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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    How to Stop Your Conservatory Overheating

    Finding out how to stop your conservatory overheating can make your space more usable in the summer. With builds like these, it can often be difficult to sit inside them and relax in the warmer months. Conservatories are known for the greenhouse effect, caused when hot or cold air intensifies as it reflects around the glass panels in your build.

    If your conservatory is overheating, there are a few tips and tricks you can try to help reduce the issue. Opening the windows and doors more obviously helps, but you could also install blinds to give you protection from intense sunlight. You could replace heavy leather furniture with soft fabric designs to draw heat away as well, or there’s even the option of glass cooling film.

    However, those additions might not make much of an impact. Older conservatories usually underperform because of the materials in their design. As a result, you could be better off replacing parts of the design. You could get a brand-new roof with double glazing, solid or tiled structures which can improve your home’s insulation and reduce glare.

    And, for an even more dramatic change, you could replace the build altogether. Nowadays, you can invest in conservatories that are warm all year round. With double glazing, durable profiles and great insulation, you’ll stay comfortable every day. You could even find that you save money on the cost of your energy bills over time.

    If you’d like to get a new roof or a new conservatory, then you could also save money on the build. With Conservatory Online Prices, you could cut the cost of a new roof or conservatory by up to 40%! You’ll find several quotes from local installers in minutes, and you can compare them to find the best deal for your home.

    how to stop conservatory overheating

    How to Stop An Overheating

    How to stop your conservatory from overheating? It’s a question with several answers. However, if the problem is happening right now, you don’t want to wait to solve it. While they might not make a big impact, doing some things differently inside your build or changing the design can go a long way to taking the edge off of the oppressive heat in your living space.

    You’ve probably already tried opening the windows and doors in your space, but have you tried protecting them? With conservatory blinds, you can prevent intense natural light from entering your home. By reducing glare, you’ll also reduce the greenhouse effect, and heat won’t be able to reflect as quickly off the glass. Because of this, the heat should come down.

    Another way to stop your conservatory from overheating is to change the design of your space. If you have old leather furniture, the designs can absorb heat and draw it into your build. As a result, the whole space becomes hotter. By replacing it with fabric furniture, you can deflect more of that heat away. Not only that, the fabric can deal with light and harmful UV rays without wearing down as leather can.

    Glass cooling film is another solution, an adhesive layer that you can stick over the windows in your conservatory. Your cooling film will reflect heat away from your build, meaning the whole of your living space should cool down. However, most of these solutions have a limited impact – you’ll still have an underperforming conservatory that will continue to struggle in the summer.

    conservatory cool

    Replacement Roof

    If you want to know how to stop your conservatory from overheating, then you’ll need to know what’s causing it. Usually, there are issues across the design of older builds that develop over time. For example, the build profiles might be weakening, or some of your design has warped out of shape. However, the biggest cause is poor roof design.

    Old roofs have either single-glazed glass panels or polycarbonate in their design. Both of these materials are quite thin, meaning they can’t prevent heat transfer effectively. When this happens, the energy from the sun can pass through the roof into your build, and it’ll be unable to escape as it bounces on the panels around the design. And, because your roof comes into the most contact with the sun, the effect is massive.

    However, you could solve that issue for less than you might think. You could invest in a brand-new conservatory roof to replace your old one. Instead of thin materials, you can choose double glazing or even a solid or tiled design. And, as it’s a replacement roof, you can get a new solid roof for less than it would cost on a brand-new conservatory!

    Glass roofs let just as much natural light and warmth into your home but prevent excess heat from travelling through. Solid roofs can cut the light off completely, offering superb insulation and heat reflection. Finally, tiled roofs have small gaps in their design to allow pockets of hot air to escape, meaning you can ventilate your space without opening the windows or doors. As a result, a solid roof could make your current space much more comfortable.

    replace overheating conservatory

    How to Replace Your Overheating Conservatory

    Older builds have had their time and aren’t fit for purpose anymore. So why put up with a design that isn’t comfortable when you most need it to be? By replacing it with a brand-new conservatory, you could reclaim your space and transform your home.

    A new conservatory won’t suffer from the greenhouse effect nearly as much. Instead, double glazing panels across the build will limit the amount of heat that enters your home, as well as protecting you from cold air. Because of this, you can enjoy a cosy conservatory in the winter and a warm one in the summer, helping you use it all year round.

    A modern conservatory will also open out to your garden in style. At the moment, you might have narrow doors that don’t allow a lot of fresh air into your home or provide views of the world around you. However, a new build could come with sliding or bi-fold doors which open seamlessly to nature. Because of this, you could connect your conservatory and your garden more closely.

    And, with Conservatory Online Prices, you could replace your conservatory for less than you might expect. Rather than search for quotes yourself, which can take a lot of time, you can get competitive prices in minutes by searching through our network. We work with trusted local installers, meaning you could benefit from shorter wait times, more personalised service and up to 40% lower prices!

    Stop Overheating For Less

    You can invest in a brand-new solid roof or a whole new space through our network with ease. Start by filling in our online contact form, and we’ll put you in contact with local installers near you.

    From there, you can compare their offers to get the best deal for your home. Many of these installers are Checkatrade and Which? members too for your peace of mind.

    If you’d like to find out more, you can also ask our friendly team anything by calling 0800 124 4307 today!

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