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    Should I Choose a uPVC or Aluminium Conservatory?

    An aluminium conservatory could be a better option than a uPVC one for your home. That’s because the frames are slimmer and stronger. With aluminium in your new build instead of uPVC, you could benefit from more natural light, superb sightlines, and you might be able to save more on your home’s energy bills as well.

    Aluminium conservatories are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. However, one of the best is strength. Because aluminium is a precious metal, it can protect your home brilliantly. The frames are almost impossible to break, and they’re fully weatherproof. That means your new space will have more strength than a uPVC one, and it’ll last for longer as well.

    When you expand your home, you can bring it closer to nature. Aluminium conservatories, though, make the barriers between inside and outside almost go away. The material has so much strength that you can install it in slimmer shapes than uPVC. As a result, you can use it around glass, roofing and even doors to let light pour into your home.

    Not only that, but aluminium looks fantastic when the sunlight hits it. It has a metallic sheen that shines on warm days, making your whole conservatory glow. Also, you can customise the aluminium frames with unique colours and finishes. That way, you can add a splash of personality to your home that will last for decades to come.

    So, if you’ve been thinking of expanding your home, an aluminium conservatory could be right for you. And, when you get it through Conservatory Online Prices, it’ll be perfect. You can get a high-quality build from a trusted local supplier at a low price with ease. Get in touch with us today to find out how much you could save!

    upvc or aluminium conservatory

    Is a uPVC Conservatory Right For Me?

    You might be considering a uPVC conservatory for your home. But, while they’re the UK’s most popular, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best option for you. For a start, uPVC isn’t as dense as aluminium. Because of this, you get less protection from cold air and bad weather. While your build will still be weatherproof, you could be more at the mercy of the elements.

    Also, uPVC doesn’t have as much strength as aluminium for your conservatory. Because of this, you need to invest in wider frames to get the same level of performance. It means less natural light can enter your new living space, and you won’t get the clean, unobstructed views that aluminium can provide.

    uPVC conservatories don’t have the same looks as aluminium ones either. That’s because uPVC, as a material, is based on plastic. While colours and finishes can stay on there for decades, they don’t glow as they do on aluminium, thanks to its metallic sheen. As a result, your new build could look a little less bright compared to an aluminium design.

    Not only that, but uPVC doesn’t perform for as long as aluminium can. While a uPVC conservatory is low-maintenance, after 30 years or so it can start to wear down. Alternatively, an aluminium conservatory could last for up to 20 years longer. Because of this, it could be a much better investment for your home in the long run.

    The Benefits of an Aluminium Conservatory

    So, why choose an aluminium conservatory for your home? One reason could be its strength. Aluminium is highly robust and durable, meaning it can withstand more for your home. For example, should high winds and heavy rain pelt your new space, the aluminium frames won’t warp, crack or twist. They are fully weatherproof and more robust than their uPVC counterparts.

    As a result, they’ll be able to protect the hardware inside them for longer. In the doors and glazed sections of your build, that means you’ll get better security. Should an intruder try to get into your aluminium conservatory, they’ll be met with frames that are almost bulletproof and hardware that won’t wear down.

    Also, aluminium is a better option for every part of the build. Because of this, you can add these frames to the doors and roof of your conservatory. For example, aluminium bi-fold doors can open seamlessly with a multi-panelled design. Thanks to the aluminium frames, each panel of glass will fold seamlessly for thousands of uses, and for longer than uPVC doors can.

    Your conservatory roof could be better with aluminium frames too. For example, you could invest in a roof lantern with slimline surrounds that allows for amazing natural lighting in your home. Because of all this, an aluminium conservatory could transform your home for good.

    upvc vs aluminium conservatory

    uPVC vs Aluminium Conservatory

    An aluminium conservatory will be warmer and more comfortable than a uPVC one. While both builds will have double glazing across the design, the aluminium frames offer better insulation for your home. Because of this, you’ll be able to block out cold air from outside more effectively. Not only that, but draughts and damp spots are less likely to develop.

    As well as blocking out the cold, you’ll be able to capture more of your home’s natural heat too. That means you’ll be warmer throughout the year. And, with multi-chambered aluminium profiles, there’ll be small gaps to let air escape your new space during hot summer days. As a result, you can cut the cost of your energy bills almost every day.

    While uPVC designs can secure your home, aluminium can give you total peace of mind. With their inherent strength, aluminium frames are impact-resistant, meaning forced entry attempts won’t work on your home. The frames also protect the hardware inside the doors and glass of your build, concealing it from intruders.

    Should somebody try to break through the glass, for example, multi-point locking mechanisms will stop them, separating it from the frames. Also, the aluminium will protect internal locks inside the doors. If you have sliding or bi-fold doors, then an aluminium slider will protect shootbolts from wind and rain, ensuring they continue to secure your home.

    Both uPVC and aluminium are weatherproof materials. As a result, you won’t have to worry about wind and rain playing havoc with your living space. However, uPVC isn’t as dense as aluminium. Because of this, you get less protection when the weather turns on you. During cold and hot days, uPVC can’t give you the same level of climate control as an aluminium conservatory can.

    With aluminium frames, you can stop draughts and damp spots in their tracks. Not only that, but they’ll stop more cold air getting around the glazing in your build, reducing the risk of condensation. You won’t have to worry about nature with an aluminium conservatory – all you have to do is enjoy it.

    Finally, you could get better performance for longer with an aluminium conservatory. Compared to uPVC, the material is more durable. Because it has a denser structure, it won’t wear down as easily over time. As a result, you can rely on your build to stay looking and feeling its best for decades longer.

    And it will be decades longer – while uPVC builds can perform for up to 30 years, aluminium ones can get to half a century. And, with cleaning and maintenance every so often, they could last even longer! That way, you’ll be investing in a build that lasts for a lifetime in your home. When you choose Conservatory Online Prices, you could get an aluminium conservatory for even better value as well.

    The Cost of an Aluminium Conservatory

    The one downside of an aluminium conservatory is the cost. The material is more expensive to produce than uPVC, meaning your build will end up being a slightly higher price. However, when you get an aluminium conservatory through Conservatory Online Prices, you can make a better investment in your new build.

    We know how tricky it is finding the best deal for your home. Because of this, we’ve spent years creating a new way to get brilliant prices without wasting all your time. Instead of searching for a company yourself, we’ve created a network of trusted local suppliers for you to pick. We cover the whole UK, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s right on your doorstep.

    It’s easy to get a brilliant quote from one of them when you work through us. We’ll put you in contact with several companies near you, meaning you can negotiate with them all. That way, you can get the big picture on aluminium conservatory prices, and benefit from lower offers from a range of businesses. Then, you can choose the deal that’s best for you.

    Also, you won’t have to worry about working with rogue traders. We extensively review our network to make sure you only get offers from the best local companies in your area. And, for added peace of mind, many of them are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, guaranteeing a friendly, professional installation.

    aluminium conservatory prices

    Aluminium Conservatory Prices

    Choose an aluminium conservatory for your home through Conservatory Online Prices today. You could also get a uPVC build for your home for less through our network!

    All you have to do is get in touch with us to start saving money on your conservatory prices. You could either fill in our online contact form or call our friendly team directly on 0800 124 4307.

    Talk to our team to find out how much your conservatory costs – and how comparing online will give you the best quote. We look forward to helping you!

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