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    How Much Does A Replacement Roof Cost?

    Find out useful information regarding replacement conservatory roof costs.

    Replacement Roof Costs

    If you are looking for replacement conservatory roof cost, chances are that you have a conservatory roof that is either damaged or is about to become unusable.

    There might be the possibility that you decided to get a replacement conservatory roof to get a better material or a new look for your conservatory. If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, it would have degraded over time, and you need to replace it.

    You may be looking at replacement conservatory roof costs because you want better insulation or soundproofing than the polycarbonate roof can provide.

    Your glass conservatory roof might have cracked or broken panes and it seems more cost-efficient to replace the roof instead of changing multiple panes.

    It might seem to you that a solid roof with tiles might serve your conservatory better and longer than glass. Why you want a replacement conservatory roof, cost not withstanding, is completely based on your needs and wants.

    Whether it is a broken roof requiring repair, or a purely cosmetic reason, you want to plan your budget by finding out the replacement conservatory roof cost.

    replacement conservatory roof cost

    Should You Go for the Lower Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

    If you are looking for replacement conservatory roof cost, you might be tempted to go with the lowest figure you can find.

    We would advise you not to!


    We are sure you would agree that the roof might just be the most important part of any building.

    Think about it:

    Just a roof with no walls is the bare minimum requirement for a shelter.

    The roof of your house protects you from rain, snow, hail, and even excessive sunlight. It protects you from the damage the elements can wreak upon you and your possessions.

    By skimping on the replacement conservatory roof cost, you are risking a low quality replacement.

    What does that lead to?

    You might find yourself looking at even higher replacement conservatory roof cost after a very short while.

    What’s even worse?

    It might come with the additional price of damaged furniture, walls, and even flooring!

    If you find yourself in the position where you have to get replacement conservatory roof costs, you might as well get protection for a decent amount of time.


    Finding the right price is dependent on knowing what the average replacement conservatory roof cost is. That, in turn, depends on what your conservatory replacement needs are.

    managing the replacement conservatory cost

    What Factors Affect a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

    The average replacement conservatory cost varies greatly between size, styles and material. How the size affects the replacement conservatory roof cost is quite obvious.

    A larger size means more material, whether glass, polycarbonate, or tiled. If you are replacing the frames as well, a larger replacement conservatory roof cost would include more frames.

    The replacement conservatory roof cost of different styles of roofs also depends on the style of the roof.

    For example:

    A basic Lean-to replacement conservatory roof cost is lower because it is essentially an inclined plane with no design details.

    On the other hand:

    A Victorian replacement conservatory roof cost needs multiple panels, and frames, because of the curved end with a bay window. These multiple panels can cost more or less based on the material used.

    Polycarbonate roofs cost much less than double glazed or triple glazed glass, which in turn cost less than tiled or solid roofs. The frame material also has a hand in the replacement conservatory roof cost.

    If you get uPVC frames, you will spend less on replacement conservatory roof costs than aluminium or timber. On average, the latter materials are 30% and 50% more expensive than uPVC respectively.

    polycarbonate replacement conservatory roof cost

    How much does a Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost for Polycarbonate and Glass Roofs?

    A polycarbonate roof is the lowest priced roof you can go for. It is light-weight and provides filtered light. On the flip side, it has very poor insulation, both for heat and sound. It also degrades and gets damaged, and needs regular replacement.

    A glass roof is more expensive than polycarbonate, and lets in more sunlight. This might not be as desirable on bright and sunny days. However, it does provide better insulation with double glazing, and you can get tinted glass to filter out the sunlight. It is also great at blocking out noise from the outside, and does not need replacing very often.

    At worst, you might need to replace a few panes once in a while, if they break or crack. The replacement conservatory roof cost for a polycarbonate lean-to roof that is 3000mm x 3500mm would be around £2,355 to £2,705 approximately. If you are looking for a replacement conservatory roof cost for a similarly sized glass roof, it would be around £2,610 to £3,175 approximately.

    Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof Costs

    What is the Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost for a Solid or Tiled Roof?

    A solid roof lasts the longest, and provides the best insulation. It is more secure and private as well. For all these qualities, you obviously pay a higher price! There are many companies that offer a variety of replacement conservatory roof costs for a solid or tiled roof varies greatly with material, and how many roof windows you want.

