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    How Warm Are Orangeries In Winter?

    Orangeries can keep your home warm and comfortable, even in the winter months. That’s because they use more robust materials in their design. With walls that use brick and stone instead of glazing, you have more durable protection against the elements.

    However, an orangery can stay open to nature as well. You’ll still get plenty of glass, and the option of windows, doors and roofing that all feature double glazing sections in their design. As a result, you can take control of your home’s temperature, and refresh it any time you need to.

    In your current home, you may feel like you always lack space. After all, as you and your family get older, your needs grow and change. So, you could be thinking about expanding your home – but if you would like a conservatory, then that might not be the ideal option.

    While modern designs are much better than the infamous models of old, you still won’t get the same performance as you do in your home. Alternatively, you could consider a full-extension, but these can be expensive and take months upon months to install.

    Orangeries, though, are an option that meets them in the middle. You can get the light of a conservatory, but with the warmth and natural feeling of an extension. These spaces originated around the Victorian period, providing an expanded room for stately homes.

    Today, though, you can add a brand-new orangery to add a bit of impact to your living space. With plenty of glazing, walls with brickwork and stone, and the option to fully customise orangeries with new windows, doors and roofing, you’ll stay warm in winter in style.

    how warm are orangeries in winter

    Orangeries in Winter

    Orangeries have the insulation you need to stay warm in winter. Often, trying to expand your home can be tricky, as many spaces are unusable when the cold kicks in. An orangery, though, uses robust materials across its design, meaning you can deal with icy conditions with ease.

    When the cold comes round, it won’t have any space to enter your home. You’ll benefit from durable brickwork or stone, both materials which have exceptional strength and durability. Additionally, you’ll be able to get walls that have cavity insulation.

    Cavity wall insulation ensures the walls aren’t hollow. Hollow walls provide space for cold air to get through them, meaning that the temperature can drop rapidly in your home.

    However, a brick wall with insulation is the same as most modern walls in homes. Because of this, you’ll not only be able to keep the cold away, but the temperature in your orangery should be a lot closer to the one in your home. As a result, the connection between the spaces feels more natural.

    Not only that, but you won’t only be able to deal with the cold. Orangeries can withstand the storms and snow that can happen in winter as much as the temperatures. You’ll have brickwork that doesn’t suffer from water ingress, and the walls can feature cavity trays that drain water out of the inside.

    Also, you can invest in solid or tiled roofing at a pitch angle so water and snow slide off the top into your drainage system. All of the materials in your build will be fully weatherproof, so you can enjoy nature from your orangery without losing control over it.

    The Design of Orangeries

    Every aspect of modern orangeries works to reduce heat transfer. Heat transfer is the worst enemy of homes in winter, as poor heat transfer leads to rapid changes in temperature. Not only that, but it can cause issues in summer too.

    Extreme heat can enter the room just as quickly as the bitter cold, meaning you can never get control of your new space, no matter the time of year. The design of orangeries, however, ensures you can use them in summer, winter and any other day of the year. You may even find that the thermal protection they offer can help you save money on your energy bills.

    Another benefit of orangeries is security, especially in winter. When temperatures drop, the locks of some builds can become increasingly fragile. Some skilled intruders can try to take advantage of the weather, and snap locks that are immobilised by ice and frost.

    In your orangery, though, you can get windows and doors with superb insulation and locking systems. These designs use double glazing, which prevents ice from building up in the glass and on the internal hardware. Because of this, they’ll maintain their robust strength, withstanding forced entry attempts and giving you peace of mind.

    Finally, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your orangery – in more ways than one. That’s because you won’t have to carry out any regular maintenance on the design. Old conservatories sometimes use timber frames and single-glazed glass across the model.

    These are all materials which chip, crack and weaken in poor weather and over time. However, you can choose your orangery with double and even triple glazing, as well as with durable brickwork and the option of uPVC and aluminium frames. Because of this, you can get decades of reliable performance.

    are conservatories warm in winter

    Are Conservatories Warm In Winter?

    If you want to expand your home, then the budget is crucial. Because of this, you may be considering a conservatory. After all, these designs are less expensive than orangeries. You can get a lean-to build for around £8,000, making them an affordable way to grow your living space.

    However, it could be wise to be quite careful about the conservatory you add to your home. That’s because these designs, unlike orangeries, use glass in 75% or more of their design. Because of this, when winter rolls around, these spaces are more prone to heat transfer.

    With an orangery, you’ll get a space with more materials between you and the outside world. And, while a conservatory can offer plenty of light and gorgeous views, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same slim sightlines in an orangery.

    You’ll be able to customise the design to add more glazing sections, or perhaps leave one or two walls fully glazed with floor-to-ceiling glass. Additionally, you can customise the roof and add windows to an orangery. As a result, while you may have less light, you’ll have much more control of it.

    And, because of this, you can get warmth from orangeries in winter from the start. Not only that but to get a conservatory to the same kind of performance requires an awful lot of customisation. That way, you could end up spending just as much, if not more money, on a conservatory.

    It’ll take more time to install the build, the more features you add. Orangeries, on the other hand, are ready for winter. You’ll get superb insulation and thermal efficiency across the build so that you can take back control of rising energy costs and your home’s comfort too.

    Orangeries Costs in Winter

    It’s starting to become the right time to invest in a new space. Orangeries are ideal as an investment in the next few months, as we all begin to prepare for winter. If you invest in one now, you could expect to pay anywhere from £23,940-26,460 for a 4000x3000mm orangery.

    While they can cost more than a conservatory, though, you’ll get a much more efficient design. Not only that, but you can fully customise an orangery to suit you, and they can feel like a more natural part of your home. For example, you can choose the precise shade of your home’s bricks for your new orangery.

    However, if you’re worried about the price, think of it this way: orangeries are cheaper than extensions. However, for a lower price, you can get a lot of the benefits extensions can provide. You can use an orangery for almost any purpose, and you can design the space around your needs precisely.

    As a result, you could create a kitchen extension, lounge, home office or reading room for less cost than you otherwise would have. Also, you’ll get more natural light from an orangery, meaning you can open up your whole living space to the outside world at the same time.

    orangeries prices in winter

    Orangeries Prices in Winter

    For orangeries in winter, there’s a way you can save even more money on the build. All you have to do is find your new space through Conservatory Online Prices! We can refer you to installers in your area using our extensively reviewed network of trusted companies.

    That way, you can take the risk out of your investment and save valuable time and money. Also, you can get in touch with several of them during the quoting process. Because of this, you can get a broader picture of the market, and you can invest in orangeries this winter knowing you’ve got the best deal.

    It’s easy to get a price, too! Use our online quote builder today, and you could get one within seconds. Also, you can pick and choose every part of the build, from glazing to roofing, doors and much more.

    Then, we can refer any custom design to our trusted network with a baseline quote you’ll receive in seconds. Many of the installers in our network also have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS.

    Find out more by filling in our online contact form or calling us today on 0800 124 4307!

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