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What is the Lantern Roof and how much does it cost?

A lantern roof oozes modern charm, creating a focal point in your ceiling that is going to help focus the natural light allowance coming into your home.

What is a Lantern Roof?

A lantern roof is otherwise known as a rooflight, or a roof lantern. It is an area of glass that is fitted into the ceiling to create an opening for views and natural light to come through. They are a modern alternative that offers the best in solid and glass roof features.

A lantern roof is available in either an aluminium or uPVC variant, both of which will offer their own benefits when it comes to style and design. Alongside this, each of these materials could also end up offering you a different price at the end.

To make them a worthwhile investment for your home, it also able to be fitted in a wide range of sizes. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy greater freedom when it comes to getting the right fit for your property.

The modern lantern roof is made bespoke to your specifications, which means that communication with your installer of choice is essential to ensuring you get what you’re after. This is also a great way to discuss aesthetic options too.

How Much Does a Lantern Roof Cost?

Roughly speaking, a lantern roof is going to cost you from around £2,000 to around £6,000. However, it’s important to note that these are simply guide prices and your final cost is going to depend on a few different factors. This includes the size, material, installer you choose, and area of the country that you live in.

A lantern roof is able to boast an impressive degree of versatility. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to get something that truly reflects your tastes. However, it also means that there are more moving parts when it comes to determining a final price. In short, the more options you go for the more you could end up paying as a result.

No matter what you opt for, finding a roof lantern to suit your home has never been easier.

We know that a wide range of customisation options could also lead you to think that you may be missing out on something, especially if you go for a cheaper option. However, we’re here to let you know that this isn’t the case. Even the most ‘standard’ roof lantern is going to boast an impressive degree of performance and design for you to make the most of!

Whatever lantern roof you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic budget to quality ratio. With this in mind, we can offer you a guide price through our lantern roof cost calculator. Through this, you’ll be able to get a gauge on how much you’ll be paying. From here, we can also put you in touch with three of your local installers to ensure you get an exceptional service.

Our roof lantern cost calculator will give you an instant quote that has been based on your exact specifications. Not only does this make things as cost-effective as possible for you, it also means that you’ll have an accurate frame of reference to take to your installer of choice. This way, you’ll be able to start off on the right foot.

You can also find out more on lantern roof prices through our handy price guides through this article. This way, you’ll be able to see at a glance how much you could be expected to pay for the roof lantern specification that you choose.

Roof Lantern Prices

What Types of Lantern Roofs Are There?

Lantern roofs are available in either a uPVC or aluminium variant, with a selection of designs available through each material. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with a wider range of choice options. Whether your home is modern, traditional, period, or heritage, you’ll eb able to find something that perfectly suits what you’re looking for. Simply speak to your installer of choice to see what roof lantern options they have to offer you.

uPVC lantern roofs are a cost-effective way for you to bring a modern feel to your home. The uPVC material has come leaps and bounds since its popularity was sparked in the eighties. Nowadays, uPVC is the go to material for many installers who are looking to achieve an exceptional product that doesn’t cost an extortionate amount. Further to this, due to the inherent qualities of the materials, uPVC is incredibly low maintenance by design.

Aluminium roof lanterns capture the true essence of modern appeal, with the material boasting an inherent structural integrity that enables it to be fitted in an incredibly slimline way. In turn, this makes way for more glazing as a result. An aluminium roof lantern offers you a brighter, spacious addition that achieves sleekness without a compromise to the performance or longevity of the roofline product itself.

Bespoke Orangery

Roof Lantern Installation

There are several stages involved in the roof lantern installation process, which are usually as follows:

Quotation – Every roof lantern installation begins with a quotation, which we can help you with through our roof lantern cost calculator. Once you gone through this simple, free, and easy to use step by step process we can then put you touch with three of your local installers!

Design Process – Once you’ve chosen which installer to use, you can then reach out to them. From here, you’ll provide your installer with the quotation and specification so they can offer you a preview of your roof lantern before it materialises.

Technical Survey – When you’re happy with how your roof lantern will turn out, the next step is for a fully qualified surveyor to visit your property to take the required measurements. Once they have this information, it will then be passed on to your installer of choice to get things moving.

Plans – Next comes the planning phase, which draws upon the specifications detailed by the surveyor at hand. Once these have been put in place, the build and installation of your roof lantern can then start!

Fitting – Now that they have the green light, your installer will be able to start bringing your dream roof to life. Rest assured that we’ll only put you in touch with the highest quality installers so you’ll be able to enjoy the very best standards across the board.

Completion – It’s all done! After a smooth installation process, now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy all the benefits that your new roof lantern will be able to bring you. Alongside this, don’t forget to pick up your guarantee from your installer for your peace of mind.

Finding an Accredited Roof Lantern Installer

We know that the prospect of finding the right roof lantern installer for your home could be an intimidating process. Fortunately, you have us on your side to help you avoid any horror stories that you may have heard of. Alongside this, many installers now sign themselves up to an accreditation or scheme to offer peace of mind to customers.

The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS)

An example of one of these schemes is The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS). This scheme has been initiated to act as a mediator between you and an accredited member. This means that if you find yourself in an unlikely dispute with one of them, the DGCOS will be there to ensure everything is handled in a professional manner. They are the only company of this type to be working in the industry, and all members have to go through a comprehensive twelve step process to become part of the scheme.

If you have paid a deposit to a DGCOS registered installer, you’ll be able to rest in the peace of mind that your deposit will be protected by the DGCOS. This means that if your installer happens to go out of business while they are fitting your roof lantern, you won’t find that your are out of pocket in the end.

The DGCOS does not charge homeowners in the event that mediation is necessary. It promises to:

Help fully resolve any issues free of charge;

Provide inspections (also at no cost) to help with product or installation issues (although this is not guaranteed and is at their discretion);

Help homeowners to resolve any disputes without any need for them to incur legal costs;

Provide access to a fund that can be used for compensation, thereby ensuring homeowners aren’t left worse off.

Roof lantern installers must also prove their competence over time. That is to say, they are rigorously re-assessed to prove they are just as competent and reliable as when they first joined the DGCOS.

Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme

The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme is recognised as a Competent Person Scheme (or CPS). This means that it is a governing body that is responsible for regulating double glazing companies. Much like the DGCOS process, installer have to apply to FENSA in order to receive their certification. To this, they must prove that they operate in full compliance with all current building regulation standards. If you are investing in a FENSA registered installer for your roof lantern installation then can rest assured that you’ll be getting exceptional standards.

If you would like to check if your installer of choice is part of the FENSA scheme, it is easy for you to do so. All you have to do is use FENSA’s online search tool to find them. You can do this by name, location, or through their FENSA company number if you know it.

Online Conservatory Prices – Our Role

We know that the roof lantern installers we put you in touch with have been accredited to ensure they reach leading standards. However, we can’t say for sure which exact accreditations each one of our installers have. With this in mind, we recommend that you run a check yourself by visiting their website or by getting in touch with them to see what they can offer you.


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