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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    How To Save Your Conservatory









    Save Your Conservatory

    You can save your conservatory, no matter how damaged it’s become. If you live in an older home, you may have a design that is growing old and weary.

    Due to this, parts of the build may have lost their performance, the glazing may have cracked and chipped, and water could even be seeping into the structure. However, you don’t have to tear the entire conservatory down or leave it as a forgotten space.

    Instead, you can save your conservatory by replacing parts of the design. Even by adding just one new feature to your space, you can drastically improve its comfort.

    For example, you can remove the chipped glass for brand-new double glazing units, or old creaking doors with stunning, modern designs. Not only that, but you can turn the roof of your building into a protective layer of insulation, making your conservatory warmer and more usable.

    No matter what issues are affecting your home, there’s a modern solution that can put you back in control. Even if the entire build is close to collapse, you can still save your conservatory.

    At worst, you can always build a brand-new design entirely while using the original base. That way, you can completely reshape your home with a stunning new space that you can style to your exact specifications.

    In any case, you’ll also be able to save plenty of money. You won’t have to tear your old build down or move house to get the space you and your family need. Instead of spending all that money, and going through all that hassle, you can make the conservatory you already have work for you again.

    As a result, you won’t only save money on your initial investment, but you can even save money day-by-day.

    Does My Conservatory Need Saving?

    If you have an older conservatory, then problems can mount up over time. For example, many builds from years ago aren’t weatherproof. That’s because they could be using cheap plastic or timber frames, as well as single-glazed glass.

    Because of this, water can wear away at the structures, causing them to crack and expand, while single-glazed glass can begin to chip and crack over time as a result of an onslaught of weather.

    Another reason your conservatory might need saving could be the doors. Older doors regularly use timber frames, which can begin to creak and rust as time progresses. That means the door becomes harder to open with each attempt.

    As a result, your hardware will rust more and more, meaning your door will become fragile. Burglars could also target this door as it can make your home vulnerable.

    Also, the roof of your build can make a crucial difference, as well. A weak roof which uses cheap materials like single-glazed glass or polycarbonate can cause massive issues for your home.

    That’s because these materials don’t offer a lot of insulation, meaning that heat can travel out of your home with ease, and cold air from outside can replace it just as quickly. That means, in extreme temperatures, the conservatory can become unusable.

    Those issues can occur even if the designs don’t have any damage. However, if they do, then these issues will only grow, and they can spread right across your home, making it uncomfortable and causing your heating costs to skyrocket.

    But you don’t have to put up with it forever. Rather than let your conservatory continue to cause chaos, you can replace elements of your space to reclaim the room.

    glazing to save your conservatory

    Invest in Conservatory Double Glazing

    Firstly, the glazing in your build can cause problems. With single-glazed glass, you don’t get the insulation you need for your home, and it isn’t durable enough to withstand impacts.

    Because of this, it can chip and crack with ease over time. However, you can replace it with double, or even triple, glazing that traps far more heat inside your space. As a result, you can still get natural light and warmth from outside, without the cold temperatures.

    As a result, new conservatory double glazing can put you back in control of your space’s temperature. Not only that, but you can also make your conservatory more private and less time-consuming. You can fit your new glazing with foils to obscure it, meaning prying eyes won’t be able to look into your home.

    Also, you could choose self-cleaning glass for your conservatory which breaks down dirt for you, saving you time and improving maintenance.

    doors to save your conservatory

    Open Up Your Conservatory with New Doors

    You also don’t have to keep putting up with your old doors. If they’re creaking or they’ve come off their hinges, its time to go with a new design that transforms your conservatory.

    With patio doors, you can get a blend of full double glazing and a slim uPVC or aluminium frame which operates on an in-line slider. That means you can push the door to one side, revealing a wide-open space to enter your home or your garden through.

    Thanks to the full glazing, you can let the natural light from your conservatory spread right across your home, warming every room up. Not only that, but the slimline frames protect internal hardware.

    Because of this, the hinges won’t rust, and the door won’t creak and wear down for much longer. You can also invest in premium bi-fold doors, which do the same thing only by folding multiple panels on each other for a standout design.

    replacement conservatory roof

    Save Your Space with a Replacement Conservatory Roof

    Another way to save your conservatory is to replace the roof. Your roof can cause several issues. If it uses cheap materials in its design, it won’t insulate your home correctly. However, another problem can be rain and snowfall.

    If enough water hits the roof, outdated models will let it collect with no method of drainage. Not only that, but the increased weight can lead to the structure losing its strength or even collapsing.

    A brand-new roof will use more robust materials. While you could go for double glazing roofs, they can still lead to some heat loss. Instead, you can decide to pay extra for a roof that uses solid structures or lightweight tiles.

    That way, you’ll get much more insulation, more control of the lighting, and you won’t have to worry about the structure collapsing. As a result, you can make your space much warmer and much more usable all year round.

    Replace Your Conservatory

    However, sometimes adding one new feature isn’t enough. If you feel like your conservatory is beyond saving, then it could be the right choice to add a new one. But, before you tear every part of the build down, you should check to see if the base still has its strength.

    If it does, then you can build your new conservatory on top of it. That way, you’ll save money and time, and you can completely reshape the style and feel of your extended space.

    You’ll be able to choose a brand new style of conservatory, new glazing, roofing, doors and more. As long as its the same size as your old space, you won’t have to worry about carrying out any new groundwork. That means you can cut the cost of adding a brand new conservatory considerably.

    Although it can cost more than replacing one feature, you’ll get a room you can design to your precise needs, meaning it’ll be one you have total control over.

    How Much Will It Cost To Save My Conservatory?

    The cost to save your conservatory can vary depending on how much you need to do it. If you only want to add one feature, such as new doors, it could cost around £950 for new patio doors with a uPVC frame.

    However, replacing other parts of the build, such as the roof, can start from about £2,500. The pricing can also rise depending on how large your conservatory is, and the materials you use for your new designs.

    But you can save money and save your conservatory at the same time. One way is to choose double glazing for your windows. Some may try and tempt you to purchase triple glazing, which does offer better performance and insulation.

    Some triple glazing can cost up to 40% more than double glazing to install, though, and it can block light out of your conservatory. Also, choosing uPVC over aluminium for frames and doors can help you save money too.

    The best way to save your conservatory and save money, however, is to work with Conservatory Online Prices. We’ll put you in contact with the installers who can save your conservatory and will do it for the right price.

    That’s because we’ve spent years building an extensive network of suppliers right across the UK. As a result, we can connect you to an installer from your area, many of whom have approval from bodies like Which? and Checkatrade.

    save your conservatory prices

    Save Your Conservatory with Conservatory Online Prices

    Use our online conservatory quote builder today to find the parts you need. You can choose and compare from a range of products, and choose colours and finishes for them too.

    Then, we’ll give you an instant bassline quote and put you in touch with our network for free.

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