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    Side Extensions

    Contemporary side extensions offer you the option to bring something to your home that is going to complement both your personal tastes and your existing architecture. This means that you’ll be able to find the right new addition for you that is going to be a perfect fit across the board.

    At Conservatory Online Prices, we can offer you some inspiration when it comes to finding your perfect side extension. It won’t matter if your home is new or old, you’ll be able to enjoy a selection of extensions to determine what you’re after. With this in mind, you’ll be able to find the right fit for your home whether it is a modern, traditional, period, heritage, or new build home. You’ll be able to find the right fit to suit you.

    There are a number of things that you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to capturing your perfect side extension. This will include the colour, size, windows, doors, roof, accessories, and glazing options as well. We have worked to make things as easy as possible for you through our side extensions cost calculator to help you get an instant and accurate guide price that has been based on your exact specifications.


    Bringing the best of extensions to your home is one of those things that shouldn’t be difficult to do, which is why it’s worth taking the steps to get it right first time. If you explore the range of extensions that are on offer, you’ll be able to capture your ideal living space without having to worry about undertaking a stressful or costly move. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    We know that home improvements can be an exciting prospect, especially when there are so many extension ideas for you to choose from. However, it’s worth taking a step back to see just why a new house extension is going to be a fantastic addition to your property. At a glance, exploring extensions ideas enables you to bring a new space to your home without having to undertake a costly or stressful move.

    This is achieved through the fact that the side extensions of today are designed to achieve a standard of performance that is the same as the rest of your home, With this in place, they are sure to be a completely seamless addition to your home that will like another room you can use (because you can). Due to modern manufacturing techniques, they can achieve exceptional standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, weatherproofing, aesthetic, and longevity. This will make them a worthwhile investment for your home.

    With this in mind, a side extension can also help you to save money on your heating costs as well! This is because they can achieve a standard of heat retention that will enable the heat from your central heating to stay in your home for a longer period of time. Consequently, this means that you could find that you’ll be relying less frequently on your heating to keep you comfortable: which will result in a lower heating bill as a result.

    Side Extensions

    What to Consider with Side Extensions

    This is because each level is going to complement the final build, which will have a determining effect on how it looks. This will also include the colour, size, style, interior, accessories, roof, doors, glazing options, and windows. We’ll run you through each choice below to help you make the right choice when it comes to your living space:

    Single Storey Colours

    Capturing the right colour for your side extension is an important factor in ensuring your side extension is an accurate reflection of your personal tastes. It won’t matter if you’re looking for something modern, or you want something that is a little more traditional, your spectrum of choice will enable you to accommodate what you’re after. Alongside this, you can even opt for woodgrain foils that will enable you to capture the look of timber without having to worry about any of the maintenance problems that are usually associated with the material.


    Choosing your side extension from a wide range of styles will enable you to enjoy the freedom that comes with bringing a personal touch. This is because living space extensions are available in a wide spectrum of designs and styles. To see your dream side extension come to life, you can visit our cost calculator. All you will have to do is follow the free, simple, and easy to use step by step process from all of the comfort of your own home. We’ve also optimised it for mobile so you’ll be able to use it on the go!

    Designs and Shapes

    Getting side extensions to suit the space that you have isn’t something that you’ll have to worry about. It won’t matter if you’re looking for small extensions or something that is more on the larger side, you’ll be able to find something to suit. It’s important to note that the shape of your side extension is going to have an effect on the price! To help keep things cost-effective, then we recommend that you define what you’re going to be using your extensions for. This way, you’ll know how big it is going to need to be.

    Living space extensions Designs and Accessories

    The freedom to accessorise your extensions will enable you to get the ideal design for your home. Due to the wide range of options that you’ll be able to choose from, you’ll be able to make your house a home in a really easy way. This choice is going to cover both the interior and exterior of the build, including both the lighting and speaker options to help create the right ambience for your side extension. You’ll also be able to choose the finials and crestings for the roof.


