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Modern Conservatories

Modern conservatories make a great addition to your house. They are a wonderful way of adding extra living space, and letting in more light.

Adding a conservatory to your house can also add up to 10% to its value, which makes it a sound monetary investment as well.


There is the question of which of the modern conservatories you should go for and what should you spend on installing it?

The good news is:

Modern conservatories come in a variety of styles and material options. You can choose from the one that suits you best. There is an equal range of prices that you can select from as well.

The thing is, you don’t want to be giving your money away for the cheapest of the modern conservatories you could find. It also does not mean you should go for the most expensive option you can afford.

Given the range of options modern conservatories have, you need to spend a little time and thought in picking the one that fulfils your needs perfectly. After all, you are going to have this extension as a part of your home for many years!

So, this brings us to the question: Which of the multiple modern conservatories is ideal for you in terms of price and style? Since one of the factors that affects the price of the modern conservatories is the style, let’s see what they are.


What Are The Styles Available In Modern Conservatories?

There is no end to the amount of customisation you can get in your conservatory design. It’s a structure that, like any other structure, can be built exactly the way you want. The only problem is that the more you improvise with the style, the more your cost goes up.

It’s always a good idea to start with the basics, and this is why we want to introduce you to modern conservatories by listing the popular styles they come in.

Why Should You Choose Lean-To Modern Conservatories?

These are the most basic of all the modern conservatories available. A lean-to is a simple rectangle with three sides, and its fourth side is made up of the wall of the house. It has a roof with a gentle slope that can be made of polycarbonate, glazed glass, or even a solid tiled roof.

Modern conservatories are regulated by building laws, and the guidelines say that the roof of the conservatory cannot be higher than the original roof of the house. Because of its low pitched roof, this simple, yet elegant, structure is ideal for houses restricted by height.

Its simple, unobtrusive shape also makes it ideal for awkward spaces, like those you might get in bungalows or terraced properties. It also fits in nicely as an extra room that lets in light and overlooks your beautiful garden.

modern lean-to conservatory

Modern Conservatories: A Fantastic Choice

The square shape makes it easy to furnish so you can use it as a living room, lounge, or even a greenhouse if that’s what you want. As we said, this is the most versatile of modern conservatories.

The best part is, because it is such a simple design, it also is the cheapest design of all modern conservatories. The base work required for it is uncomplicated, leading to lower labour costs.

Tradition conservatory design includes a dwarf wall on which the frames sit. It is simply a brick wall that is not very high. It makes the conservatory more energy efficient and private, and also prevents unsightly mud splashes on the glass when it rains.

Don’t like that look? No problem!

Modern conservatories can be made without the dwarf walls, thus letting in more light. Though not as private, it creates a brighter, cheerier living area. You can even solve the rain splash issue with a 6cm brick skirting in stead of a wall.

The lean-to conservatory also allows customisation for the roof. You can opt for a polycarbonate roof which is the cheapest in terms of cost. However, this is not a great economical choice in the long run. It loses heat rapidly, making your energy bills high. It is also poor at insulating sound which means your conservatory will be noisy when it rains.

All modern conservatories should at least have double glazed glass roofs. These provide insulation without cutting out the light. You can even get a solid roof for your conservatory, which will give you the maximum insulation. However, you might want to also install a lantern window so you don’t lose out on all the light!

Having a room that is surrounded by glass on all sides must have ventilation or the room will become unbearable in summer. To remedy this, you can get ventilation vents installed in the roof. These can be manual or electronically operated.

Modern conservatories have the advantage of being just as suitable for winter as they are for summer with features like double glazing and floor heating. As you can see, the lean-to style offers you so much choice!

However, you might want a specific look, which brings us to our next style – The Victorian style conservatory.

What Makes The Victorian Modern Conservatories So Attractive?

Inspired by Victorian architecture, this conservatory style adds a great period styling to any home. Characterised by a rectangle shape that ends in a three or five faceted bay window, it makes for a quirky little room with a sunny nook.

It is important to note that while the style may be Victorian, it is one of the popular modern conservatories. This is because of the timelessness of the design, and the fact that a few minor alterations can make it look as modern as your home!

Modern Victorian Conservatory

As with the lean-to style, you can make the Victorian conservatory join the ranks of modern conservatories by removing the dwarf wall. Full glass sides make it look more contemporary and brings in more light.

A clean design with simple lines can also add to the modern look. Modern conservatories in the Victorian style can benefit from aluminium frames which give them a more minimalist look.

Another great feature could be bi-folding doors. These doors fold open into a neat stack in concertina folds, creating a wider opening that is framed beautifully. Another popular door choice for modern conservatories in the Victorian style are the French doors.

The Victorian conservatory lends itself beautifully to combined designs. You can combine the lean-to and the Victorian conservatories to form a P-shaped living area. This creates two distinct areas that can be partitioned off or combined to form an interesting room.

The shape of the Victorian conservatory obviously means that the roof cannot be as simple and straightforward as the lean-to roof. However, if you must have a cheaper option, you can always go for a polycarbonate roof.

