Small House Extension Ideas

Looking for small house or bungalow rear extension ideas?Extensions are a brilliant way of expanding your home’s space. They provide you with a room you can use for almost any purpose. You’ll have the ability to design the space exactly how you choose, and you’ll get a structure that provides your home with great value.

If you want a brand-new space, you don’t have to move house to find it. Instead, you can add an extension to your property, meaning you can stay in your current home and get extra space without the hassle of moving.

That way, you can also ensure that you get a space that suits your needs.

solid conservatory roof

What are the Benefits of a Small House Extension?

Extending your home offers many benefits. For a start, an extension can give you the space you and your family need.

Even if you have a smaller home, you’ll be able to add an extension to it that expands the space. If you and your family feel like you are outgrowing your existing home, then an extension is a much less stressful option than moving house altogether. If you live in a bungalow, you can also build bungalow extensions.

For example, you could build your small house extension with walls of advanced double glazing. There’s a vast array of glass types you can choose from. You could invest in solar glass, which channels heat and light and can even generate electricity. Also, you could choose self-cleaning double glazing, which deals with dirt so you don’t have to, making it perfect for busy lives.

With a house extension, you can mix a range of materials to get outstanding performance across the room. You can add brick walls that have cavity wall insulation, giving you more warmth and more privacy. Additionally, you can choose a range of roof materials, including lightweight tiles. That way, you can either match your extension to your property or create a stylish contrast.

You can also design exactly how you want to link your extension to your home. One option is to install a glazed link, with a door that uses extensive double glazing, such as a sliding or bi-fold door. These doors sit on an in-line slider, so they’ll disappear when you want them to, meaning you can make your extension feel even more like a natural part of your home.

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A small house extension gives you the opportunity to not only expand your home, but to also add value to your property. If you do decide to move after a while, an extension can raise the value of your home, and you could get improved offers. You’ll also make a genuine difference to your lifestyle, making an extension well worth the investment.

Small House Extension Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Spacious

Some of the most significant benefits of a small house extension include the light and space you’ll add to your home.

With the option to fit double glazing walls, stunning windows and even doors that use multiple panels of glass, your new space will be incredibly bright. Because of this, you can take advantage of the light when you design your extension.

Conservatory Extension

For example, you could give your home a new lounge that feels welcoming and open. These spaces are incredibly comfortable, thanks to their robust brick walls and their insulation.

You can also take better control of the lighting in your extension with a range of options to let the sun in. These include roof lanterns, which add a vaulted glass skylight to your space.

Adding light to your extension is particularly crucial if you want to add a smaller space. If you have a less substantial area to fit your new extension into, then you could design the build to open up into your garden.

You can add connecting doors that have low-threshold options, which make your extension accessible even for those who struggle with walking.

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of area to build your extension in, you can always build upwards.

You can add multiple storeys to your new space, as long as the structure doesn’t extend higher than the highest point of your existing home. With another storey, you could add a loft space or even a spare bed – in these spaces, the choice really is yours.

Small House Extension Design Ideas

There are plenty of innovative ways you can design your extension to suit a wide variety of ideas. When you work with our network, you’ll have control of the look of your new space, meaning you can change its style to suit your needs. With different styles of windows, doors, roofing and much more at your fingertips, you can shape your space so its unique to you.

For example, you could connect your extension to your garage or an annexe with a covered walkway.

You can fit double glazing into the walls of the design so the space gets the same lighting and warmth as your extension does. These solutions are perfect for those cold and wet mornings where you don’t want to walk out of your home to get to your car.

You can also design your extension to create a private space where you can’t be distracted. You can add more brickwork and potentially composite doors, that have sound insulation that stops noise getting into your space.

Also, if you want to extend your home in an incredibly bold way, you could create a cantilevered extension, that can create a whole storey above the floor below.

Another crucial thing to consider when thinking about small house extension ideas is adding a feature that stands out.

With either a fireplace, a staircase or even a roof lantern, you can add a centrepiece to the extension that draws attention. Not only that, but you can tailor the space around these features to give you a little more room in your new structure.

How Can I Customise a Small House Extension?

You can customise almost anything in a house extension to suit your home and your style. For example, you can choose the type of windows you’d like for your space, and the material of the walls they’ll sit in. As well as that, you can add a whole host of smaller accessories, such as handles and cat flaps, along with larger features like underfloor heating and custom roofing.

Additionally, you can choose from an endless range of colours and finishes for your extension through many suppliers in our network. That way, you can tailor your new room to be personal and bespoke to you. You can put a wood grain finish on your window frames, or add a splash of colour to your roofline. In any case, you’ll add a unique space to your home.

How Much Does a Small House Extension Cost?

Your small house extension ideas can help your home save money on energy bills, improve your house’s security and even protect you from the weather. However, you can get these stunning materials for less in a smaller space. The cost of a small house extension is significantly lower, and you can even save more money by using our service.

A typical house extension cost is under £15,000, giving you more money to customise your space to suit your ideas. Not only that, but you’ll be ensuring that you get market-leading materials through our trusted network. These specialists, who all have approval from regulatory bodies like FENSA, will guarantee your space can save you money every day.

As a result, a small house extension gives you the flexibility to realise your dream ideas for your home while also being able to enhance your whole space. You and your family can benefit from their light and warmth, and you’ll save money on your bills, thanks to their impressive insulation. These spaces even help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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