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    Looking To Save On Insulating Your Conservatory Walls?

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    Insulating Conservatory Walls

    Conservatory wall insulation can go a long way to making the room warm and comfortable all year round. In your home now, you may have an older conservatory with a dwarf wall or solid walls. However, although they use bricks for added heat, these outdated designs often don’t use any insulation.

    Without conservatory wall insulation, cold air can get into your home more quickly. Not only that, but warm air can escape with ease. That means that the room can get too hot in summer and too cold in winter, problems with which you may already be familiar.

    That’s why it could be an excellent idea to invest in new wall insulation. By calling a cavity wall specialist, you can get a state-of-the-art design for the inside of your walls that capture your home’s natural heat. A durable brick wall with cavity insulation blocks out cold air and even helps to protect you from the elements.

    In some cases, you can also install cavity trays which take excess water and safely drain it away from your home. That means you won’t have to deal with dampness, and you’ll keep warm when the weather turns.

    Not only that, but you could install new walls entirely. Solid walls can help you get more insulation, more privacy, and more possibilities in how you use your space. For example, a brick wall can block out a bad view or become a place for you to fit appliances for an extended lounge or dining area.

    Also, insulating other areas of conservatories could help too. You can replace flooring, roofing and even the glazing and doors to improve your home’s insulation. That way, you’ll be more comfortable, and you can save money on your energy bills!

    conservatory wall insulation

    The Benefits of Conservatory Wall Insulation

    Conservatory wall insulation can help you take back control of your home’s climate. In your conservatory, you may find that you’re at the mercy of the elements. Without wall insulation, you don’t have protection against them, and you can get uncomfortably hot and cold every time you try to use the room.

    As a result, it can become an afterthought, or a place for storage and hanging out washing. However, that not only loses the potential of the room but can cause further issues like condensation, leading to mounting repair costs and stress.

    With conservatory wall insulation, you’ll create a thermal barrier for the build. Instead of cold weather playing havoc with your living space, you’ll be able to block it out. You can also prevent other issues like draughts and damp spots developing in your home.

    Even if water gets into the design, you can redirect it with the option of cavity trays, preventing the walls from weakening and rusting. Because of this, new conservatory wall insulation can improve the lifespan of your space.

    The walls of your conservatory play a crucial role in protecting the rest of the build. A dwarf wall raises the whole space off the ground slightly, protecting it from seeping water and uneven terrain. As a result, it’s crucial to give the walls in your conservatory the best possible tools for the best possible performance.

    With conservatory wall insulation, your build will be less likely to crack and twist, helping you save money on repairs. Not only that, but there are other solutions to help you make your walls a little warmer.

    Types of Conservatory Wall Insulation

    Installing insulation for your conservatory is simple and straightforward. A professional installer will fit the new layer of insulation within the walls of your build.

    This cavity coating helps to sponge up any excess water collecting inside the walls and prevents cold air rushing into your home. Conservatory wall insulation is made-to-measure, so you’ll get the perfect fit every time. However, you could choose to install a new wall altogether, which has a two-part process.

    While the first part is the same, the second part of a modern wall is a layer of uPVC panels. uPVC is a material which has superb insulation and has no natural gaps that cold air can use to get into your space. These panels add to the heat-trapping effect, creating a thermal barrier with the cavity underneath.

    As a result, during the colder months, you can withstand even the worst conditions. uPVC is fully weatherproof too. Because of this, it won’t crack or twist for decades, and you won’t need to repair the material either.

    If you don’t want to go through that hassle, though, there are ways you can help to insulate your walls yourself. Thermal paints can help you coat your walls with an anti-mould and anti-condensation substance. Not only that, but it thickens up the wall, creating a denser layer of insulation.

    Some providers will call it emulsion paint, so there’s no need for confusion if you see that name as well. However, conservatory wall insulation could help you reclaim up to 25% of the energy the room creates. That way, you can make enormous savings on your household bills.

    insulating conservatories

    New Conservatory Wall Insulation

    Insulating the walls in conservatories does help you save energy. However, instead of repairing what you already have, you could be better off replacing the wall with a brand-new design! The conservatory walls of today use robust brickwork, plenty of cavity wall insulation.

    Not only that, but these walls have smart features that make your living space more suited to daily life. For example, you can invest in a new dwarf wall which not only insulates the walls of your build but the floor too. A dwarf wall with underfloor heating could save up to 15% of the room’s energy.

    You could also install a brand-new solid wall for a side of your conservatory. It can be a brick wall or one that uses uPVC panels. Either way, this robust wall can give you more thermal protection, as well as more privacy. Also, you can block out a view at one side of your build that you’d rather not see.

    With a solid wall, you’ll also get a little more flexibility in how you use your conservatory. For example, you can connect your home’s electricity into the wall and use it as a hub for new appliances, such as a TV or even a small kitchen extension.

    Finally, for a unique way of insulating conservatories, you could convert your build into an orangery, or even a full house extension. By doing this, you can add solid walls right around your space, and turn it into one that feels like a natural part of your home.

    You can choose new features like tiled roofing, underfloor heating and modern windows to the design as well. One way of enhancing your build, though, is to replace individual sections. After all, there are plenty of ways you can improve the insulation of the design.

    Insulating Conservatories

    Conservatory wall insulation protects the surrounding parts of your build. However, for more comfort inside your home, you need a stable base. The floor of your conservatory can let up to 15% of its energy out in an underperforming design. However, with a dwarf wall, you can stop heat escaping from under your feet.

    Not only that, but it prevents water ingress, improving the structural integrity of your build over time. You can also install underfloor heating, and laminate flooring to give the bottom of your build a brilliant new look.

    Another way to insulate the room is by installing a brand-new roof. Your roof comes into more contact with the sun than any other part of the design, meaning the right one can enhance your insulation enormously.

    You could choose a roof with panels of double glazing, or one that uses lightweight tiles, or a mix of slate and concrete that blends seamlessly with your existing home. Either way, you’ll get more insulation and privacy, and you can customise the design with partial glazing, unique colours or skylights!

    Also, if you’d like more wall insulation, you don’t necessarily have to get it. If you want to preserve the natural light in your space, you could install double glazing if you don’t have it, or triple glazing if you do. That way, you’ll add another layer of advanced glass.

    These windows trap heat inside the panes and use it to block out cold air from outside. Because of this, the glazing creates a form of insulation that maintains the brightness of your living space. However, conservatory wall insulation can still provide more protection.

    conservatory wall insulation prices

    Conservatory Wall Insulation Prices

    If you’d like to add conservatory wall insulation to your build, get a new wall, or insulate any other part of the build, then you can save money on the installation with ease. At Conservatory Online Prices, we can refer you to local installers in your area.

    We have a network of companies who won’t charge premiums, and they can get to you more quickly. That way, you won’t have to wait as long to fit your insulation or take time out finding a supplier on your own, minimising disruption to your life.

    Start by using our online quote builder today, and you’ll find out how straightforward insulating conservatories is with us. Choose what you want and compare several features, and we’ll give you an instant quote for precisely what you want.

    Then, we can put you in touch with several companies in your area, many of whom are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders. With them, you can negotiate a better deal for your conservatory wall insulation.

    Find out more by using our online contact form, or giving our friendly team a call on 0800 124 4307 today!

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