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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Simple Guide to Conservatory Roofs

    Conservatory roofs play a crucial role in the design of one of these spaces. That’s because they come into more contact with sunlight than any other part of the build. When the sun shines down, it’s the roof that channels the majority of the light and heat into your space.

    However, some designs don’t do this well at all. If you have a conservatory in your home, it may have a polycarbonate roof or one that uses single-glazed glass. Both of these materials are thin, meaning they cannot absorb and redirect sunlight very well.

    Because of this, your conservatory can suffer from excessive heat transfer. It occurs when there isn’t a lot of protection between your living space and the outside world. In cold and hot weather, extreme temperatures can pass into your living space, making it uncomfortable.

    This problem is what older conservatory models often suffer. However, if you have one of these spaces, you don’t have to put up with it. Nor, if you’d like to extend your home, do you have to worry about problems like these.

    Modern conservatory roofs can help you keep warm, no matter the weather outside. You’ll be able to shelter your home from any storms and deal with wind and rain. With one of these designs, you can choose from several advanced materials, like double glazing, solid structures and lightweight tiles.

    Not only that, but you can mix and match them for a balance of light and protection. With a modern roof, you can prevent mould and water ingress, and get insulation that allows you to use your conservatory all year round.

    modern conservatory roofs

    Modern Conservatory Roofs

    In a modern conservatory, every part of the build works to keep you warm. However, the roof is particularly vital. For a start, the right design on the top of your build can help you build a stunning space from the ground up. You’ll be able to customise the model in full to get one that suits your home’s style.

    You can colour match a solid roof to your existing property, or choose individual tiles to create a bespoke pattern. And, with the option to add glazing to your roof, you can control your home’s lighting more closely.

    Modern conservatory roofs can also help you to protect your home from the elements. When the weather turns on you, getting an advanced roof can ensure nothing seeps into your new space.

    A tiled roof does brilliantly in poor conditions, thanks to its air and water-tight design. Tiled roofs use individual tiles with razor-thin gaps between them. Because of this, almost no water can get through these areas, while you can ventilate your conservatory using them in the summer to stay cool and comfortable.

    Not only that, but you could save money with a conservatory roof. If you get one that uses durable materials, you’ll get superb insulation for your home. That means, whether it’s hot or cold outside, you’ll be able to use your conservatory without relying on heating or air conditioning.

    While the double glazing in a new build does a lot of this work, a solid or tiled roof above it makes a more significant impact. These materials can protect you from excess sunlight, so your furniture and carpets don’t fade under damaging UV rays.

    Glass Conservatory Roofs

    So, which conservatory roofs are best for your home? One option is to install one that uses sheets of double glazing. These glass roofs don’t suffer from the same issues a single-glazed model can, as they have two panes of glass instead of one.

    That gives you double the insulation and thermal protection, helping you keep control of your home’s climate. Not only that, but double glazing is more robust too. As a result, it’ll be able to withstand more intense weather, and even some attempts to break it.

    One crucial benefit of a glass roof is that you’ll open your conservatory up to nature. Along with the glass side-panels, you’ll create a space that is sleek, spacious and offers slim sightlines of the outside world. Glass conservatory roofs are also a cost-effective option, with a replacement option starting at £2,610 for a Victorian conservatory.

    That means you can enhance any conservatory with a glass roof, whether old or new. Not only that, but the glass has aluminium reinforcement for added strength and security.

    conservatory roofs cost

    Solid Conservatory Roofs

    Glass conservatory roofs don’t have as much insulation as more robust options, though. Not only that, but excess sunlight can bounce around the roof and the walls, creating an uncomfortable glare. Because of this, it’s better to invest in a ceiling that creates a more comfortable feeling in your home.

    A roof that does this with ease is the solid design, which uses a mixture of slate and concrete. Because of this, it resembles the roof you might find in your home. That way, you can make your conservatory feel naturally connected to your living space.

    Solid conservatory roofs won’t only enhance the performance of your space, either. As well as that, they’ll give you peace of mind and privacy. You’ll be able to cover your conservatory from prying eyes with a solid roof and improve the security of your space too.

    Paired with modern conservatory doors that use uPVC or aluminium frames, and you’ll stop any intruders getting into your home. And, if you’d still like a glass section in your roof, you can! There is the option of a roof lantern or partial glazing to light up your home.

    Tiled Conservatory Roofs

    Many of the most popular conservatory styles are traditional. Designs like the Victorian and Edwardian models are among the UK’s leading options. If you’re interested in one of these spaces, then you don’t have to lose the traditional appeal of it with your roof.

    While glass and solid roofs are sleek, modern designs, tiled conservatory roofs add a classic touch to your home. They cost a similar amount to solid models but feature lightweight tiles that stick together in an innovative, water-tight design.

    Also, a tiled roof can give you endless choices for styling your new space. You can customise each one of your tiles with unique colours or finishes. There’s the option of vibrant RAL colours, as well as classic style options like terra cotta.

    Additionally, the tiled roofs have small gaps to allow you to ventilate your conservatory, and clear out the heat. Because of this, a tiled roof can help you stay comfortable without using your central heating. That means you can save money and create a space you and your family will love.

    conservatory roofs prices

    Conservatory Roofs Cost

    So, how much do conservatory roofs cost? For a new build, the roof can play a significant role in affecting the price. If you’re looking to invest in a lean-to build, then a glass roof can cost around £1,000 more than a polycarbonate one.

    However, if you’d like to install a tiled or solid roof, you could end up paying a lot more. A lean-to build with a tiled roof can start at £18,000, around £9,000 more than a glass roof. While they cost more, though, these conservatory roofs offer better insulation, privacy, and protection.

    There are plenty of ways to save on conservatory roofs, though. If you already have one of these builds in your home, then you could replace the roof! That way, you’ll get a modern ceiling that enhances the performance of your space, and you’ll preserve its current style.

    Additionally, replacement roofs cost a lot less. Where a tiled roof on a new build could set you back £18,000, the replacement option could start from as little as £3,456 for your home.

    Another way to cut the cost of conservatory roofs is to work with the right company. While it may make sense to work with a national brand on paper, in practice, it can be a frustrating process.

    Companies like these will take longer to complete your work, charge more in travel costs, and put a premium on the price of their parts. Because of this, a local installer could be the wiser choice. However, finding the right one can take ages, and you never quite know who to trust. That’s where Conservatory Online Prices comes in.

    Conservatory Roofs Prices

    At Conservatory Online Prices, we can refer you to trusted local companies in your area. That way, you can take the risk out of your investment, and get a broader picture of the market. You can speak to several suppliers close to you to get a grasp of how much you could save on a new conservatory or replacement roofs.

    Not only that, but you can also negotiate with them to get an even better deal! For total peace of mind, many of the companies in our network are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too.

    You can start the journey to a new conservatory or replacement roofs today with our online quote builder! We can give you an instant price for any design.

    Alternatively, you can ask us anything about our services by filling in our online contact form or calling us today on 0800 124 4307.

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