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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Refurbish Your Conservatory in 2022

    Refurbish your conservatory in 2022, and make an investment that’ll set you up for decades to come. If you already have a conservatory in your home, but you don’t use it, or you feel it’s unusable, refurbishing it can transform these spaces entirely. Thanks to improvements in roofing, glazing and much more, you can make your space more comfortable and more in line with your needs.

    By refurbishing your current space, you’ll be able to save money and time. That’s because there’s no need to tear it down to build a new conservatory. Instead, you can preserve the style and feel of the room while enhancing how it performs. By adding new materials and features, you’ll be able to create a living area that you can use all-year-round.

    There are several ways you can refurbish your conservatory in 2022. For example, you could change the glazing in your space to more advanced designs, or you could add new roofing to control the light. Additionally, you can alter the room more subtly, with features such as new doors, frames and even wall insulation. When you refurbish your conservatory, you can take complete control of its design.

    And, with Conservatory Online Prices, you can refurbish your conservatory with less stress and potentially less cost. You can use our services to get quick quotes for a range of refurbishment options, and we’ll put you in touch with trusted local suppliers who’ll be able to make them a reality. That way, you can save time and get a superb service.

    conservatory refurbishment

    Why Should I Refurbish My Conservatory?

    First-generation conservatories are now around twenty years old. Because of this, these designs are becoming more outdated by the year. New advancements in glazing, frames and several other materials means these spaces aren’t suited to modern homes. With household bills rising, it’s never been more vital to make sure your whole home works to use less energy.

    When you refurbish your conservatory, you’ll be able to make it more comfortable and more efficient. New glazing makes a massive difference, as it traps much more heat than older glass, keeping the room warmer. It’ll also reduce brightness and glare, ensuring your conservatory doesn’t blind you. That way, you take back control of your space’s temperature.

    Another flaw with older conservatories is they wear away over time. As a result, your current space may have damage, causing the performance to get worse. This loss could come from adverse weather, with wind and rain wearing the protection of the structure away over time. Because of this, draughts are more likely to develop, making your space extremely difficult to use.

    With new roofing, glazing and frames, you’ll get weatherproof materials as standard. They’ll give you increased protection from poor conditions and for longer, too, lasting for decades to come. You can also choose self-cleaning options that even break down the dirt and dust bad weather brings up, saving you time and money on maintenance.

    conservatory refurbishment

    Refurbish Your Conservatory with New Glazing

    Adding new glazing is an excellent way to refurbish your conservatory in 2022. That’s because modern glass is much more efficient than old glazing, reducing heat transfer and improving warmth and brightness. There’s also plenty of options for glazing that you can add to your current space, each of which can transform the way your home uses energy.

    You can get double glazing across the design, making the whole space better at channeling energy. With two panes of glass, you can trap heat between them, creating a thermal barrier for the room that helps it to maintain its temperature. Because of this, you’ll create a space that’s more stable and comfortable. Also, you’ll get less condensation on the glass, saving you time on cleaning.

    There are other glazing options available too that can help you save time, and even generate energy. You can choose self-cleaning glass for your conservatory, which breaks down dirt on its own, as well as solar glazing that turns sunlight into electricity for your home. You can also get more privacy in your space by adding obscured glass, which keeps prying eyes away from the room for a little more peace of mind.

    Refurbish Your Conservatory with New Roofing

    Your roof plays a crucial role in how your space performs. If you refurbish your conservatory in 2022, then replacing the roof can be a brilliant place to start. In your current room, you may have a cheaper roofing material, such as polycarbonate. Roofs like these don’t channel energy well at all, causing heat to escape quickly and excess warmth in the summer too.

    You could replace your roof with a double glazing option. You’ll get the same glazing performance you’d get by replacing the surrounding glass, and it costs less than other options. However, glass doesn’t provide a massive amount of insulation, and you could get too much overhead light. As a result, your space could still be more challenging to use than it needs to be.

    A better investment could be to add solid or tiled roofing to your conservatory. These designs use advanced materials that are much more durable than glass. As a result, you’ll get more shading and control of the light in your space. Additionally, these roofs are much more secure, ensuring that you can enjoy a warmer conservatory without worrying about unwanted visitors.

    Refurbish Your Conservatory with New Frames

    You can refurbish your conservatory by adding new frames to the design as well. The frames don’t only help to keep the structure of the space, but they can also help you to save energy as well. In your current room, you may have timber frames, which can wear away and damage over time as wind and rain expand the cracks in the material.

    When you refurbish your conservatory, you can choose from uPVC or aluminium frames for your space. These materials are much more durable than timber and have better insulation and security as well. Aluminium, in particular, is almost impenetrable and can help you secure the glass around the space. That way, you’ll get more security and more savings on your household bills.

    conservatory refurbishment

    Refurbish Your Conservatory with New Doors

    By adding new doors, you’ll do more than enhance your conservatory. You can also connect it to the outside world, making it feel like a much more natural space. There’s a vast range of door options available for conservatories that use full panels of glazing, as well as low threshold options. As a result, you can make going into your garden seamless.

    You could add French doors that swing outward to reveal a wide-open space and help you ventilate the area with fresh air. For an even bolder opening, however, bi-folding doors use multiple glazing panels that fold in on themselves, meaning they can disappear when you want them to. All the door options come in durable and secure uPVC and aluminium too, for privacy and security.

    Can I Refurbish My Conservatory to Suit My Needs?

    When you refurbish your conservatory in 2022, you’ll turn your space into one that’s bespoke to your needs. That’s because you can customise any aspect of your new additions, and choose the ones that are right for you. Before you invest, you should consider exactly how you want to refurbish your space, and then you can select the features that suit your needs.

    For example, getting new frames can not only help you improve the warmth in your space, but you can customise their colours to add a touch of personal style. Also, you can add smaller features to give you total control of your space. These include lights in the roofing to set the mood, new flooring that you can add underfloor heating too, and even cornices that can conceal the guttering.

    No matter how you’d like to refurbish your conservatory in 2022, you can do so with Conservatory Online Prices. By using our services, you can select all the features you’d like, and get them made-to-measure and in a range of colours and finishes. You’ll also work with a trusted local installer who’ll refurbish your conservatory as part of your quote, saving you time, stress and money.

    The Cost to Refurbish Your Conservatory in 2022

    The cost to refurbish your conservatory in 2022 can vary wildly, depending on how much you’d like to change. For example, a brand-new roof could cost you between £2500-5000, while adding windows and doors as well can raise the cost to £4500-7000. However, when you work with Conservatory Online Prices, you can compare the cost of various elements, so you stay on top of the price.

    The cost can also vary depending on the type of glazing you get. For higher-rated glass that saves more energy, you can expect to pay a premium. However, you can save more money by installing glass with A-C energy ratings. That’s why we ensure the installers in our network can supply this glazing to you so that you can get the best possible performance in your space.

    With Conservatory Online Prices, you can also save money. That’s because you can compare prices from multiple suppliers, meaning you’ll be able to get the right deal for you. That way, you can refurbish your conservatory with confidence in 2022, and make a long-term investment that sets your home up for the future.

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