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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Most Insulating Conservatory Roof

    Which is the most insulating conservatory roof? The roof of your build can play a crucial role in how your living space deals with heat, light, and so much more. When sunlight shines down on your conservatory, the place it’s most likely to come into contact with is the ceiling.

    Because of this, a cheap roof can lead to more issues with heat transfer. In many older builds, low-quality conservatory roofs are notorious for letting too much warmth into your home in summer, and too much cold in winter. As a result, it feels like you can never get comfortable in your conservatory.

    Therefore, you might not use the space as often as you’d like. If you have an old build in your home, then there’s a fair chance that that room is an afterthought in your home, used for storage or hanging out the washing. However, if that’s the case, then that can lead to even more problems.

    Over time, if you don’t use your conservatory, the air can stop circulating, and humidity and moisture can build up as well. When that happens, condensation has the conditions it needs to thrive. It can turn into a harmful mould that can damage the glass, frames and doors in your space.

    However, by replacing your ceiling with an insulating conservatory roof, you can reclaim the room. You could invest in a new roof that uses robust materials, is fully weatherproof, and has outstanding insulation. That way, your conservatory will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creating a comfortable space for you to enjoy far more often.

    Additionally, you’ll be in total control of the roof design. You can customise the design with partial glazing, lightweight tiles, unique features like roof lanterns or skylights, and bold colours too.

    insulating conservatory roof prices

    Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Insulation

    So, which is the most insulating conservatory roof for you? One thing that’s for sure is that it won’t be your old one. Conservatories, in the past, used polycarbonate in their roof design, or single-glazed glass. Because of this, an underperforming roof is likely to use one of these thin materials.

    If they do, then you’ll feel it after only a few years. Polycarbonate doesn’t offer a lot of protection against the weather outside. Because the material is thin, there’s less for the air to travel through, meaning more of it can affect your space more impactfully.

    Not only that, but polycarbonate can block out natural light. To protect from glare, sometimes the material is shaded. However, because of this, sunlight can’t travel into your living space, while cold temperatures can. As a result, your conservatory can grow colder and colder.

    And that’s before the material starts to wear down. Polycarbonate isn’t weather-resistant, meaning wind and rain can damage the roof over time. Water can wear away at the sealant in the roof panels, causing more heat loss, leaks, and even falling panels.

    Additionally, you might have a glass roof that only has single glazing. Single glazed glass is quite fragile and has similar problems to the polycarbonate roof as well. Heat can transfer through one pane of glass quite quickly, exposing you to whatever the temperatures are outside.

    Single-glazed glass is highly reflective as well. Sunlight can bounce around your living space, turning what should be a warm glow into a blinding shine. In the summer, it makes your living space uncomfortably hot, meaning you always have to rely on heating or air conditioning to use the room.

    insulating conservatory roof costs

    Glass Conservatory Roof Insulation

    Due to this, getting a replacement conservatory roof can make a massive difference to your home’s insulation. The first option, if you like the bright and airy feel of your current space, is to install a new glass roof. However, don’t be afraid – instead of thin single-glazing, you’ll be investing in a roof design with advanced double glazing.

    As a result, you’ll have two panes of glass instead of one, giving you double the protection against heat loss. Not only that, but you’ll still get as much natural light, all while the two panes help to reduce uncomfortable glare.

    A glass roof works by using two panes of glass to increase the space heat has to travel through. When hot or cold air comes into contact with the design, the first pane of glass weakens it, while a vacuum with argon gas traps the air inside the panels. As a result, you can use this barrier not only to keep the cold out of your home, but to keep your home’s natural energy inside.

    By doing this, you can make a transformational difference in how you use your conservatory. Double glazing can minimise your home’s heat transfer by up to a third!

    Glass, then, can create an insulating conservatory roof. Also, you’ll be able to give your wallet a little more protection as well. That’s because you won’t be dealing with rising energy costs. With a glass conservatory roof, there’ll be no need to rely on your central heating.

    Instead, you can heat your conservatory through natural light, and cool it through ventilation if you pick a design with opening sections. Because of this, you’ll use much less energy, helping you both save money on your energy bills and decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

    insulating replacement conservatory roof

    Solid Conservatory Roof Insulation

    However, could you get a more insulating conservatory roof? Double glazing, while it improves on old designs, still has some shortcomings. The glass doesn’t provide the insulation that the rest of your home will, and your conservatory can feel separate from your home as a result.

    Also, glass is still fragile, with the risk of cracking and breaking that can cause a total loss of insulation in an instant. However, for a higher price, you can invest in a replacement conservatory roof that uses robust materials.

    Solid roofs use a mixture of slate and concrete in their design. Because of this, they’re similar to the roofs you’ll find in your home, providing the same kind of protection from cold weather. These roofs come with full insulation, so you won’t have to suffer from the effects of heat transfer.

    Additionally, these materials don’t suffer from damage in high winds or heavy rain. Water won’t be able to seep through the design, and it won’t weaken over time either. Many solid roofs have aluminium reinforcement too, which only improves their strength and durability.

    Solid roofs are fully customisable as well. That way, you can create an insulating conservatory roof that suits all of your other needs as well. If you’d like more lighting in your living space, you can leave some sections with double glazing, giving you more control of where light strikes your home.

    Not only that, but you can place furniture underneath shaded parts to protect them from any harm from UV rays. Finally, you can add a dining table underneath your new solid roof, and add a roof lantern over it, to make every mealtime a memorable one.

    insulating conservatory roof prices

    Tiled Conservatory Roof Insulation

    The insulating potential of a tiled conservatory roof is equal to the solid design. However, you’ll get a classic roof with timeless appeal for your home, while still getting the cutting-edge performance you need. Tiled roofs use hundreds of small, lightweight tiles.

    These fit together with a water-tight design, that still leaves small gaps for air to circulate through your home. The benefit of tiles is that they can suit more traditional homes seamlessly, especially rural properties. You can get tiles in classic finishes too, such as terra cotta, to complete an authentic look for your home.

    Tiled roofs don’t leave any gaps for the cold to enter your home. You’ll get total protection from poor weather as well, as each tile is highly durable. Because of all this, you’ll get an insulating conservatory roof that you can rely on for decades to come.

    If you’re looking for a replacement option, then the best performance you can get is from a solid or tiled roof. However, these roofs can cost double the price of a glass design, which starts at £4740 for a Victorian build. Therefore, the most insulating conservatory roof might not be the best design for your budget.

    Insulating Conservatory Roof Prices

    If you want an insulating conservatory roof for your home, then the cost can seem high. However, with Conservatory Online Prices, you could save hundreds on your new roof. Instead of searching for a supplier on your own, you can use us to get in touch with trusted local companies right on your doorstep.

    These trusted installers won’t charge premiums or high travel costs, they can get out to your home more quickly, and they can offer a friendly, personalised service. Not only that, but many of these installers have Checkatrade and Which? membership!

    It’s easy to find out how much you could save on an insulating conservatory roof. Use our online quote builder today, and you can find prices for any roof design you can create. When you have a unique, custom roof that suits your home precisely, we can turn the design into a baseline quote, and refer you to our network.

    Find out more by asking us anything with our online contact form, or call us on 0800 124 4307 today to speak to our friendly team!

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