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    Orangeries For Bungalows

    Working with Conservatory Online Prices can help you invest in fantastic orangeries for bungalows. An orangery is a great way to expand your home’s space.

    It combines the light you’d find in a conservatory with brickwork walls, making it feel more like an extension. As a result, you can get the best elements of both in one outstanding build.

    These spaces have open floor plans that let you use the space for a variety of purposes, and they’ll allow vast amounts of natural light into your home as well.

    With an orangery, you can get a design that uses plenty of double glazing, but also brickwork. You’ll get a robust surrounding that can help protect your space from poor weather, and insulate it from sound as well.

    Bespoke Orangery

    Not only that, but the double glazing and brickwork will both help you preserve heat in your new space, keeping it comfortable all year round.

    Installing an orangery in a bungalow can be a valuable investment that improves your lifestyle. By working with Conservatory Online Prices, you can put yourself in the best position to get a space that performs for your home.

    You’ll be able to get in touch, through us, to local suppliers and installers who’ll be sure to give you a stunning new build that transforms your space.

    What Are The Benefits of Orangeries?

    Orangeries are a luxury addition to any home. A symbol of status in times gone by, these stunning designs still have a timeless quality to them that lifts your home.

    Orangeries are similar to conservatories, but they have some crucial differences. They use more brickwork, particularly in the base and floor, as well as a flat roof as opposed to a pitched one.

    While conservatories can feature more than 75% double glazing across their design, orangeries find more of a balance. You could get brickwork surroundings or slate and concrete for the build.

    That way, these designs are better at keeping your space warm and comfortable. You’ll get structures and glazing that have almost no gaps between them, stopping draughts.

    orangeriesOrangeries can also make your home safer. Because they use stronger materials, like brickwork, in their design, you’ll have a durable barrier that keeps intruders out.

    You can also add windows and doors to your orangeries that feature reinforced locks, and internal hardware. As a result, adding an orangery can give you more security and protect what matters most to you.

    Perhaps most crucially, orangeries can provide you with stunning natural light and warmth. In these designs, you can add double glazing sections in the walls and roofing, and you can choose windows and doors for the design too.

    That way, you can open up the whole space to the natural world, giving you beautiful views of your garden and more control over your home’s lighting.

    Why are Orangeries a Good Choice for Bungalows?

    Orangeries are a particularly good option for bungalows. With only one floor, space is at a premium in these homes.

    That’s why an orangery can help open them up, particularly if you feel like you and your family are outgrowing your current home. Not only that, but orangeries even increase the value of your home, saving you money in the long run.

    In warm weather, heat can collect in a bungalow, making it stuffy and uncomfortable. In an orangery, you can open up the windows and doors to provide fresh air from outside to ventilate your whole home.

    Thanks to their innovative design, they don’t just keep your home warm in cold weather, but ensure excess heat doesn’t enter the space. That way, it stays usable all year round.

    An orangery can also save you valuable time. If you’ve been thinking of moving house, or adding a house extension, these can be more expensive and take a longer time to complete.

    Rather than going through the hassle, you can get a bespoke space that performs brilliantly for your home for less cost. Also, orangeries feature durable materials that ensure the build will last for decades.

    Finally, orangeries usually use flat roofs as opposed to pitched ones. While this may seem like only a design feature, it can be a genuine help if you have a bungalow.

    Planning permission laws dictate that your orangery cannot be higher than the highest point of your home. If you live in a bungalow, this point can be lower, meaning a flat roof helps you get around the regulations.

    Do Orangeries Need Planning Permission?

    Orangeries can sometimes need planning permission. However, by checking the planning permission rules, you’ll find that getting around them when you install an orangery can be straightforward.

    Orangeries have the same planning permission rules as conservatories. That means that you’ll be able to get a more advanced space with no more hassle.

    You’ll be able to install an orangery within ‘permitted development’, which is the space around your home as it stood in 1948. Because of this, it’s wise to check if previous owners have extended your home, as this can affect your building limits.

    Some of the rules around planning permission for orangeries include:

    • The tallest point of your orangery must not be higher than that of your existing property
    • Your orangery cannot be larger than half the land around your home
    • Your orangery cannot be wider than 50% of your home if you install it on the side of your property

    The best way to beat planning permission, however, is to always check with a trusted specialist.

    You can get in contact with several local installers when you work with Conservatory Online Prices, meaning you’ll get information and advice where you need it. That way, you can save time, money and stress with an orangery that fits the rules.

    How Can I Customise Orangeries?

    When you get orangeries for bungalows, you can customise the spaces to suit your needs. For example, you could select windows for your new area that sit within your brickwork, providing light and warmth into your orangery.

    You could choose sliding sash windows that open upwards, or tilt & turn windows that open in a variety of ways, each giving you plenty of fresh air when open.

    Also, you can add connecting doors to your space, both to blend your home in with your orangery and to make your garden feel a bit closer.

    You can choose options that feature multiple panels of double glazing, like bi-fold doors. Or, you could choose French doors that open outwardly for a dramatic entrance.

    With a choice of uPVC and aluminium frames, these additions will help keep you warm too.

    You’ll be able to customise the roof of your new addition as well. Most orangeries come with a roof lantern, which is a solid roof that has a slightly vaulted glass panel that gives you a beautiful view of the sky above.

    You can add artificial lighting to the roofline, or even a speaker system, giving you control over your new space’s mood.

    The most crucial benefit perhaps of an orangery is that you can choose how you enhance your home with the design.

    If you want a bright and airy space for socialising and spending time with your family, then you can add glazing, windows and doors that let natural light through.

    If you want a more private space, you can add more brickwork and solid structures. With an orangery, the choice is in your hands.

    How Much Do Orangeries for Bungalows Cost?

    Orangeries for bungalows have a starting price of around £24,500. However, the cost of these builds can vary depending on how large you want the space to be, as well as the windows, doors and other features you decide to add to them.

    Other choices that have a significant bearing on the overall cost include the glazing you add, as well as the amount of brickwork you’d like.

    Orangeries can cost up to £88,200. However, you can find plenty of ways to keep the cost down when you work with Conservatory Online Prices.

    Rather than going direct to a supplier, which can take a lot of time and can lead to you paying a high price for poor service, you can get in touch with trusted suppliers.

    That way, you’ll get a better orangery at a deal that works for you.

    You can use our online orangeries cost calculator to add a stunning space that’s perfect for bungalows.

    You can choose the dimensions, as well as windows and doors and a range of colours and finishes to make your new addition unique. Then, you can get a free, no-obligation quote and get in touch with our network, who’ll ensure your new orangery gives you the best possible performance.

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