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Lantern Roof Conservatories

A lantern roof conservatory brings style and character to your home, along with enhanced natural light.

What Is A Lantern Roof Conservatory

A lantern roof conservatory is a stylish option for conservatory roofs that adds depth to your home with a feature that immediately stands out. Whether you have a full glass conservatory or a bricked house extension, a lantern conservatory roof ensures natural light enters the space in the way you want it to.

Lantern roof conservatories are available in a number of materials to suit your preference and budget. Your lantern roof conservatory cost will be determined by the material you choose, the size of the lantern roof, and the finish you want.

While uPVC roof lanterns are a budget-friendly option, aluminium frames have the edge in both security and allowing more light in thanks to their slender frames. When deciding which option to go for, it’s important to think about the style and shape your lantern conservatory roof to make sure you get the right balance.

Lantern Conservatory Roof Designs

There are a range of lantern conservatory roof designs to choose from, which makes it easy to find a style that compliments your home or adds an eye-catching feature to anyone who sees it.

A lantern roof conservatory can be chosen for both traditional and modern aesthetics, making them a great option for any home. The finishes and features of lantern roofs can be designed in such a way to make sure they match the style of your home while adding something new. This helps add to the value of the property, and appeals to prospective buyers when it’s time to sell up.

Some lantern conservatory roof styles include:

Flat Lantern Roof Conservatory

A flat lantern conservatory roof is perfect for many small conservatories. This style has a slightly raised glass area to allow light in but keeps the whole of the roof as flat as possible. This is perfect for low buildings, bungalows, and structures in conservation areas.

Depending on the size of your conservatory, a small, square-shaped rooflight might be better than a longer, rectangular option. For this style, aluminium is often the better material for your conservatory with a lantern roof to let in as much light as possible.

Square Conservatory With Lantern Roof

If space is limited, you may have to be conservative in your choice of lantern conservatory roof. As a result, you might end up settling on a square lantern roof. This will break up an otherwise drab looking roof area and bring in plenty of natural light to make the conservatory or extension as inviting as possible.

You could use this style to create a segue between two spaces; square lantern roofs can be used to emphasise transitional spaces, which could be where your kitchen and conservatory meet, for example.

Rectangular Lantern Roof Conservatory

A rectangular lantern conservatory roof is normally sited centrally and in such a way that draws attention to a particular part of the room. For example, if you’re installing an L-shaped conservatory, you might have decided to create a narrow dining room area, above which could be your rectangular lantern roof.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement conservatory roof – or building from scratch – a rectangular conservatory lantern roof is a great design that will add plenty of light to your home, as well as adding a stunning feature for all to see.

Double Hipped Lantern Roof Conservatory With Upstands

A double hipped lantern roof conservatory is a perfect option for conventional properties. It’s built on upstands, and gives your conservatory roof an elevated appearance that makes it more impressive to look at. This makes a bigger impact with larger extensions, so you can make use of the extra space.

Your conservatory lantern roof can be built without upstands. This may be something to consider if you have a one-storey building where the height of your lantern roof is likely to exceed that of your property, such as with bungalows.

Options For Your Lantern Conservatory Roof

Choosing the right material for your conservatory with a lantern roof is an important decision. Not only will this choice affect the lantern roof conservatory cost, but it will determine how much maintenance the lantern roof needs and how much natural light gets into the extensions.

There are other factors to consider, too, such as how any windows or openings might function. Depending on the style and height of your conservatory lantern roof, you’ll need to think about how practical it will be to use.

uPVC Lantern Roofs

uPVC lantern conservatory roofs are a cost-effective option for a smart finish. They last for a long time and require very little maintenance and care, which is good as a conservatory or extension roof is not the easiest place to reach and clean.

While uPVC is available in different colours and finishes, it may not look as good as other materials, so this is something to keep in mind when making your choice.

Timber Lantern Roofs

Timber conservatory lantern roofs are normally built with hardwood, which is hard-wearing  to withstand whatever the weather throws at it. If you already use wooden frames in your property, you’ll probably want to continue this theme when building your extension to make sure everything matches.

While a timber lantern conservatory roof will look fantastic, it is more affected by the weather than other materials. Without the right care and maintenance, the wood will warp and rot, which could bring leaks and damage to your extension.

Aluminium Lantern Roofs

A conservatory with a lantern roof made of aluminium is often the best option, being more affordable than timber roofs as well as longer lasting and more secure than uPVC options. Even better is that aluminium frames are slimmer, meaning you get more natural light than other materials for the same size of glassed area.

Aluminium roofs weigh less, too, meaning there’s less weight and strain on your extension. For new extensions, choosing an aluminium lantern conservatory roof will most likely lock you into that choice if you ever need a replacement, while in most cases this is the best replacement material for existing structures. As an added bonus, aluminium also lasts longer than both uPVC and timber roofs.

Hinged Opening Rooflights

Conservatories across the UK use hinged opening rooflights. They can be operated manually or electronically:

  • An electronically hinged rooflight is operated by way of a manually operated switch and can be opened to between 40cm and 60cm
  • A winding rod is used to manually open and close your roof lantern’s hinge. It does not open as far as the electronic version, but still manages a respectable 30cm.

Trickle Vents

Your lantern roof conservatory can be fitted with two types of trickle vent: controllable or permanent. The latter of these is a permanent, weatherproof vent that is built around the rooflight’s perimeter (between 5mm and 10mm). The former can be controlled by manipulating a vent that sits adjacent to the lantern roof’s upstands.

Building Regulations For Lantern Roof Conservatories

In most cases, conservatories with lantern roofs are covered under Permitted Developments, which means you don’t need planning permission in most cases. You should be aware of the following, though:

  • Your conservatory roof lantern or skylight cannot extend any higher than 15cm from the plane of your roof
  • Should you opt for any side windows, then you’ll need to ensure they are obscure glazed; this means that one side will have conventional double glazing and the other will be frosted
  • The peak of your roof lantern should never extend any higher than the topmost part of your property’s roof.

A bigger aspect, especially for conservatories or extensions that already exist, are Building Regulations. Unless you are replacing a conservatory lantern roof with an exact replica, you are changing the structure and that means checks have to be made to make sure it is in line with regulations and won’t cause damage to the extension (by using a heavier roof than it had been built with originally, for example).

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