit your needs. Most sunrooms come with a square-build, symmetrical floorplan, and a flat roof.

Because of this, the design is straightforward and malleable, so that you can use it for various needs. You can create a stunning social space, a relaxed reading room, or design a dramatic dining area. The choice is entirely up to you.

Finally, sunrooms make getting a home improvement for your bungalow easy. Sunrooms generally require no planning permission, although there are some conditions that you’ll need to meet, and you could even install them yourself.

If you’re a budding builder, then a sunroom can be a superb project. You’ll be able to see it come together and feel your sunroom benefit for your home for years to come.

Building Regulations on Sunrooms for Bungalows

Sunrooms are not only more affordable than house extensions but are much easier to install. That’s because you’re less likely to need to go through planning permission to add the space.

UK Planning Permission website

Sunrooms have similar rules to conservatories that govern where you can build them, and the size and length of the design. However, checking them beforehand will make sure you save an awful lot of time and hassle.

How planning permission works can sometimes be complicated. For example, the amount of land you can build on freely (known as ‘permitted development’) can change.

The amount of room you get depends on the size of the ‘original house’ – as it stood in 1948. Therefore, it’s vital to check with previous owners if they’ve extended the home before.

Some of the building regulations on sunrooms for bungalows include:

  • The sunroom doesn’t exceed 30 square metres in size
  • There are no balconies, verandas or porches
  • The sunroom isn’t higher than the highest point of the roof of your bungalow
  • Your design cannot exceed 4 metres in height
  • The sunroom doesn’t extend beyond 8 metres to the rear of your home (if you have a detached bungalow: semi-detached bungalows have a 6-metre limit)
  • The sunroom doesn’t extend towards a border or public highway

Additionally, some regulations can differ depending on whether you make your sunroom open-plan, or close it off with doors. That’ll affect the efficiency of the space, and your sunroom’s energy efficiency will need to hit a certain level for approval.

You can make sure you get around the regulations on sunrooms for bungalows though. Work with a trusted local installer from the Conservatory Online Prices network.

What Materials Can I Use in Sunrooms for Bungalows?

Sunrooms are advanced designs that are ideal for bringing the performance of bungalows into the modern-day. You’ll be able to choose between two innovative designs for the structure of your new space.


Firstly, uPVC is a flexible and affordable material that can make your sunroom perform brilliantly. uPVC helps your sunroom save energy by coating any gaps between the glass panels. As a result, there’s almost no room for heat to escape.

However, you’ll also get thermally broken frames to ensure that excess warmth won’t stifle your space, so you stay comfortable.

Another benefit uPVC has over older materials is that it’s fully weatherproof. Your current home may be losing its shape and wearing away because of wind and rain battering the bungalow.

Adding a fully weatherproof sunroom not only protects it from the elements but shields your home too. As a result, you’ll stay warmer and improve your home’s security as well.


But for a sunroom that keeps your family safe no matter what, aluminium is the responsible choice. Aluminium is a metal with incredible strength. Because of this, the material is impact-resistant, robust, and helps to protect the sunroom’s structure.

The aluminium will have security systems in-built and will work with the multi-point locking systems in your glazing to keep intruders out.

Aluminium also has more insulation, thanks to its thicker design. Although you’ll get a tiny bit less light than with a uPVC sunroom, the slimline design still means you’ll get gorgeous views of your garden.

Also, your frames will make the sunroom warmer in the winter months, meaning you can save more money on your household bills.

Sunroom Design for Bungalows

You can design sunrooms in a whole host of ways to make them perfect for bungalows. When you invest in one of these bright builds, you’ll be able to customise the design in almost any way that you choose.

As well as the materials and dimensions, you can modify the colours and finishes of the frames, the roofing style and much more, to give your new space a bespoke look.

Sunrooms are ideal for open-plan living and relaxation. You can choose not to add doors for your space, leaving it entirely accessible from your living area.

You can add to the open effect by maximising the glazing, as well as by choosing brightly coloured frames. And, if you want a real centrepiece of light, you can select a roof lantern which gives you a dramatic overhead window and more control of the lighting.

You can also make your sunroom complement your bungalow’s current style. For example, you could match the roof pitch and shape of your bungalow in a more bespoke design.

Alternatively, you can create a dramatic contrast, emphasising the sleek, clean lines of your sunroom. Choose ceiling-to-floor glazing to add a space that takes decades off your current home’s look.

Sunrooms For Bungalows Prices

Sunrooms for bungalows can start from around £14,500. However, the prices of these stunning designs can soar, subject to the size, shape and stylish features you select.

For example, a medium sunroom extension with doors, glazing and roofing included can cost around £30,000. However, these prices are still more affordable than a typical house extension.

Aluminium also adds to the price of your sunroom. On average, aluminium is slightly more expensive than uPVC to install. However, it can prove to be a more worthwhile investment over time, as you’ll lose less energy and use less too, saving you money.

Also, aluminium can last up to 10 years longer than uPVC without losing its performance, ensuring continued savings.

With Conservatory Prices UK, however, you can make sure you keep within your budget and get sunrooms that are perfect for bungalows. You can use our online sunrooms quote builder to get free, online quotes for a range of sunroom options.

Input the dimensions, features and colours you’d like, and we’ll give you a bassline quote within minutes.

Then, we’ll put you in contact with three trusted suppliers from our network. They’re local specialists, many of whom have approval from bodies like FENSA and are Which? Trusted Traders as well.

You can compare their prices to get a lower deal for your sunroom, and you’ll be able to draw on their expertise to ensure your new build meets planning regulations too.

To add a sunroom that lights up your bungalow today, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices.

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