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    Popular Conservatory Features







    Popular Conservatory Features

    The most popular conservatory features can also be some of the most affordable and effective. If you want to add one of these new spaces to your home, then investing in them could be a shrewd move.

    Conservatories are known for how they lose and gain heat quickly, making them challenging to use. While modern designs use advanced materials to reduce this risk, they don’t put a complete stop to some of these issues.

    Instead of investing a lot of money in expensive glazing and roofing, though, you can improve your new build in other areas. There are some popular conservatory features out there that you can add to your build without breaking the bank.

    You can fit features like these no matter what style you want for your new space as well. That way, you’ll have the flexibility to enhance your space without losing its looks.

    You could add climate control features that let you change the temperature in your space at will. Additionally, you could add brickwork for weather protection, doors for security, and new roofing for better lighting control.

    All these options help you do one thing that a conservatory should always do: improve your lifestyle. They’ll help you make your living space warmer, safer and more comfortable for years to come.

    Because of this, adding popular conservatory features like these can make a genuine difference to your build. You’ll even be able to save money over time with these additions. That’s because they can stop your conservatory losing and gaining heat, making you feel more comfortable in your own living space.

    As a result, you won’t have to rely on your central heating to stay warm, and you can save money on your energy bills.

    popular conservatory dwarf walls

    Conservatory Dwarf Walls

    A brilliant conservatory begins at the base. The base of the build makes a crucial difference in how your space will deal with water and maintain its strength. If you install your new build in your garden, then water can seep underneath the structure.

    Because of this, it can start to get through a weaker base, affecting the strength of the build. In some extreme cases, it can even collapse as the bottom begins to wear away and crack.

    A superb way of making sure this doesn’t happen is to add a dwarf wall. A dwarf wall is a small brickwork structure that goes around the base of your conservatory.

    These builds are often less than a metre in height but can serve to make your space far more resilient against bad weather. The brickwork is weatherproof, meaning rain can’t seep through and cause issues underneath you. Not only that, but you’ll lose less heat under your feet.

    When you invest in a conservatory, it might already come with a dwarf wall. But if it doesn’t, making sure your installer fits it along with the rest of the build will help your space perform brilliantly.

    Your dwarf wall won’t only make your conservatory warmer and protect it from the weather, but it’ll also improve the build’s strength. A dwarf wall will prevent any collapses for years to come, meaning you can enjoy your new conservatory for even longer.

    conservatory climate control

    Conservatory Climate Control

    Some of the most popular conservatory features can insulate your home more effectively. However, even the most advanced materials don’t stop losing energy from your living space completely.

    Some heat will always escape, and some cold air could still get through and replace it, especially in the depths of winter and at the height of summer. Because of this, it could be wise to invest in popular conservatory features that put you in control of the climate.

    These don’t have to be innovative and expensive systems, either. By adding openers to your glazing panels, you’ll be able to ventilate your space as you choose. Not only that, but you could add roofing vents which also allow hot air to escape the area, stopping heat from collecting.

    If you want climate control you can activate at the push of a button then you can invest in that too. Electronic ceiling fans and radiators are also superb options.

    For even more control of your home’s temperature, you could also select air conditioning and underfloor heating. Every one of these popular conservatory features helps you take more control of the heat inside your home.

    As a result, you can stop relying on your central heating to stay warm, and you can save money on energy bills every single day. Also, in the summer months, you’ll be able to cool your conservatory down with ease as well.

    popular conservatory doors

    Popular Conservatory Doors

    A popular reason why some people invest in conservatories is their bright features. Openness is crucial to making these builds stand out, and the doors you choose make a huge difference.

    Older models use doors made from plastic or timber that don’t have wide apertures. That not only means the doors can start to creak and rust after repeated uses, but they won’t be accessible. Not only that, but there’ll be less space for light and warmth to enter your home.

    You could invest in sliding doors which use full panels of double glazing and slimline frames. They operate on an in-line slider as well, which means they don’t take up any space from your build. You can push them to one side to make your garden incredibly accessible, and to ventilate your home with fresh air.

    For an even more stylish look, you could also get bi-fold doors for your build, in which panels fold in on each other for a unique opening.

    New doors won’t only open your home up to the outside world, either. These durable designs can also help you close your home off to intruders. Modern conservatory doors are exceptionally secure, and they use uPVC and aluminium frames to protect internal security hardware.

    You’ll get multi-point locking systems, anti-lifting tracks on sliding and bi-fold doors, and toughened glass. You can also add more locks to the design for added peace of mind.

    popular conservatory roof lanterns

    Conservatory Roof Lanterns

    New doors can open up your home and improve your lifestyle. However, doors don’t have as much of an effect on how your space uses energy.

    Because it comes into more direct contact with the sun than any other part of the design, your roof plays a crucial role in keeping your conservatory comfortable. Many builds come with a double glazing roof as standard. While these designs are bright though, they don’t offer the most insulation you get.

    But for the most insulation, you’ll have to invest in a solid or tiled roof which can block out an awful lot of sunlight. Because of this, finding a balance is the perfect solution.

    Roof lanterns provide that balance, with a durable roof that uses slate and concrete and a vaulted glass panel in the middle of the design. As a result, you’ll be able to insulate your home from cold air and even unwanted sounds, while you’ll get more concentrated light from overhead.

    With a roof lantern, you can also create a focal point in your conservatory. The design is truly stunning, drawing attention and eyes from everywhere. You could decide to style your interior around the build.

    Not only will it look fantastic, but it could even help you create more space, improving your lifestyle. Roof lanterns are perfect if you want to dine in your conservatory too, lighting up your dinner table with a gorgeous view.

    Popular Conservatory Feature Costs

    These popular conservatory features are worthwhile investments too. You could get a dwarf wall fitted as part of your design for as little as £360 with some suppliers. Also, sliding doors don’t have to cost more than £1000 if you have a smaller build, and adding openers to glazing sections could cost about £50 each.

    Because of this, you’ll be saving money on adding these features compared to more expensive designs.

    For example, bi-fold doors can cost double the price of sliding doors in some cases. Also, although a roof lantern can cost around £2500 to install in your home, a brand-new solid roof could cost up to £20000 in some cases.

    That means you’ll make massive initial savings. And, because you’ll get more lighting for your conservatory, you could even save money on your electricity bills over time, meaning you’ll save day-by-day.

    You can also save money on fitting these popular conservatory features. A national installer will take a long time to get to you and charge a premium for not only their travel but their services too. Instead, why not work with a local supplier to create your new conservatory?

    They’ll be able to complete your job more quickly, and you won’t have to pay as much. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can find specialists from your area, many of whom are members of bodies like Checkatrade and Which? too!

    popular conservatory features prices

    Popular Conservatory Prices

    For low prices on popular conservatory features, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices today.

    You can use our online conservatory cost calculator to pick every part of your new build. From the style to the size, the features to the finishes, you can customise and compare every aspect of your conservatory, so it suits your style and your budget.

    Then, we can give you an instant online quote for free, and refer you to specialists in your local area who can get the job done.

    For more information, contact Conservatory Online Prices today!

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