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    How To Prevent Condensation In Your Conservatory

    Condensation can cause severe problems in a conservatory. That’s only so long as you don’t check them before they develop into them, however. If you have an old conservatory in your home, then checking for signs of condensation is crucial.

    A space like these has the conditions for condensation to thrive. If your design uses single-glazed glass, or it’s showing its years, the inside of it may be cold and damp. As a result, if the temperature inside and outside of the space is different, a mist can quickly build up on your glazing and roof panels.

    Over time, this mist can grow into something worse. Mould and mildew can build up around your conservatory, and water ingress can start causing cracks in the design. When this happens, your home can become colder, less comfortable, and even more prone to condensation.

    Quickly, the dreaded droplets can begin to take hold of your living space, and they can cause significant health problems. At worst, it can develop into black mould, spores of which can enter the atmosphere in your home, and you could breathe in harmful chemicals.

    However, there are plenty of ways you can prevent condensation in your conservatory. There are cleaning tips, ways to preempt problems, and you can always replace parts of the build. All you’ll have to do is stay alert to any issues that arise inside the room.

    Solving the puzzle of condensation isn’t as challenging as you might think, either. Sometimes it’s as straightforward as opening windows and doors or even using a hairdryer on the glass. And, if you should need to replace the build, Conservatory Online Prices can make that straightforward too.

    conservatory condensation

    The Causes and Effects of Conservatory Condensation

    Condensation can occur in a conservatory for a few reasons. It happens when there is a difference in the heat inside and outside of a room. When this happens, a mist can build up on the inside of the glass.

    This fog can block out natural light from entering your living space, meaning it grows less comfortable and colder too. Another cause of condensation is water ingress and dampness. When damp spots develop, they can create conditions where condensation can build up more quickly.

    Another issue is air circulation. If you have an older conservatory, you probably don’t use it as often as you’d like. In this case, you usually don’t open the space up to fresh air. Because of this, the air circulation gets worse and worse, and the room grows more humid over time.

    At that point, the difference between the inner and outer temperature can become more pronounced, which can lead to more significant condensation. If that happens, you could find that condensation is harder to clean.

    Finally, over time, your conservatory can begin to crack and twist. The sealant around the glazing and roof panels, for example, might break, letting cold air and hot air suddenly mix. When that happens, condensation can occur almost instantly. Also, over time, your conservatory can take damage in poor weather conditions.

    There may be dirt and debris on or under the roof or in your drainage system. As a result, it can weaken, causing more opportunity for condensation in your conservatory. But, with all of these issues, you can fix them.

    Prevent Condensation in Your Conservatory: Dampness

    Dampness can cause conservatory condensation quickly. However, there are plenty of ways you can prevent it. Firstly, you should remove anything inside the space that can attract water. For example, you shouldn’t hang out any washing in this room, as this can create damp and humid conditions.

    If your space is wet and damp, one quick fix is to get a dehumidifier. These systems don’t use electricity and their silent too, meaning they can discretely manage the dampness in your conservatory.

    Dampness can also emerge in the glazing panels of your space. If there are any cracks or weaknesses in the design, they could be suffering from water ingress. One way to solve this issue is to install moisture traps.

    While they may not be the most appealing feature in a conservatory, these little tubs can extract water out of a window and prevent condensation. Eventually, they do need replacing once they fill up, but moisture traps are affordable solutions for dampness.

    Finally, plants can cause condensation in a conservatory. While we’d all turn our spaces into jungles if we could, a plant naturally draws moisture. Because of this, each plant you add only increases the humidity inside your conservatory.

    As a result, you shouldn’t add too many into your living area. After all, if you have a garden outside, you can always open your doors to nature throughout the day. And, when you do this, you can combat another cause of conservatory condensation.

    condensation in conservatory costs

    Prevent Condensation In Your Conservatory: Ventilation

    Air circulation should be vital in your home. With poor ventilation, your living space can become ever more humid. If you keep doors and windows closed, then the air inside the room collects, leading to dampness and more condensation over time.

    However, the solutions to this are straightforward. If you start noticing a build-up of mist on your glazing or roof panels, open any part of your conservatory you can. You can keep doing this every so often to keep the air in the space circulating.

    There are appliances you can install to help with ventilation, too. Trickle vents are useful, creating small slots in windows and doors that let a small amount of air through even when you close them. That means you’ll always be refreshing the air in your living space, and you can give condensation the cold shoulder in your conservatory.

    You can open and close them as you wish, too, meaning that trickle vents can even act as an additional layer of security for your home.

    If condensation builds on the glass, opening it can make a big difference. However, if it develops on your roof and it doesn’t have an opener, that is a slightly more substantial challenge.

    If you clean the conservatory roof every so often, though, you can help prevent condensation. You can clear debris manually, and then wipe the panels down using a damp cloth with a mild detergent. That way, you won’t wear any of the material away, and you’ll clear visible condensation to let more light into your living space.

    Prevent Condensation In Your Conservatory: Maintenance

    Over time, your conservatory can begin to wear down. Glazing and roof panels can start to weaken, frames can rust and twist, and cold air finds more ways to enter the space. However, you can make these parts of your build last a lot longer by carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance.

    Cleaning the glazing panels in your conservatory can prevent water ingress and mould. Additionally, you should check any window and door seals in the build for leaking, as this can create unwanted dampness.

    If condensation builds up on the inside, then there are some creative ways to stop it from damaging your build. One low-tech solution is to use a hairdryer and blast hot air at the mist. By doing this, you can remove visible condensation, and reduce the risk of damage over time.

    However, more severe problems can occur. For example, if the sealant that prevents air from getting into your glazing or roof panels breaks, then it’s almost impossible to repair it.

    However, you can replace your conservatory with new parts to prevent condensation. For example, you can replace the faulty glass panels with new double glazing units that are far less prone to condensation. Additionally, if the roof is wearing away, you could install a solid or tiled roof with no glazing at all, completely removing the issue!

    Replacing parts is a lot cheaper than getting a whole new build, and it lets you preserve your home’s current style. Also, you can get replacement parts for a whole lot less with Conservatory Online Prices.

    condensation in conservatory prices

    Prevent Condensation In Your Conservatory with Conservatory Online Prices

    At Conservatory Online Parts, you can get new parts to prevent condensation for much less. That’s because we put you in contact with local companies in your area that you can trust. That way, you won’t have to pay high travel charges, or the premiums national brands often demand.

    Because of this, we’ll take the risk out of your investment, and you can get a better deal too. We extensively review our network for total peace of mind, and many companies in it are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders as well.

    Getting new glazing, roofing, or a whole new conservatory is straightforward. Use our online quote builder to choose what you want, and in the unique configuration you want it in.

    Then, we’ll give you an instant baseline quote for any bespoke builds that you need, and refer you to our network. You can speak to several suppliers in your area and negotiate with them all so that you can save even more money on your investment!

    Get in touch with our friendly team using our online contact form or by calling us at 0800 124 4307 to find out more!

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