Should You Buy an Ex-Display Conservatory?

Ex-Display Conservatory

A display model conservatory is one that has been set up before. It was used by the company as a showroom model or installed for a customer who decided not to buy it. Now, it is taken apart and being sold at a discount. Buying an Ex-Display Conservatory can save you money compared to a brand new conservatory. But there are some things to think about too.

When considering an ex-display conservatory, you’ll want to inquire about any potential wear and tear from it being previously set up. However, the discounted price may offset minor cosmetic issues. Overall, an ex-display conservatory can be a great way to get an almost new conservatory for less. Just be sure to inspect it carefully and factor the condition into negotiations on the price.

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The Good Things About Ex-Display Conservatory Models

Lower Price

The main reason to buy a display model is the lower price. You might pay 30% to 50% less than if you bought the same conservatory brand new. Conservatories are expensive additions to a home. So saving thousands of dollars is very appealing to many people.

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Minor Scratches

Even though display models have been set up already, they usually only have minor scratches from that on the glass or frame. For some buyers, a few minor flaws like this are okay when balanced against the lower price.

Still Functions Fine

In most cases, a display model conservatory works perfectly well. If it was removed and packaged up correctly after its first installation, the doors, windows, vents and other parts should all function like the manufacturer intended. You simply get to pay less than buying it in brand new condition.

The Not So Good Things

Could Have Hidden Damage

When display conservatories are taken apart for sale, the sellers inspect them and try to note any flaws. But even they can miss some damage like cracked glass, bent frames etc. This mostly only shows up later when you go to install the conservatory at home.

Shorter Warranty

Brand new conservatories usually come with 5-10 years warranty. For an ex-display model, any warranty could be as little as 1-3 years if you get one at all. So you have less protection if parts fall down the track.

Limited Choices

Because there is only one of each display model, you generally need to accept whatever size, style and accessories it has. There is little room to choose something different to perfectly fit your space. It’s more of a “take it or leave it” when buying a display.

Questions To Ask

Before deciding, ask the seller some questions:

Why Are You Selling It?

It’s good to know why the conservatory became a display model. Was it a cancelled customer order? That’s better than if issues came up when it was first installed.

Any Install Problems Before?

Ask if there were any problems noted when the conservatory was first set up, even small ones. If repairs were needed then, you should consider whether the structure might have underlying issues.

Does It Have All The Parts?

In order to install a display conservatory properly again, you need all the original parts it came with – the bolts, connectors, instructions manual etc. Make 100% sure the seller has kept everything before agreeing to the purchase. Missing pieces will become your problem later.

Inspect It Carefully

Before buying, try to look over the dismantled conservatory on the ground. Or ask to see photos of when it was first installed. Check:

All Glass Panels and Locks

Inspect closely for any large cracks, chips or scratches in the glass beyond normal wear and tear. Make sure all door and window locks open and close smoothly.

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Wood and Metal Frames

Look over the key structures and tap on them in places. See if there are any scratches, damage, holes or weak points that could suggest issues.

Check It Comes With All Extras

If the display model had fancy lighting, heating, ceiling fans etc when set up in the showroom, are these all included in the sale price too? Get written confirmation.

Should You Buy It?

Consider Looks vs Price

Think about what matters more to you out of aesthetics or saving money. If you really value bargains and can overlook minor scrapes, a display conservatory could be a good move. But for flawless appearance, custom might suit you better.

Get Warranties in Writing

Before agreeing to buy an ex-display model, get updated warranty terms for previous installation damage in writing from the seller. This gives you assurance if problems emerge down the track. Don’t just take their word for it.

Trust Your Judgment

If a display option doesn’t feel right to you upon inspection for any reason, don’t let the seller pressure you. It’s a big investment, so listen to your gut. There are always other conservatory options out there to explore instead before deciding.

Final Thoughts

Display conservatories let you save a lot upfront. But check them over carefully for damage and functionality issues before purchase. Consider if looks or price matters more to you. Get all warranty coverage in writing for protection later. With proper care and reinstallation, a display model can give your home just as much extra space, light and value for years to come.


How much less do display models cost?

Expect to pay 30-50% less than the same new conservatory. Exact savings vary depending on age, condition and how motivated the seller is for a quick sale.

Should I get an engineer’s structural inspection report?

Yes if you notice flaws in woodwork or glass. But for display models with only minor expected wear, the cost of an inspection is usually not warranted.

What’s the difference between display and used?

Display means the conservatory has only been installed once before as a temporary showcase model. Used means someone lived with it already installed at their home for a number of years before removal and resale.

Can I change the size of a display model?

Because they are pre-assembled in factories, it’s very difficult to alter major display conservatory dimensions to fit a different space. But small customizations to doors, windows etc may be possible if you ask.

Should I clean it before reinstalling?

Yes, thoroughly cleaning all the glass, frames, panels and parts before reassembly is highly recommended. This allows you or the installer to spot any hairline flaws missed previously. Handle all parts with great care during cleaning.

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