    On an average, you can expect to spend at least £4,000 for a small conservatory. If you have a larger conservatory, the replacement conservatory roof cost can go up to £6,000 minimum. A tiled conservatory roof has a similar cost.

    The tiles you use affect the replacement conservatory roof cost as well, along with other factors. If you want concrete tiles, they cost about £12 to £22 per square metre. Clay tiles are priced around £28 to £40 per square metre.

    Slate tiles, which are considered the most durable, can cost up to £70 per square metre.

    How does the Roof Style Affect the Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

    At this point, it is important to know what roof style you have, or want. This cannot just be a matter of what appeals to you. There are practical considerations that need to be taken into account. The most important considerations are building regulations.

    While a replacement conservatory roof does not require any permission, your new conservatory roof cannot be higher than the highest point of the roof on the house.

    Additionally, conservatory foundation needs to be able to hold the weight of the replacement conservatory roof.

    What does that mean?

    If you had a lean-to conservatory with a polycarbonate roof, the foundation might not be able to support a solid Edwardian style roof!

    There is also your budget.

    The roof design plays a major role in the replacement conservatory roof cost. A lean-to roof, that is a flat, sloping surface costs less than a more complicated roof style like a Victorian.

    Let us take a look at the different roof styles and how they affect the replacement conservatory roof costs.

    Lean-To Conservatory Roofs

    replacement conservatory roof cost for lean-to conservatory

    A lean-to conservatory is a basic conservatory style with a square or rectangle shape and a simple sloping roof.

    The highest part of the roof is attached to the main house, making the structure look like it is leaning against the building. This is what gives the style its name.

    Since the roof is flat, with no complicated details, it is has the lowest replacement conservatory roof cost of all styles.

    The replacement conservatory roof cost for a polycarbonate roof of size 3000mm x 3500mm, as previously discussed, is about £2,355 to £2,705. A glass one is around £2,610 to £3,175.

    Victorian Conservatory Roofs

    replacement conservatory roof cost for victorian conservatory

    A Victorian conservatory is inspired by the architectural style of the Victorian era. It is a square or rectangle where one of the straight sides is replaced with a bay window.

    The window can be with three or five facets. The facets make that side appear curved.

    The replacement conservatory roof cost for a Victorian conservatory are higher than a lean-to because of this curved side. The roof on this side needs triangular panels, and their number depends on the number of facets.

    This additional complication in the design makes these roofs that much more expensive.

    The replacement conservatory roof cost for a polycarbonate roof of size 4000mm x 4000mm is between £4,345 and £5,005.

    For a similarly sized glass roof, the replacement conservatory roof cost is £4,740 to £5,345.

    Edwardian Conservatory Roofs

    replacement conservatory cost for edwardian conservatory

    The Edwardian conservatory is characterised by its beautiful pitched roof. A pitched roof is made up of inclined planes that meet at their highest points, forming an inverted V shape.

    The advantage of this roof is that it can be as high as you want simply by altering the angle of the pitch.

    The replacement conservatory roof cost for a simple Edwardian polycarbonate roof of size 4000mm x 4000mm is anywhere between £4,480 to £5,120.

    For a similar sized glass roof, the cost goes up to between £4,875 to £5,570.

    Gable Fronted Conservatory Roofs

    replacement conservatory roof cost for gable roof

    This conservatory is inspired by Georgian architecture and is characterised by the typical Gable roof.

    What is a Gable Roof?

    It is a style where two inclined planes along the sides meet in a triangular shape at the front of the structure.

    The triangle formed in the front can be decorated with a dramatic sunburst pattern or simple vertical panels. The design will affect the replacement conservatory roof cost.

    The replacement conservatory roof cost for a small sized Gable roof can start from £2,400 and may go up to £5,800 for a glass roof. These are general estimates and the price can vary according to the features you want, and who installs the roof.

    P-Shaped Conservatory Roofs

    replacement conservatory roof cost for P shaped conservatory

    The P-shaped conservatory is made by combining a lean-to conservatory and a Victorian conservatory. The two segments can be equal in size, or one can be bigger than the other.

    These require a more complicated roof construction than just a lean-to or a Victorian conservatory. This is reflected in their replacement conservatory roof cost.

    T-Shaped Conservatory Roofs

    replacement conservatory roof cost for T shaped conservatory

    This conservatory style is most suited for larger properties. It is defined by its T-shape. The shape is achieved with a rectangular room against the wall of the house, and a smaller projection coming out of its centre.

