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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Replacement Conservatory Roof Savings vs Cost

    A replacement conservatory roof can give you plenty of savings in your home. If you have one of these builds, you may feel like its more of a nuisance than a nirvana. While a conservatory should be warm, bright and comfortable, older designs struggle to be any of these.

    One of the main reasons they do is the lack of a modern conservatory roof. Earlier models use polycarbonate or single-glazed glass. Both of these materials don’t offer a lot of insulation, or protection from the weather outside.

    Because of this, heat transfer is a serious issue. With a roof that uses thin materials, warm and cold temperatures have less to travel through, meaning they can affect your living space more markedly and more quickly.

    As a result, the conservatory doesn’t only get too cold in winter, but too hot in summer as well. That means it’s rare to be able to use the space while it’s in its sweet spot. The roof comes into more contact with the sun than any other part of the build, so getting the right design is critical.

    However, you don’t have to get a brand-new conservatory to get a modern roof. Instead, you can replace the roof of your old build with a spectacular new design. You’ll be investing in a model that uses advanced materials, innovative technology, and is made-to-measure for your home.

    Not only that, but you can customise the roof to your requirements too. You’ll reclaim a forgotten space of your home, and the newfound warmth will spread across every room, helping you save money on household bills.

    replacement conservatory roof

    The Benefits of a Replacement Conservatory Roof

    With a replacement conservatory roof, you can create stunning savings in your home. That’s because modern designs can save more energy. Hot and cold weather won’t be able to travel through the durable ceiling, which will have superb insulation.

    Because of this, you won’t suffer from excess heat transfer, and your conservatory will have a more stable temperature. As a result, you can use your space in more comfort, and throughout the year, while cutting the cost of your energy bills.

    You’ll also have more control of your home’s lighting with a replacement conservatory roof. There are three primary materials that these roofs come in – glass, tiles, and a solid mix of slate and concrete. But you don’t have to only stick to one of these materials.

    Instead, you can mix and match them in a bespoke design. For example, if you’d like more insulation and privacy, then you could choose a tiled roof with an authentic period look. However, you can add partial glazing or a roof lantern to let light flood your living space.

    A replacement conservatory roof will create savings for years to come too. That way, you can pay back the cost of your investment over time. The designs use long-lasting materials that are weatherproof, so wind and rain won’t damage the ceiling.

    That means they’ll continue to insulate your home and reduce your reliance on central heating. And, if the cost still seems much, then consider this: a replacement conservatory roof doesn’t need a new base, meaning you can install one for far less than you could in a new build!

    Glass Replacement Conservatory Roof

    If you want a replacement conservatory roof, then choosing the right material can help you create even more savings. There are three primary ones, each of which can help you insulate your space and take back control of its climate. The first, and least expensive, is a glass roof.

    Unlike older glass roofs though, these models feature double glazing as standard. With two panes of glass, you can trap heat inside and create a thermal barrier for your home, making your conservatory usable all year round.

    Glass roofs offer incredible natural light, too. The panels of double glazing open up your home to nature, and the robust glass ensures you aren’t exposed to it either. Not only that, but the cost of glass roofs isn’t nearly as much as more solid designs, with a model for a Victorian conservatory starting at £2,610.

    However, glass roofs do have some issues. While double glazing can help protect from heat transfer, light can bounce around the room and cause an uncomfortable glare, and the insulation isn’t the best you could get.

    replacement conservatory roof cost

    Solid Replacement Conservatory Roof

    If you want more insulation for your conservatory, then a solid roof provides it and then some. Designs like these use a mix of slate and concrete to provide you with a ceiling that blends in seamlessly.

    The design is similar to roofs in houses, so you can make your extended space feel more connected to the rest of your home. However, what you will notice is the incredible performance. Thanks to their robust materials, solid roofs offer superb insulation, privacy, and protection from the elements.

    A solid roof can completely cover your conservatory from view. That way, you’ll have more privacy, and the blend of materials creates excellent sound insulation too. Also, you won’t have to deal with an entirely solid roof if you don’t want to.

    Instead, you can choose partial glazing or a roof lantern to take total control of your home’s natural light. Solid roofs do cost a lot more than their glass counterparts, but they can create far more savings for your home, and they’ll last longer too!

    Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof

    Solid roofs can make your conservatory appear effortlessly modern. However, if you have a more traditional home, you may be looking for a more classic appeal. Tiled roofs are the answer, offering the same benefits as a solid design in the same price range, but with the timeless appeal of lightweight tiles.

    The tiles are individual designs, but they come together with air and water-tight design that keeps cold weather, wind and rain well away from your home. The tiny gaps between them improve ventilation too, helping you clear heat in the summer.

    Not only that, but a tiled replacement conservatory roof is fully customisable. That means you can modify the look and feel of each tile to create bespoke designs that reflect your home’s personality. You can choose to colour match the roof with your home or select a classic terra cotta finish.

    No matter what you need, these lightweight, durable tiles help you achieve it. And, because the tiles are weather-resistant, any colour you choose will retain its vibrancy for decades to come.

    Replacement Conservatory Roof Savings

    No matter which replacement conservatory roof you choose, you’ll make incredible savings for your home. For a start, the cost of a replacement roof is far lower than one on a brand-new build. You can save over 50% with a replacement roof, making getting one a no-brainer rather than replacing your old space.

    Because of this, you can maintain your old conservatory for years longer, and preserve its style. Not only that, but the roof replacement will take far less time to fit, meaning its less disruptive to your life!

    With a replacement conservatory roof, you’ll be able to let natural light and warmth spread right across your home. The roof creates more heat, which in turn passes through the rest of your living space. Because of this, you can make your home warm and comfortable without having to rely on your central heating.

    You can use less energy, decreasing your carbon footprint, and creating incredible savings on your household bills that could pay the cost of your investment back over time!

    Not only that, but your replacement conservatory roof could cost even less when you work with local installers. Rather than pay for a national brand, which can cost more and take more time, finding a local supplier helps you save money and get more personalised service.

    However, it can be a nightmare finding somebody in your area who you can trust, and it takes an awful lot of time too. That’s where Conservatory Online Prices comes in.

    replacement conservatory roof savings prices

    Replacement Conservatory Roof Savings with Conservatory Online Prices

    At Conservatory Online Prices, you can get a stunning replacement conservatory roof, and get impressive savings too. That’s because we only refer you to local companies in your area. You can get a baseline quote from us, and we’ll send it through to an extensive network of local suppliers and installers.

    Then, you can speak to several of them to get an incredible deal, and you can negotiate across these companies to make it even better. Many of them are also members of bodies like Checkatrade and Which?!

    To find a replacement conservatory roof that’s right for you, start by using our online quote builder. You can use this interactive tool to decide on every part of the design, from the shape, size and style to the materials and colours you need. No matter your selections, we can provide an accurate quote within minutes.

    If you’d like to speak to our friendly team or ask our experts anything, then give us a call on 0800 124 4307 or fill in our online contact form today!

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