    The interior of your side extensions is going to play an important part when it comes to determining how ideal your new extension is going to be. This is where the roof choice is going to come into play. For example, choosing a glass roof is going to enable you to capture a bright and spacious feel. However, if you go for a solid roof for your side extension then you’ll be able to enjoy an authentic room like feel that includes incorporated glazing to let the light in.


    Bringing the right roof to your side extension is going to have an effect on the look, functionality, feel, and customisation options of your build. With this in mind, you’ll be able to choose from a solid, glass, tiled, or lantern roof variant to suit your home and your tastes. Each one of these designs is going to be able to bring their own benefits and charms. You can get in touch with your installer of choice to see what they can offer you. Alternatively, you can view our descriptions of these roofs on this page.

    side return extension


    As side extensions are such an investment, you’ll want to be aware of the range of options on offer when it comes to defining the ideal new addition to your property. With this in place, the options you’ll want to be exploring include solid roof, tiled roof, glass roof, and lantern roof. You’ll also need to see how these siles work with the style of your home and your personal tastes. You won’t want anything clashing or ruining the overall look of your home. To help you get the right fit, your installer of choice will be able to offer you a survey of your home to help you define which one is going to be best suited. This means that you won’t have to settle for less.

    Tiled Roof

    If you’re looking for a side extension that is going to comprise a more traditional feel, then you need not look any further than the tiled roof option. However, don’t worry about getting an outdated feel, these roofs are still able to offer you industry-leading standards of quality. The tiles that are used to manufacture these roofs are lightweight and maintenance free, which means they don’t require the maintenance or the lengthy installation of their traditional counterparts. They can also be used to replace existing roofs without any detriment to the overall structural integrity. They feature a plastered interior that will enable them to capture a real room-like feel.

    Solid Roofs

    The solid roof option is a great way for you to capture the best of modern appeal. With this in mind, they are also the most versatile and flexible roof option on the current market. This means that you’ll be able to choose where the glazing goes and the in what shape you want it to be in. This means that your solid roof is going to serve as the canvas for bringing the best new addition to your home that is going to perform and look how you want it to. Whether you’re looking to form a focal point or something that is going to let the natural light into your home, you’ll have the freedom to get what you need.

    Glass Roofs

    Glass roofs are the ideal option for bringing a bright and spacious feel to your home, all without letting the elements in at the same time. This is because all of the glazed panels are fitted with high-performanc weatherseals that are integrated to ensure draughts and water ingress are kept out of your home. The perimeter of this roof can also be easily fitted with an insulated pelmet that helps them to create a more room-like feel. Alongside this, this pelmet also serves as the ideal place fo you to house a choice of lighting and speaker options too.

    Lantern Roofs

    A side extension that is fitted with a lantern roof is a great way for you to bring a focal point to your home that is going capture a true modern feel. The lantern roof enables you to create a singular point where the light comes in. Not only does this enable you create a focal point above a kitchen island or over a dining table, it also acts as a stunning and eye catching roof design that holds a lot of aesthetic appeal. Further to this, the modern lantern room comprises a slim frame that will work to let in larger amounts of natural light. This means that you won’t have worry about a bulky frame ruining the overall look.

    Utilising Your Space

    One of the major benefits when it comes to extensions is their versatility when it comes to how they can be used. Due to this, homeowners have been known to use them for an impressive range of uses. Consequently, living space extensions have become more flexible and refined over the years to help them accommodate this demand. Example uses include gyms, offices, dining rooms, living rooms, playrooms, meeting rooms, bedrooms, and more.

    Alongside this, your installer of choice will also be able to supply you with an option of interior décor options too. This includes a range of lighting and speaker options. With this in mind, it won’t matter if you’re looking to use your side extension for business or leisure purposes. You could even get a side extension split into two different rooms so you can use it for two different purposes. To see how much you should be expecting to pay for your side extension, visit our extensions cost calculator to get a guide price. Once you have this, we can then put you in touch with three of your nearest installers.