    The T shaped conservatory can be made of a lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian or a combination of these. The replacement conservatory roof costs of a T shaped roof depends on the style of the units that were used to make the T shape.

    How does a Lantern Roof Affect the Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

    A roof lantern is an architectural component on the roof to let in daylight. It can be flat (but with a slight incline to drain off rainwater) or pitched. The lantern roof feature is almost a necessity if you want a solid roof for your conservatory but want some natural light. The size and material of the lantern roof will determine its price.

    However, you need to be aware that:

    • Your lantern roof cannot be projecting higher than 150mm from the plane of your conservatory roof
    • The peak of the lantern roof cannot be higher than the highest point of your house’s original roof
    • Any side windows you want installed need to be obscure glazed

    What Other Factors Affect the Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

    Apart from the actual roof itself, the replacement conservatory roof cost includes the installation as well. The installer can be a local business or a national company. Which one you choose will have a bearing on the replacement conservatory roof cost.

    In order to get the best price, we recommend you get quotes from at least three different installers. It would also help if at least one of them is a local installer and one of them is a large company.

    Understanding the different prices will help you make an informed choice and getting a good replacement conservatory roof cost. You should also get a clear breakdown of the replacement conservatory roof cost so that you understand exactly what you are paying for.

    It will also help you identify the expensive aspects of the replacement conservatory roof cost. This way, you know if you want to keep them or change them.

    Getting Replacement Roof Costs

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    Frequently Asked Conservatory Questions

    IThe majority of conservatories with a tiled conservatory roof will not require planning permission. This is because they are covered under what is known as a 'permitted development.'

    However, Building Regulations will apply if you want to build an extension on your home.

    Whether you are looking to invest in a brand-new conservatory, or just wanting to replace your existing conservatory roof, there are many conservatory roofing options available. The most popular conservatory roof materials are:
    • Solid Roofs
    • Glass
    • Polycarbonate

    Solid Conservatory Roofs

    If you are looking to achieve a more contemporary appearance, then a solid conservatory roof provides the perfect combination of conservatory and home extension. This conservatory roof option allows you to make use of the space you have, providing you with a living area you can use all year round.

    Worried about light? Roof windows or glazed panels can be incorporated into the design, enhancing natural light for a light and airy feel. A lightweight tiled roof conservatory is also up to 15 times more thermally efficient than any other roof.

    Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

    Polycarbonate Roof Ideal for those on a tighter budget, a polycarbonate is often seen as a cost-effective option to roof glazing. They come in many different options such as different colours, shading and U-Values.

    Typical colours include Bronze, Clear and Opal.

    Glass Conservatory Roofs

    Glass conservatory roofs are a popular choice because they provide great temperature control. They help to prevent your conservatory from being too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter.

    It can also be specified with self-cleaning properties, helping to keep roof maintenance to a minimum.

    The majority of conservatory roofs can be replaced within the course of a day however, this is dependent on design. A solid conservatory roof with added extras such as lighting, might take longer than a day.

    Your chosen conservatory installer will protect any existing finishes during the project so no need to worry about your existing floor being damaged during transformation.

    Replacing your conservatory roof can indeed make your conservatory warmer however, this will depend on the type of roof you choose. A solid or tiled conservatory roof will offer greater insulation than a plastic or glazed roof.
    A solid roof can be put on a conservatory. There are many solid conservatory roof designs available - just ask your chosen installer for a recommendation. The majority of new-build conservatories with a solid, tiled or glazed roof will not require planning permission. They are covered under what is known as 'permitted development'. However, building regulations will apply if you want to build an extension.
    Planning permissions used to say that a certain percentage of roofing must be translucent in order for a conservatory to be exempt from planning permission. Changes to building regulations however, now means that you may not require planning permission for roof replacement.
    Swapping your existing conservarory roof for a tiled or solid roof replacement can be done without needing to file for planning permission. Planning permission may be required however, if the height of your extension is changed following completion.
    The average life expectancy of a conservatory depends on the quality of materials used as well as the installer. Generally speaking a conservatory built with uPVC window and door frames can last up to 25 - 30 years.
    Yes you can! Whatever the shape of your existing conservatory, you can be sure that there is a solid roof equivalent to meet your exacting requirements.
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