Do You Need Solar Control Glass For Your Conservatory?

Solar control glass could help you make your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer. Not only that, it’s a system that won’t take up any space. Solar control glass is an alternative glass option for your conservatory, which has a reflective coating on it. This coating can reduce solar gain, meaning less harmful light passes into your home.In a conservatory, getting the right temperature can be tricky. Older builds struggle badly with the greenhouse effect, while some new builds can still feel a little too cold in the winter. Some solutions, including blinds and new heating systems, can help. However, some heating solutions can be costly, and they might take up a lot of space.Solar control glass, however, won’t be a late addition. That’s because you can add it to your conservatory as you build it. Not only that, solar control glass is double glazed as standard, meaning you get all of the benefits of double glazing. As a result, you can reduce heat and solar gain, and you can reflect heat more effectively in the summer.

The benefits of solar control glass are obvious from the first day you install it. You won’t have to deal with harmful UV rays, meaning furniture and flooring is less likely to fade. During hot summer days, solar control glass reflects heat away from your home to stop your space from becoming stiflingly hot. And, in the cold, your new solar control glass will offer superb insulation, helping you use your conservatory without using your heating.

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Ways to Control Heat In Your Conservatory

In your conservatory, heat is crucial. That’s because, in the warm and cold months, these open designs can be susceptible to changes in temperature. While modern builds will have double glazing and durable profiles as standard, you might want a bit more insulation. However, most ways of adding it are either costly or take up a lot of space.

One example is blinds, which can go over the glass sections in your conservatory and act as another insulation layer. Blinds can be stylish, and they are fairly inexpensive. However, blinds only have limited effect, and some designs can wear down because of intense sunlight. Not only that, blinds can fold and crease when you open them, meaning they lose their looks quickly.

Another option is to add heating to your conservatory. You could connect it to your home’s heating system, but this would mean that your space would have to meet building regulations. As a result, many people choose to add independent heating systems. These could include wall-mounted radiators and portable electric heaters; however, they take up a lot of space and use up energy.

And, while a conservatory roof can make a big impact, the cost of durable roofs can set you back thousands of pounds. But what if there was a way to control the heat in your conservatory that was inexpensive, didn’t take up any space, and wouldn’t wear down for decades? Solar control glass is the answer to all of those problems.

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What is Solar Control Glass?

Solar control glass looks like normal double glazing from a distance. But you’ll notice that it has an intelligent coating on the top of the glass when you look closely. This coating can prevent solar gain, which is when intense sunlight passes into your conservatory. Because of this, solar control glass can reduce glare and harmful UV rays, making your conservatory far more comfortable.

Solar control glass must always be part of an insulated glass unit with double glazing or triple glazing and works as an additional layer of insulation to the design. As a result, you’ll still get the superb insulation of modern windows, but the solar control glass will make them even more effective. That means you could save more money on your energy bills over time.

When you invest in solar control glass, you can also determine how effective you want it. Most units have a measurement scale that allows you to see how much light transmission solar control glass and the unit’s G-factor. The most popular option is a 70/35 design, which means it allows for 70% light transmission and only allows 35% of the solar gain you would otherwise get in a normal window.

That means solar control glass can not only reflect light away from your home, but it can redirect heat as well. During the summer months, solar gain won’t cause your build to heat up, and solar control glass can reduce the winter’s greenhouse effect. Because of this, solar control glass can make your conservatory more usable all year round.

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Is Solar Control Glass Worth It?

Solar control glass could make a big difference to your home. By reducing the amount of solar gain inside your conservatory, you won’t have to deal with the greenhouse effect as much. With less intense light, your build will maintain a more consistent temperature without you having to use your central heating. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

Solar control glass is also much less expensive than other options to keep your space cool. While a conservatory roof can cost thousands, solar control glass comes at a cost you can control. And, with various options for the level of solar gain reduction you’d like, you can get the right option for your budget as well.

Solar control glass is becoming more and more popular because of how effective it can be. Because of this, some installers are starting to offer it as an option for new builds. However, finding the installers who’ll provide these high-quality designs for the right cost is tricky on your own. It can take days to search for several of them, and you’re never quite sure when you’re getting a good deal.

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Conservatories with Solar Control Glass Prices

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