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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Should I Choose an Aluminium or a uPVC Conservatory?

    What’s better – an aluminium or a uPVC conservatory? Either one can help you transform your home and how you live in it. If you’ve been feeling a little cramped at home, you may already be considering a conservatory. However, getting the right one is crucial.

    Some older designs, or less expensive ones, can have real problems with heat and comfort. For example, you could invest in a conservatory that uses polycarbonate, or single-glazed glass, which don’t offer a lot of protection from the weather.

    There are two materials, though, which are ideal for a modern build. The first is aluminium, a precious metal which has superb strength. Using this material in your new build will help it to be far more secure, and it’ll have outstanding insulation to keep you warm all year round.

    Alternatively, you could invest in a uPVC conservatory. uPVC is slightly less expensive to install, and it’s more flexible. That way, it’ll perform for any purpose, and it can do that for 30 years or more without regular maintenance.

    Not only that, but you’ll have the choice of either across all conservatory styles. Both materials are versatile, and that means you can also outfit them on the doors of the build. While an aluminium design can cost around 20% more than a uPVC conservatory, it does offer better energy efficiency.

    As a result, you can cut the cost of your energy bills and take complete control of your home’s climate. However, a uPVC model will save you money, and for less cost. So, which one should you choose?

    aluminium or upvc conservatory

    The Benefits of an Aluminium Conservatory

    Aluminium builds can outperform a uPVC conservatory in many ways. Firstly, the material is denser while retaining a slimline design. Because of this, the frame won’t block any part of the glass, so you’ll let plenty of natural light into your home.

    However, in addition to this, you’ll get a more robust build that gives you privacy. Aluminium has exceptional strength, and it protects and conceals internal security in the glass panels. Because of this, your new space will be a nightmare for intruders to break through.

    Aluminium is also scratch-resistant. That means the material won’t visibly damage over time. You’ll be able to fit your aluminium frame with bold and unique colours as a result, without worrying about them fading away.

    The material can also deal with any weather conditions, including torrential wind and rain. The aluminium profile doesn’t suffer from water ingress, and it has air and water-tight design. That ensures draughts and damp spots don’t develop in your space.

    With an aluminium conservatory, though, you’ll invest in long-lasting performance first. Unlike older builds, aluminium frames can deal with the issue of heat transfer. The profiles can insulate your space against cold weather, and trap your home’s natural warmth inside.

    Because of this, you can benefit from a warmer space in the winter. Not only that, but the multi-chambered profile can ventilate the area in summer to cool it when you need it. And, finally, aluminium lasts for 50 years – potentially two decades longer than a uPVC conservatory.

    The Benefits of a uPVC Conservatory

    A uPVC conservatory is cheaper than aluminium. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform brilliantly. uPVC is a durable, versatile material which is air and water-tight. Because of this, there are almost no gaps between glazing and frame, preventing cold air entering your living space.

    Not only that, but uPVC is a lighter material than aluminium. Because of this, it won’t strain the glass or the hardware in your build. And, above all that, it can still save you money on your energy bills and help you get a space you can use all year round.

    Another benefit of uPVC is that it’s environmentally friendly. Today, you can invest in uPVC, which is fully recyclable. Many suppliers are starting to change the way they make the material, too.

    For example, many uPVC frames are now lead-free, and they eschew harmful substances in the design. When the uPVC in your conservatory begins to wear down after 30 years or so, you can be sure it’ll find another use. Some uPVC can be recycled ten times or more, meaning it could last for three centuries.

    Finally, the cost of a uPVC conservatory makes them a brilliant investment. Designs like these can often cost 15-20% less than an aluminium build. Because of this, you can still get a new space that is comfortable, warm and welcoming, but for much less.

    Your uPVC frames will also be fully customisable and weather-resistant so that you can choose a colour in confidence. Not only that, but maintenance is straightforward. You only need a damp cloth to wipe the frames down, and you can also get self-cleaning glazing!

    upvc conservatory costs

    Aluminium and uPVC Conservatory Styles

    The Victorian design is ideal as both an aluminium and a uPVC conservatory. It’s the most popular design in the UK, and its traditional design goes a long way to explaining why. You’ll get a classic look, with decorative roofing cornices and a bay front, available with three-to-five panels of advanced double glazing.

    Because of all of this, the design is bright and welcoming, with plenty of space and gorgeous views. With slimline aluminium and uPVC profiles, you’ll make it even warmer.

    Alternatively, an Edwardian build also provides classic appeal. However, it uses a square floor. Because of this, you’ll get more space, and more ways to use it too. The Edwardian design costs about as much as the Victorian build, but the straightforward design and clean lines suit modern homes seamlessly.

    With either an aluminium or a uPVC conservatory, you’ll also get superb security, with a durable frame and multi-point locking systems across the build.

    A gable conservatory is a way of expanding your home’s space even further. You can tell a gable build apart from the rest when you see its triangle roof. It’s high, spacious, and allows more natural light into your new space.

    A uPVC gable conservatory will be able to deal with the weather when it turns on you too, while an aluminium frame won’t fade either. Additionally, you can customise the stunning roof with the option of tiling, a skylight or a roof lantern, to give your home a new focal point.

    Save money on an aluminium or uPVC conservatory by choosing a lean-to build! The lean-to design uses a flat roof, and is usually smaller than other models, helping you save space and cash too.

    With a flat roof, the build is less likely to require planning permission, and you can choose floor-to-ceiling glazing to open the area up to nature too. With aluminium or uPVC frames, you’ll have gorgeous views of the outside world that make your new space feel endless.

    There are other ways to expand your home’s space, too. If a square space isn’t for you, then why not choose a P-shaped or T-shaped aluminium or uPVC conservatory? The P-shape build combines a Victorian and Lean-to design in one, while the T-shape has an extended front to open up into your garden.

    Aluminium and uPVC frames are long-lasting for the build, too, so you can use the space every day for decades. Although they cost more, investing in P and T-shaped designs is as easy as ABC!

    If none of those styles quite match your vision, though, you don’t have to choose any of them. Instead, set out a unique path and work with a supplier that can install a bespoke aluminium or uPVC conservatory.

    You’ll be able to customise every part of the build, including size, shape, style and material, and your installer will create it from scratch. That way, you’ll be sure of getting a space that’s specifically suited to you and your family’s needs. And, with aluminium or uPVC, it’ll stay comfortable all year round too.

    upvc conservatory prices

    Aluminium and uPVC Conservatory Prices

    A uPVC conservatory is 15-20% cheaper than an aluminium build. However, the aluminium design offers better performance. Not only that, but the style you choose for your new space has a dramatic impact on the price too.

    For example, a small uPVC Victorian conservatory can cost around £10,000, but the price can rise depending on the size of the build and the roof you choose. For a more expansive design, you can expect to pay thousands more, and even more for an aluminium design.

    However, one way to save money on any aluminium or uPVC conservatory is to invest in it by using Conservatory Online Prices! We put you in touch with local companies in your area who you can get your new build from for less.

    You can use our online quote builder today to get a unique price in seconds for a bespoke conservatory. Then, we put you in touch with our extensive and trusted network. Many of the suppliers within it are approved by bodies like FENSA and CERTASS too.

    For more information about our services, get in touch with our friendly team by using our online contact form. Alternatively, why not give us a call today on 0800 124 4307?

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