    Side Extensions

    Side Extensions Furniture

    Once you’ve decided on your ideal side extension, the next step is how you’re going to decorate the interior. As a side extension can be used just like any other part of the home, you should be treating it like any other part of the home. This means that you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to the interior! Fill it with rugs, lamps, lights, seats, hanging decorations, wall decorations, or whatever else takes your fancy!

    Also, keep in mind that the style and purpose of your side extension is going to have an effect on how you decorate it. For example, if you are planning on using it for more professional purposes, then you’re going to want to factor this in to your furniture options. However, if it is purely for personal use then you’ll have the freedom to bring a creative touch to the final fit. Ultimately, however, the choice is yours. So, speak to your installer of choice to see what they can offer you in terms of your customisation options.

    Instant Online Prices

    Visit our cost calculator to bring your new home improvement to life right at your fingertips! This is a free tool that will take you through a simple but comprehensive step by step process that will offer you a tailored cost at the end. Keep in mind that is a guide price only, and may be subject to change once your installer of choice has a look at it. Don’t worry though, it’s completely non-obligatory. It’s also an accurate reference that you can work from to help keep the cost in perspective.

    Once you’ve got this price, we can then put you in touch with three of your local and accredited installers to help get things on the move for you. All of the installers that we connect you with work to the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency, promptness, and respect for your home and your time. With this in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy the highest standard of product and service across the board.

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    Frequently Asked Conservatory Questions

    This will largely depend on your location. You will find that certain areas have different setbacks based on the use of the building. We recommend that you check with your local council or take a look at the Goverment's Planning Portal.

    You must notify your neighbour if you want to:

    - Build on or at the boundary of your 2 properties - Work on an existing party wall or party structure - Dig below and near to the foundation level of their property
    On average, an orangery can cost anything from £10,000 to £20,000. It is likely to cost double the amount of a conservatory, however it's important to note that an orangery provides more functionality and home value when compared to standard glazed conservatory.
    An orangery allows you to benefit from both conservatory and extension, being a combination of the two.
    When is a conservatory not a conservatory? In order for a structure to remain a permitted development (a conservatory), the build needs to comply with a number of rules. A conservatory must be ground level, must not be more than 30m2, must be thermally separated from the original building, have its own heating and have glazing in critical zones that meet Part N of the building regulations.
    An extension refers to an additional structure that is anatomically in-keeping with your main property. An extension often requires planning permission unless it is classified as permitted development and is built with opaque cavity walls and brick-based foundations. Extensions are a big home improvement and investment, needing the work of an architect.
    Conservatories or glazed extensions are perfect for those looking to add extra space on a budget. Typically, they are less of a logistical strain and in most cases do not require planning permission,
    A conservatory can be built under permitted development rights, not needing an application for planning permission. A conservatory however is subject to the limits and conditions listed here. Building a conservatory onto an extension however, will be subject to different conditions. In some cases and under the permitted development regulations, you cannot attach an extension to an already extended part of a dwelling. It has to be attached to the original walls of the dwelling house.
    Conservatories are generally much cheaper than a single-storey extension of the same size. The price difference will largely depend on size and how complex the structure is to build, as well as the quality of materials.
    The cost of a conservatory extension can range from £6,000 to £20,000. Compared to a full on extension, it is a much more affordable way of increasing space within your property. A full blown extension can cost up to £30,000. An extension is priced on average, per square metre.
    A conservatory or single-story extension can be built without planning permission if: It's a maximum of 4 metres high or 3 metres high, within 2 metres of a boundary and the conservatory or extension does not cover more than half of the garden.
    From now until 2019, you can extend outwards by up to 8 metres for detached homes and 6 metres for other property types. For this, instead of applying for planning permission you will need to undergo a Neighbour Consultation Scheme.
    Conservatory extension costs are far more affordable than a full-blown extension. A conservatory costs anything starting from £3,000 - £4,000 deadening on final styles and specifications. On the other hand, full build house extensions can cost anything from £20,000 right up to £100,000+! Generally speaking extensions are priced on average, per square metre.
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