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    Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

    There are plenty of ways you can make your conservatory warm this winter. With the colder months starting to draw near, it could be the right time to start planning for winter in your home.

    If you have a conservatory which has been there for some time, then you might already be dreading the cold. That’s because builds like these are notorious for having poor heat transfer. You might have a freezing floor under your feet, thin roofing that lets the cold in above you, or single-glazed glass across the design with poor insulation.

    As a result, you always know when winter arrives. When it happens, your conservatory turns from a warm social space into a forgotten afterthought in your home. You won’t be able to use it for much more than storage, and it can develop even more problems during the winter.

    As it’ll be colder, condensation is more likely to build up, and debris from storms can get lodged in the guttering as well. Not only that, but you’ll be losing a room of your home for months. Fortunately, though, there’s another way for your conservatory this winter.

    You don’t have to get a new build to modernise your old one. Instead, you can replace parts of the design to make it perform a little better. For example, you can get a brand-new floor or fit a dwarf wall to stop heat from escaping below you. Alternatively, replacement roofs give you the chance to get solid and tiled designs that give you the same insulation you get in your home.

    And, with brand-new glazing and doors, you can put multiple panes of glass in between cold weather and your living space. Keep your conservatory warm this winter, and save money with Conservatory Online Prices too!

    keep your conservatory warm this winter

    Warm Conservatory Flooring

    A warm conservatory keeps its heat from the ground up. As a result, getting new conservatory flooring for your space can stop a lot of your home’s warmth escaping. If your build doesn’t have a dwarf wall, then you can fit one of these, as well as brand-new flooring.

    You might have carpet flooring in your current space, but this doesn’t have a lot of density, and dirt can collect in it quickly. Instead of that, you could choose laminated wooden flooring which uses a sturdy timber floor and a protective coating to prevent damage. That way, dirt will collect on the laminate for easy cleaning, and heat won’t get through the dense structure.

    For an even warmer conservatory, you could invest in underfloor heating. You’ll be able to place a heating system that connects to your central one to make the floor of your build warm and inviting. However, underfloor heating can be costly, and it could end up raising your energy bills too.

    With a dwarf wall and new flooring, you can capture heat more naturally, and the savings you’ll make on bills can start to pay back the cost of your investment. You could always install a portable heater during winter as a low-cost solution, but it’ll only be a temporary fix by comparison.

    Warm Conservatory Glazing

    In your conservatory now, you might have single-glazed glass across the design. Glass like this is thin, and becoming increasingly outdated. That’s because cold air can travel through it quickly, as the glazing doesn’t offer a lot of resistance. Additionally, single-glazed glass is more prone to condensation, water ingress, and mould.

    You might even have to deal with a break in extreme cases, as pressures from inside and outside collide. At that point, a stress or pressure crack can emerge, necessitating costly repairs.

    To avoid this, you can replace the glass throughout your build with double glazing. With two panes of glass, you’ll get double the insulation and weather protection. Not only that, but the glazing is more sturdy, meaning it’s less likely to suffer a stress break and it can withstand more substantial impacts.

    With multi-point locking systems in each panel, modern glass can also make your conservatory a little safer this winter. Not only that, but you can reduce your energy loss by up to 34%, making your conservatory far more usable.

    conservatory in winter

    Warm Conservatory Roofing

    If your conservatory gets cold in winter, then the most common cause is the roof. Because it comes into more contact with the sun than any other part of the build, its more prone to heat transfer. In your older build, then you might have a polycarbonate roof.

    This material has poor insulation, blocks out natural light, and wears down after only a few years. However, with a new roof, you can choose from double glazing, lightweight tiles or a solid design with slate and concrete. All of these offer more privacy, lighting control, and outstanding insulation to boot.

    Glass roofs give you outstanding natural light, but the two panes of glass provide your conservatory with a thermal barrier. Alternatively, solid and tiled roofs offer performance that you’re more likely to feel inside your living room.

    The tiles are available in classic finishes, including terra cotta, to give your old conservatory traditional appeal, while the sleek solid design blends seamlessly with your existing home. No matter the look you’d like, you’ll get brilliant insulation that helps you save money on energy bills. You can customise both roofs with glazing sections and roof lanterns as well!

    Warm Conservatory Doors

    You might not think your doors help to create a warm conservatory. However, older designs don’t offer as much insulation as you’d like. For example, you may have aged, creaking doors which use single glazing, or even timber frames. Designs like these aren’t weather-resistant, which means the structure might be fading, rusting and cracking.

    Not only that, but that means the internal hinges and locks could rust as well, meaning your door offers less protection for your home. However, if your door looks like that, replacing it can bring warmth back to your build.

    There are a wide range of innovative door designs to choose from, all of which use advanced materials to insulate your space. For example, French doors come with double glazing and the choice of uPVC and aluminium frames.

    Both options are weatherproof, don’t require regular maintenance, and keep their vibrant colours for decades, meaning you can style them with confidence. Also, you could choose sliding or bi-fold doors for your build, which function on an in-line slider and use full sections of glazing. That way, you’ll open your home up to nature without exposing you to the cold.

    Other Ways To Keep Your Conservatory Warm In Winter

    Sometimes, you don’t have the money spare to replace parts of your space. But, if you still desperately want a warm conservatory this winter, there are a few ways you can make it happen. Firstly, while it may seem obvious, filling the room with new furniture can help.

    Add blankets, cushions and anything fuzzy you own to sofas and chairs to create a cute space where you stand more chance of being cosy. In addition to that, you can invest in a small portable heater which you can keep in the corner of the room, letting heat flow through slowly.

    Another cause of your conservatory getting cold could be poor air circulation. However, opening parts of the build only makes the cold get worse. Instead of that, though, you can invest in trickle vents for the glass, which helps keep it open slightly even when the openers are locked.

    These vents are water-tight so that you won’t let too much air through. Alternatively, moisture and condensation may be causing issues. To prevent this, clear the condensation with a hairdryer, and invest in small silicon tubes that can draw out moisture from within the glass or roof.

    warm conservatory prices

    Warm Conservatory Prices

    If you want a warm conservatory, though, you don’t have to spend as much as you might think. If you search for an installer on your own for replacement parts, the prices can seem sky-high and way over your budget.

    However, that’s because most major brands, and some shady local businesses, will look to charge way over what they should be, and pressure you into taking the offer. That’s why Conservatory Online Prices exists. We save you from making a bad investment by making sure you get in touch with trusted local companies in your area to create a warm conservatory.

    All you have to do to find stunningly low prices for warm conservatory flooring, glazing, doors and roofs in your area is use our online quote builder today! With this interactive tool, you can search through any replacement part for your build you can imagine, and customise it with unique colours, accessories and more.

    Once you have the bespoke replacement option you’d like, we can provide an instant quote for the design. After that, we put you in touch with our network, where you can negotiate with local companies, many of whom are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders!

    If you’d like to create a warm conservatory with us, you can get in contact with the team too! Just fill in our online contact form or give us a call on 0800 124 4307, and we’ll be here to talk it through with you.

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