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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Investing in a Conservatory











    Investing in a Conservatory

    Investing in a conservatory can add a massive amount of value to your home. Not only that, but modern designs can save you money every single day.

    While older spaces used to have an issue with heat transfer, meaning the amount of warmth that can pass through the structure, newer designs have reduced this considerably. That means they can stay warm and comfortable without you having to rely on central heating.

    A new conservatory is a year-round space. You can use to relax and unwind in gorgeous natural light. Even when the weather turns on you, you don’t have to leave the room.

    You’ll still be comfortable, thanks to a blend of weatherproof materials and efficient design. Cold air won’t have as much space to get into your home, and you can even invest in roofing and glazing that reduces the sound of rain.

    Investing in a conservatory can also set you and your family up for the future. If you’re thinking of moving house for somewhere more spacious, then you don’t have to up sticks to find it.

    Instead, you can add a conservatory to your property for far less money than moving house. Their mixture of durable features also means they’ll last for years.

    As a result, investing in a conservatory is like giving your home a vote of confidence. It means that your home will perform for you for years to come, and it’ll help you to make it more efficient over time. New builds are far more efficient, and they can help you to save money on energy bills.

    That way, you can get on top of rising costs, warm up your home, and make it seem more bright and open. Investing in a conservatory, then, is a superb decision.

    conservatory investing

    Can Investing in a Conservatory Save Me Money?

    Investing in a conservatory can save you money in plenty of ways. For a start, building one of these spaces isn’t as costly as an orangery or a house extension. However, if you only want a bit of extra living space, or if you want to open your home up to your garden, then a conservatory is the ideal space.

    Some designs have double glazing in over 75% of the build, meaning you’ll get stunning natural light and warmth without losing performance.

    Also, you can make your conservatory even more efficient with the right doors and roofing. Your doors not only open up to your garden, but they connect your new space to your home as well. Because of this, doors with wide apertures and full glazing can let light through into your conservatory, and your living space.

    That means you’ll be able to warm up the rest of your home as well, saving you even more money on energy bills.

    Finally, you can save money even if you decide to leave your home. That’s because a modern conservatory can increase your home’s value. As a result, you can expect higher offers, and more of them, for a space that you’ve improved personally.

    Because of this, you’ll be able to sell your home for a price that your investment deserves, reflecting how much you care about your space.

    Investing in the Right Conservatory

    When you invest in a new conservatory, you want to make sure it can save you money over time. To do that, investing in the right features for your build is vital.

    You’ll be able to choose between advanced glazing styles, a range of unique doors, and even durable roofing that can give you more control of your home’s lighting. And, for all of these designs, you can customise their look, style, size, and even the colours they come in for a bespoke look.

    Conservatories use an awful lot of glazing in their build. Due to this, investing in advanced glazing can be the difference between a stunning conservatory and a poor one.

    Fortunately, most modern spaces come with double glazing as standard. Double glazing uses an extra pane of glass compared to ordinary glazing, meaning it puts more of a barrier between you and the outside world. As a result, you’ll have far less heat transfer in your space.

    However, double glazing doesn’t quite make your conservatory perfect. Two panes of glass don’t stop heat transfer completely, meaning your space can become a little uncomfortable in some conditions.

    To combat this, though, you could install triple glazing in your conservatory. With another pane of glass, you’ll get even more insulation, and your home will be more secure as well. But triple glazing can cost 40% more and lets through less natural light.

    You’ll also be able to customise your glazing. For example, you could add obscured glass which blocks out your home from prying eyes, giving you a little extra privacy. Also, if you want to make your home more environmentally friendly, you could even invest in solar glazing, which turns sunlight into electricity.

    In any case, the right glazing can make your home more environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint and your bills too.

    Investing in a conservatory helps you to open up your home. Getting the right doors makes this effect even more profound. Instead of dealing with standard doors through to your conservatory, why not be bold?

    You can invest in innovative modern designs that use full panels of glazing and exceptionally slim frames. As a result, they’ll let all the brightness from your conservatory into your home. Not only that, but the frames will ensure they operate smoothly again and again.

    You’ll have a wide array of designs available to you, as well. For example, you could choose French doors that swing outward for the outside of your build. However, for a design that uses more glazing and a fuller opening, you can also invest in patio doors.

    These designs operate on an in-line slider, meaning you can push them away with ease to reveal an enormous space to access your conservatory through.

    Alternatively, you could go for a standout design like bifold doors. Bifold doors also use a slider but have multiple glazing panels you can fold on each other. That means they’re ideal for both opening up your home and creating a partition, making them versatile designs.

    Doors on sliders also have anti-lifting tracks and multi-point locking systems, securing them from intruders. Finally, their durable frames protect the hardware from rust, meaning they’ll save you money for decades.

    Investing in a durable conservatory roof can make sure your investment pays you back over time. Your roof will channel more sunlight than any other part of the design, meaning a weak one can affect the whole build.

    Most conservatories come with a double glazing roof as standard. While double glazing offers solid insulation for your space, it doesn’t entirely fix the issue of heat transfer. Also, light can get through without a method of escape, creating an uncomfortable glare.

    One way to fix this is to get a roof that uses durable materials. You could either invest in a ceiling with lightweight tiles, or slate and concrete. While these roofs cost around double the price of a double glazed roof, they offer far more insulation.

    Because of this, you can save more money on your bills and pay back your investment quicker. Not only that, but you’ll get more privacy, better sound insulation, and fewer draughts and cold spots as well.

    However, you may feel that you might block out too much light. That’s why you can customise the design of solid roofs completely, and you’ll be able to mix and match materials. For example, you can only partially tile your roof and leave some sections with glazing, getting a balance of light and privacy.

    Also, you could install a roof lantern, which put a vaulted skylight above the centre of the design. Either way, these roofs give you more control over your home’s lighting and temperature.

    save money on investing in a conservatory

    Can I Save Money on Investing in a Conservatory?

    With Conservatory Online Prices, you can save money on investing in a conservatory. That’s because we put you in contact with the right suppliers and installers who can make good on your investment.

    We have spent years building a network of conservatory specialists around the country who can provide you with an excellent service. You’ll be able to speak to a local provider through us, and many of them have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS as well.

    Investing in a conservatory through us is straightforward. Our online conservatory cost calculator allows you to pick and choose every aspect of your new build. You can select glazing, doors, roofing, even the style and size of the room.

    Then, once you know what you want, we can give you an instant online quote for free, and put you in touch with local suppliers and installers. That way, you’ll save on travel costs and get a quicker installation too.

    To find out more about investing in a conservatory using our services, then get in touch with us today!

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