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    Improving Conservatory Ceilings

    Improving conservatory ceilings can help you to get back control of a room in your home. That’s because the roof of one of these builds plays a crucial role in keeping it warm all year round. If you have an old conservatory inside your home, it might have a glass roof or use polycarbonate.

    Both of these materials, though, suffer from poor heat transfer. When cold or hot air comes into contact with these materials, the energy passes through the thin protection. Because of this, your space can heat up quickly in the summer, and temperatures can drop rapidly in winter as well.

    As a result, your conservatory could be very difficult to use. At the moment, you might be using it as a storage space, or you could have forgotten its even there. However, if you’re looking to make your home better, you don’t need to tear your conservatory down.

    By insulating conservatory ceilings, you can stop your build losing so much energy. You’ll have the option of roof blinds, which can provide an extra layer of protection for the design, or aluminium foil which adds insulation to the build.

    However, the best way to improve your conservatory is to look at new ceilings. There is a wide range of roofs out there which have better insulation than glass. Not only that, but you can still leave parts of the design glazed, helping you continue to light up your living space.

    With the option of both solid and tiled conservatory ceilings, as well as a glass variant with double glazing, you’ll stay warm throughout the year. That way, you can reclaim your conservatory, and invest in a ceiling that gives your home a warmer feeling every day.

    improving conservatory ceilings

    How To Improve Conservatory Ceilings

    Before you replace the roof, there are ways to improve conservatory ceilings. If you’re working on a tight budget, then you can try out some low-tech solutions that could make a difference. One option is to install conservatory roof blinds. Roof blinds can cover up conservatory ceilings, blocking out light and cold air from getting into your living space.

    Also, they help to reduce uncomfortable glare, which you might already experience in the room in summer. Available as a remote-controlled system, or as a fashionable fabric, both allow you to use your space a little more easily.

    You could also go about insulating conservatory ceilings. With options like aluminium foil, you’ll get another layer of warmth for your build, acting like a comfort blanket that keeps cold air away. Also, you won’t have to hire an installer to fit aluminium foil.

    It’s a DIY option, so you can fit the foil at your own pace and without paying a heavy price. With more insulation, there’ll be a stronger barrier between the outside world and your build. Because of this, changes in temperature will have less of an effect, and you’ll get a bit of control back over your space.

    However, either of those options won’t completely solve the issue. Also, your current roof won’t last forever. If your design uses cheaper materials, then they could start to weaken over time. When heavy rain and snow falls on the roof, the design continues to become more fragile, and it can eventually fail.

    When that happens, you could end up paying hefty repair costs. But, by replacing conservatory ceilings with brand-new, highly insulating designs, you can enhance your conservatory and save money in the long run.

    Replacement Conservatory Ceilings

    Replacement conservatory ceilings, or roofs, are a brilliant way to enhance your space. Rather than tear your current conservatory down in favour of a new build, you can improve what you already have. A new roof can save a lot of energy, and make your living space more comfortable as well.

    For example, a solid or tiled roof use more robust materials than glass. Because of this, you won’t suffer from glare or excessive light, and you’ll reduce the amount of warmth that escapes from your home. You could even find that you feel a little safer, with a roof that blocks any prying eyes from looking inside.

    With a new roof, you can also redefine the style of your home. You’ll have a myriad of design options at your fingertips, and you can customise every aspect of conservatory ceilings. If you’d like a more classic look, you could choose lightweight tiled roofing with a terra cotta finish.

    Alternatively, you can get modern solid roofs that have LED lighting, speaker system, and an insulating pelmet to make your home even warmer. And, if you’d still like a glass roof in some way, you can leave sections of both roofs fully glazed. There’s even the option of a roof lantern, a stunning overhead skylight.

    insulating conservatory ceilings

    Types of Conservatory Ceilings

    An old glass conservatory roof can struggle to deal with the heat. With only one pane of glass, cold air passes into your home too easily, and warm air escapes just as quickly. However, if you still want to have a roof that fills your conservatory with light, you can now get glass roofs with double glazing.

    These modern designs have two panes of glass instead of one, providing more than double the insulation and protection from heat transfer. Not only that, but modern glass conservatory ceilings can reduce glare. That means you won’t go blind trying to use your space in the summer.

    A roof with double glazing is also an affordable option. If you have a Victorian conservatory, then you could pay around £4,750 for a new glass ceiling. That means you could save thousands compared to investing in a new build. And, for that saving, you’ll be able to cut the cost of running your home as well.

    Glass conservatory ceilings could help you reduce your bills and the amount of energy you use. As a result, you can decrease your carbon footprint as well, helping the planet and making your home more sustainable.

    However, a glass roof still has some issues. The problem of glare doesn’t go away fully, and light and heat can bounce around the glass panels in your build, creating a greenhouse effect. Because of this, roofs that use more robust materials in their design are a more effective option.

    Solid roofs use a mixture of slate and concrete, meaning they blend in seamlessly with the ceilings in your home. With a durable structure, you’ll be able to deal with the worst of the British weather with ease, and you’ll even improve your home’s sound insulation so that you can enjoy a warmer living space without distraction.

    And warmer your home will be. With a solid roof, you’ll get brilliant insulation, meaning you’ll waste far less energy heating your conservatory. Conservatory ceilings like these can deal with heavy rain and snowfall without weakening as well. As a result, you’ll be able to rely on your ceiling to keep you warm, come rain or shine.

    Solid roofs are fully customisable as well, with features like LED lighting, internal speaker systems, and a choice of colour and finish. Because of this, you’ll save even more money on your energy bills, and in style.

    Alternatively, you could choose tiled conservatory ceilings. These designs are ideal for a traditional home, but THEY work just as well with modern ones too. With one of these ceilings, you’ll get several tiles that stitch together in an air and water-tight design.

    Because of their tight fit, the roof is fully weatherproof. That means draughts and damp spots won’t cause problems inside your conservatory. If your build gets too hot in the summer, the tiled roof has small gaps between each tile to ventilate your home as well.

    Tiled conservatory ceilings have an authentic appeal that stands out anywhere. With the option of a range of colours and finishes, you can make sure the roof is unique to your home. Also, because the design is weather-resistant, the colours won’t fade for decades, which means no regular maintenance or repainting.

    The tiles are also lightweight, and you can fit them one by one, meaning you won’t put any more strain on the support beams in your build. As a result, you can fit a tiled roof to any conservatory and benefit from it.

    conservatory ceilings prices

    Improving Conservatory Ceilings Prices

    If you want to improve your home with brand-new conservatory ceilings, contact Conservatory Online Prices!

    With us, you can get lower quotes from local companies, saving you money and time. Instead of finding them yourself, you can use our network of trusted installers to speak to several suppliers on your doorstep.

    Once you negotiate with them all, you can find the best possible deal, and invest in a new roof with confidence. For added peace of mind, many of these companies are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders as well.

    Fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our team and start the process today, or call us on 0800 124 4307 to find out more.

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