As with the lean-to conservatory, and all modern conservatories, this style too needs roof vents for ventilation. Also, floor heating is also available for it.

The Victorian styled modern conservatories tend to be much higher in price than the others because the base work needs to accommodate the multiple facets it has.

Add to that the extra design features, expensive doors and material, and your choice of roof material, and it can end up becoming quite pricey.

What Is An Edwardian Conservatory And Why Should You Get It?

This is another of the modern conservatories that has been inspired by a historical architectural style. The Edwardian conservatory is square or rectangular, like the lean-to. However, it does not have the plain single sloped roof.

The roof of the Edwardian conservatory can be pitched as high or low as you want, and as the design of your house permits!

Because it does not have the multiple facets that a Victorian conservatory has, it gives a cleaner look. Another great feature it offers is a large floor area. If you want a large extension to your house that gives you a great indoor – outdoor experience, this might be the style for you.

Modern Edwardian Conservatory

A double glazed roof and sides give it the insulation your conservatory needs. You can choose to go for a tiles roof as well, to create a warm and well-lit room. Along with heated flooring, you do not need to worry about the weather to enjoy this beautiful additional space.

Again, if you prefer the look of the modern conservatories, you can opt for full glass sides. This elegant modern conservatory style is great for large, sunny rooms. However, this charming conservatory style looks just as good with or without the dwarf walls.

Another great modern touch to this classic style is using bi-folding doors. These doors fold open and you can end up with an opening that is almost the length of the wall.

Because it is such a simple shape, the Edwardian conservatory can have many variations. For example, it can very easily be combined to form an L-shaped or P-shaped composite.

To get this shape, you combine the lean-to and the Edwardian conservatories. These two modern conservatories wrap around your house to form two separate living areas.

The best part is that because they do not need to extend too far out, you get a bigger space without eating up your garden space.

Its roof also makes it suitable for adding to bungalows. While it may seem nearly impossible for any modern conservatories to fit in well with the fascia of bungalow roofs, it is possible to achieve this with Edwardian conservatories using a hipped roof.

For a dramatic effect unique to modern conservatories, you can go for a gable front Edwardian conservatory. Give your gable roof a base of double French doors and make the whole thing even more dramatic with a starburst configuration within the glass or the framework!

As you can see, the Edwardian conservatory can be one of the most dramatic of the modern conservatories if you have the budget for it. However, since the base work is simpler than the Victorian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories tend to be cheaper. These modern conservatories will be affected by your choice of material and doors though, so choose carefully!

Why Should You Choose The Gable Conservatory?

The Gable conservatory is different from the other modern conservatories mainly because of its roof. Inspired by Georgian architecture, the roof of a Gable conservatory is made of two opposing slopes that meet at their highest points in the middle.

This gives this modern conservatory a triangular front that is used as a decorative canvas by many. A popular design to fill this space up is the sunburst, where triangular frames create the effect of the sun’s rays.

modern gable conservatory

Since these modern conservatories styles rely on their roof for their dramatic effect, you need to consider it carefully.

Polycarbonate roofs are, of course, the cheapest, but we don’t recommend it unless you are severely restricted by your budget. They are not energy efficient and do not insulate against sounds.

They also degrade over years, and need regular replacing.

Glass roofs, on the other hand, look beautiful and if double-glazed, provide excellent insulation as well. If you think glass will make your conservatory too bright, you have the option of using tinted glass.

Another energy efficient option for modern conservatories is the solid roof. Although the most expensive, they provide the most insulation. However, their main disadvantage is that they block sunlight.

One of the best things about the Gable conservatory is the fact that since it is defined by its roof, you can change the roof of a lean-to a Gable without needing a new conservatory installed.

You can change the roof of your conservatory within £2400 to £5600, depending on what material you use and the size. The roof replacement takes just 2 days, unless you encounter unusual and unexpected problems.

The thing is:

You cannot just change any roof to a Gable roof. Your conservatory will have to be assessed to see if it can take the new roof. The foundation needs to be strong enough to bear the weight.

Also, modern conservatories are subject to building regulations. You might need to check the current regulations to see if there is insufficient double glazing on the roof.

The Gable style is one of the classiest looks the modern conservatories can offer. You can get it in colours and finishes that match or complement your house.

Modern Conservatories: How Do You Decide Which One To Pick?

To decide which of the modern conservatories you should get for your home, you need to assess the size you can get and the design that will look best on your house.

Once you have a general idea, you need to get a surveyor who can assess your property and its foundation. He will also do a thorough check of the site where you want to put your conservatory.

His inputs might necessitate changes in what you want. Once you know exactly what you want and what you can have, you can start shopping for the modern conservatory of your choice.

You will want to get quotes from at least three sources. We recommend staying under your budget as there can be unexpected expenses once the work starts.

However, once you are through, you will have a beautiful little space added to your house. Modern conservatories can give you a great deal of enjoyment for years to come!
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