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    Is a Conservatory The Best Use Of Your Space?







    Is a Conservatory The Best Use Of Your Space?

    Is a conservatory the best use of your space? If the answer is no, then you could save a lot of money. Installing a conservatory makes a lot of sense in many homes.

    If you don’t have a lot of space, then one of these designs can expand your home and brighten your living area too. But a conservatory is an entirely new build, meaning you’ll have to invest in groundwork, base work, and an installation process that can take weeks.

    Instead, your home could already have the answer. While you may feel that you and your family need more living space, you may not be getting the potential out of other areas of your home.

    Many of us have garages, lofts and basements that we barely ever use. We can forget these spaces every day, using them for storage, once in a while or not at all. But these builds are often expansive spaces that could make your home feel less cramped.

    But you don’t have to leave them that way. You could turn your garage into a spacious, bright and open extension to your home that you can link to your living space with a walkway. You could light up a loft with new windows, roofline and insulation to make it a fresh, warm space upstairs. And, finally, your basement could become a home office, study or something else entirely.

    And you won’t have to spend as much money by converting these spaces. If you want as much space for your home in a new conservatory, you could end up spending tens of thousands of pounds. Instead, you could get a garage conversion for under £10,000.

    Not only that, but these buildings use more robust materials than a conservatory, meaning they can perform better for your home too.

    Is a Conservatory The Best Use Of My Space?

    Making the best use of your space allows you to do more with the home you have. And, if you live in an older home with thin windows and not a lot of light, a conservatory might be the ideal choice.

    By adding a conservatory, you’ll be able to add a bright and airy space that opens up the rest of your home. Not only that, but modern designs don’t have the same issues old ones are famous for having.

    Newer conservatories use advanced materials, like double glazing and solid roofing, to trap more heat inside your home. You’ll get more insulation, meaning that both hot and cold air from outside will affect your space less.

    Also, modern designs are fully weatherproof, and self-cleaning glass can even break dirt down for you. All that massively improves the room’s lifespan and their efficiency can also help you save money on energy bills.

    But conservatories may not be the best use of your space. If you have any rooms going unused in your home, they could be a better option to convert or even expand. That’s because builds like conservatories don’t connect to your home as seamlessly.

    Not only that, but their temperature can still fluctuate with the weather, affecting your comfort. Also, a new conservatory can easily cost £10,000 or more, making them an expensive investment.


    Could a Garage Conversion Be The Best Use Of Your Space?

    Converting your garage could be much cheaper. If you already have a garage, then you might not be using it to its full potential. While you may park your car in it for the night, you probably don’t use it for anything else.

    But you could get a garage conversion that completely revitalises the space. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using a space like this. You could create a room you can fulfil your passions in, relax, or get some peace away from your home.

    One thing you’ll already have is security. Garages usually come with solid walls and security systems of their own. Because of this, you can design your space for more purposes, without worrying about burglars stealing anything from it.

    For added privacy and protection, you can add new composite doors, aluminium windows with toughened glazing, as well as obscured glass. All these things will make sure your new space stays protected.

    However, you can also open your garage to the rest of your home. You can add as many windows and areas of glazing as you’d like to let natural light and warmth fill your space. Also, you can link the garage to the rest of your home using a fully-glazed walkway.

    That way, your new garage will be a warm and welcoming space that you’ve transformed. Also, it can cost less than £10,000 to convert your garage, making it a more worthwhile investment.


    Could a Loft Conversion Be The Best Use Of Your Space?

    Your loft can also be a forgotten space. But you could transform one of these areas with a loft conversion into a beautiful new upstairs area. Converting your attic can be particularly useful if you have a bungalow and you want to expand your home upwards.

    That’s because you won’t have to apply for planning permission, effectively, to add a new storey. As long as you have enough space in your loft, you can turn it into the focal point of your home.

    There are two main additions to make to convert your loft. One is to install roof windows that add light and warmth to your space. You could go for Velux roof windows that have tilt and turn openings, meaning you can open them upward to ventilate your home as well.

    Secondly, it’s crucial to add new cavity wall insulation and roofline to heat the loft. You could get ventilated soffits as well, which let fresh air through while protecting the attic from wind and rain.

    With a loft conversion, you can create the upstairs area of your home you’ve always dreamed of having. If you have a spacious attic, you can turn it into an open master bedroom. However, even if you have a smaller space, you can create a private reading area or a space for relaxation above your home.

    Loft conversions can cost as little as £15,000, similar to the cost of a conservatory. However, you won’t have to build any new space in your home.


    Could a Basement Conversion Be The Best Use Of Your Space?

    If you have a basement, then the best use of your space could be to convert that instead. Many homes have cellars that we neglect, barely using them for anything other than storage.

    However, basements are expansive spaces that can even help you to protect your home from infestations and mould. Because they sit at the base of your home, making sure they use durable materials can improve the strength of your home.

    A basement conversion doesn’t have to take up too much time either. If you have a single-room cellar, like most homes, converting it with a waterproof membrane cavity system can take as little as two weeks.

    This system improves the insulation and weatherproofing of the space, making it warmer, more comfortable and far more usable. Then, you can set about making further alterations to create an expansive new room that suits your needs perfectly.

    With a brand-new space underneath your home, you can transform it into just about anything. While you could create a ‘mancave’, there are other options that let you add a space your whole family can use.

    You could create a new lounge, a new home office, or combine the two. The choice is entirely up to you as, with a trusted installer, you can design your conversion to your exact needs, making the best use of your space.

    is a conservatory the best use of your space prices

    Make The Best Use Of Your Space with Conservatory Online Prices

    To make the best use of your space with the best use of your money, though, Conservatory Online Prices is the ideal choice. That’s because, when you use our services, you can find local suppliers with ease.

    It can be challenging to find an installer that you can trust near you. However, we can put you in contact with specialists from your area that will convert your garage, loft or basement with care and courtesy.

    You can start the journey to making the best use of your space by using our online cost calculator. Using this tool, you can choose and compare options for converting rooms in your home, as well as all the options to add a conservatory as well.

    You could even create multiple free quotes to compare the prices of several styles. Once you’ve got the one you’d like to move forward with, we’ll give you an instant online quote.

    Then, we’ll refer you to our trusted network of installers right around the country. You can speak to several of them too, meaning you can get a broader picture of the market, so you make the best investment.

    Many of these specialists also have approval from bodies like FENSA, CERTASS and Checkatrade. That means they’ll use quality materials and offer a quality service as well.

    To find out more about our services and making the best use of your space, get in contact with us today!

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