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    Second Hand Conservatory Guide

    You might be interested in buying a second hand conservatory for your home. On paper, it’s a brilliant cost-saving idea, as you can expand your home with a space that’s worked for an old one. As a result, you won’t have to pay the premium for a new design.

    However, you might be getting a room for your home that doesn’t live up to your expectations. After all, you have to wonder why somebody would want to sell their conservatory in the first place. Due to this, getting a second hand conservatory that performs for your home is trickier than you might think.

    If you do decide to buy second hand, then there are a few things that it might be helpful to check. For example, parts of the design you get might have worn down, or have cheap materials that could break over time. Additionally, the build may be damaged, which could mean you end up covering the repair costs for someone else’s conservatory.

    Elements like the roof and the floor all play a part too. With an older build that has issues, you may end up with a space that has a greenhouse effect. That means you’ll be buying a room too hot to use in summer, and too cold to use in winter.

    So, how do you go about getting a second hand conservatory? While it can save you money, the process is risky. Not only that, but new designs are starting to become more and more affordable.

    If the cost of a new conservatory is putting you off, you could save money on the design with Conservatory Online Prices. Instead of a second hand conservatory, you could get a brand-new room that stays warm, uses leading materials, and won’t break down either.

    second hand conservatory guide

    Buying A Second Hand Conservatory

    Buying a second hand conservatory can help you save money on a new space. By getting one of these builds, though, you could be taking over somebody else’s issues. Older conservatory designs are notorious for how they fail to deal with changing temperatures.

    When the weather turns cold, windows and roofs with single-glazed glass don’t protect you from the chill. Additionally, they allow warm air to enter your home, and it reflects off the glass back inside your living space. Because of this, these builds become very difficult to use.

    Many second hand conservatories have these older designs. Not only that, but time may have made parts of the build weak. An issue with some older builds is that they aren’t weather-resistant. Over time, wind and rain could cause damage to plastic or polycarbonate frames and roof panels.

    As a result, the whole structure can warp, and water can seep underneath the build too if it doesn’t have a durable dwarf wall. Because of this, you could end up needing to maintain the conservatory quite regularly to keep it looking at its best, taking up more of your time than it might be worth.

    Finally, a second hand conservatory is sometimes only as good as the person from which you buy it. It’s crucial to be able to trust the current owner enough to give them your hard-earned money. A great tip is to get them to show you around the conservatory before you buy and let you check on the parts to find any rust, warping or other damage.

    That way, you can get a better idea of the build you might be adding to your home. So, with that in mind, here’s a guide to what you need to look at when buying a second hand conservatory:

    Things To Look For In a Second Hand Conservatory

    In a second hand conservatory, you might find that the design uses single-glazed glass. With only one pane between the indoors and outdoors, there’s not a lot of protection against cold weather. When the temperature drops, you’ll be able to feel it.

    Because of this, single-glazing could end up being a nightmare. Not only does it let cold air in, but it lets too much warmth into your home as well. In the summer, the heat can collect in an old conservatory because of this glass, meaning it’s difficult to use the build for any meaningful purpose.

    When you check the glass in a second hand conservatory, you should make sure that it uses double glazing. Double glazing puts two panes of glass in between cold air and your home, with a layer of argon gas in between them. The gas levels out any differences in heat inside and outside.

    That way, condensation is less likely to develop, meaning the glass can perform more effectively for longer. Also, double glazing can help you stay more comfortable in a second hand conservatory. If it has more than one pane of glass, it’s a good sign.

    The roof of a second hand conservatory is also crucial. The roof deals with the brunt of the energy a conservatory takes in from the sun, as it shines above it. Because of this, a roof that underperforms affects the whole build. In an older design, you might expect to see polycarbonate or glass roof panels. These materials are too thin, and their outdated design makes them vulnerable to the sun.

    While some natural light is fantastic, lifting your whole living space, too much can become problematic. Not only might you get glare, which makes your conservatory difficult to see inside, but harmful UV rays could pass through and cause damage to furniture and flooring.

    The best roofs for a conservatory are solid or tiled options. If a second hand conservatory has those, then it’ll have much better insulation and lighting. As a result, you could keep the cost of your energy bills down, and you’ll stay comfortable inside your new space.

    However, some glass roofs with double glazing can perform well. A tip for checking how a roof is performing is to look at flooring and furniture inside the design. If there are signs of the materials fading or staining in the sunlight, then the roof may not be able to meet the standards you need for a strong conservatory.

    What goes on outside a second hand conservatory can have a huge bearing on the inside as well. Over time, the frames of a conservatory could crack or twist in storms, or the design could even be sagging. As a result, it’s helpful to check if the second hand conservatory you’re looking at has a dwarf wall.

    A dwarf wall is a small layer of brickwork which goes underneath a conservatory. That way, it gives the structure more strength, and it also soaks up water from underneath, preventing it from damaging the rest of the design. Without a dwarf wall, an old conservatory can wear down, and could even sag into the soil beneath.

    Additionally, the frames around the build might have seen better days. Cracks could appear in the design, and the frames may have lost their colour over the years.

    Not only that, but the build may not be well-maintained. If there are any dirt or scuff marks, or moss is building up around the frames, it’s a strong sign that you’re better off getting another build. Due to all this, investing in a second hand conservatory is risky. Not only that, but you might end up spending the money you’ve saved on repairing the issues the design has. So, is a second hand conservatory the right investment?

    new vs second hand conservatory

    New vs Second Hand Conservatory

    With a brand-new conservatory, you can benefit from a build that is ready for the modern home. Rather than invest in an old design, you’ll get a technologically advanced option that helps to keep your home warm and comfortable. You’ll get double glazing as standard, along with durable roofing, fully weatherproof frames and the option of a dwarf wall.

    Additionally, you can customise it to suit you, instead of compromising with a second hand conservatory. Because of this, you can choose from a range of build styles, floor options, colours, finishes and even unique lighting and speaker systems!

    Also, there’s a way you won’t have to spend as much on the design. Rather than find a company to install it on your own, you can invest with Conservatory Online Prices! We don’t make conservatories ourselves, but we can refer you to the people who do.

    Our network of local suppliers across the UK can offer lower prices, friendlier service and leading quality. That way, you won’t have to risk investing in a second hand conservatory. For added peace of mind, many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, so they’re more trustworthy than a seller you meet online.

    If you’d like a brand-new build instead of a second hand conservatory, get in touch with us today! You can use our online contact form to speak to our team and go through the quick and easy quoting process. And, for any further questions and advice, call our friendly experts on 0800 124 4307!

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