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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Roof Prices & Save
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    How Strong Are Conservatory Roofs?

    A new conservatory roof can add plenty of strength to your living space. Whether you want to expand your home, or you want to enhance the extended room you already have, conservatory roofs are crucial to any build.

    The top of the build comes into the most contact with the sun, so it can make or break how the room deals with energy. And, all too often, roofs in older builds don’t deal with it well. If you have one of these, it may use single-glazed glass panels or ones that use cheap polycarbonate.

    Because of this, you don’t get a lot of protection from changing temperatures. Roofs with thin, outdated materials suffer from poor heat transfer, meaning that both excess heat and cold can get into your space quickly. Not only that but once they get in, the energy bounces around each glass wall, creating a devastating greenhouse effect that only adds to the discomfort.

    Insulation isn’t the only issue an old conservatory roof suffers from either – another is that they lack strength. When the weather turns or leaves and debris fall on the roof, they are much more likely to crack, twist and break.

    However, a new conservatory roof has the strength you need to feel secure in your space. Instead of thin materials, you’ll get a choice of double glazing, lightweight tiles or a solid design that suits your home seamlessly. With a modern roof, you’ll also get better insulation, security and privacy, with superb sound insulation to help you enjoy your new room undistracted.

    These roofs are fully customisable as well! That means you can mix and match materials, add features like a roof lantern, and choose unique colours and finishes to create the perfect look.

    how strong are conservatory roofs

    Conservatory Roof Strength

    Today, a conservatory roof plays a crucial role in giving the structure strength. Modern designs are far more durable than their predecessors, and a lot of this comes from their roofing. If there are poor weather conditions, then wind, debris and water can batter the ceiling, meaning it has to have plenty of strength to withstand it.

    However, with the option of robust materials like double glazing, tiles and the solid blend of slate and concrete, you’ll be able to deal with it all with ease. You can alter the pitch angle to let water slide into gutters, and the material won’t break as easily under substantial impact.

    If you install a brand-new conservatory with a modern roof, then it’ll have even more strength. Many models have aluminium beams to reinforce them, and they work with the rest of the structure to provide added layers of robustness. Because of this, your whole conservatory can act as a buffer against substantial forces.

    Not only that, but your design can feature a brickwork dwarf wall. This structure gives your space extra strength underneath, helping you protect the floor of the build from water ingress and weakening.

    Much like a dwarf wall, your conservatory roof can also keep you warm and comfortable. With an old roof, the heat in the room can change rapidly, varying wildly throughout the year and making the space difficult to use. However, the advanced materials in new conservatories have superb insulation, and air and water-tight design.

    As a result, it’s much harder for the cold to get in, and you can capture more of your home’s natural warmth as well. Because of this, a new roof helps you use your conservatory all year round, and you can even save money on your heating bills!

    Conservatory Roof Benefits

    Your conservatory roof won’t only give the whole structure more strength. As well as that, it can help you to have confidence in your home’s security. While a conservatory is a bright, open space, it should never feel like it’s exposed. That’s why a modern roof has internal features that create a safe space from any potential threats.

    If there are openers in your roof, they’ll have durable locks and multi-point locking systems to ensure nobody can prise them apart from the outside. Additionally, solid and tiled roofs use more robust materials that are nearly impossible to break.

    With security, you’ll also get privacy in your home. A conservatory roof can reduce sound from outside, keeping your living space quiet and free from distraction. Because of this, you could use your area as a reading and relaxation room, where you can unwind in peace.

    Not only that, but you can choose robust materials that ensure nobody can look into your living space from overhead. That way, you won’t feel like anybody is targeting what matters most to you. In a new build, you can also choose obscured glazing, while you could add blinds in your current space for added privacy too.

    Also, a conservatory roof has the strength to last for decades to come. Not only can it withstand substantial impacts, but it’s fully weatherproof. As a result, no part of a new roof will warp, decay or break for decades.

    Additionally, the air and water-tight designs prevent draughts and dampness, meaning your whole room is less likely to suffer from water ingress, mould and condensation. That way, you can enhance the longevity of your old room and make sure your new one will last a lifetime. Couple that with more energy savings, and you could pay the cost of your investment back.

    Strongest Conservatory Roof Styles

    Glass conservatory roofs often have issues with strength and heat transfer. However, these older designs only use one pane of glass. If you want to replace that roof or get one for a new build, then your glass roof will feature double glazing as standard.

    New double glazing uses the latest innovative technology to give your space as much insulation as possible. With two panes of glass, you’ll get more than double the protection from heat transfer and glare. Not only that, but you can trap heat inbetween the panels to create a thermal barrier for your home.

    With a new roof that has double the glass, you’ll get a much more robust design. Even in stormy conditions, you won’t have to worry about leaves and branches that could cause cracks in the glass. Roofs with double glazing can withstand forceful impacts too, and multi-point locking systems inside the design ensures nobody can access your home from above.

    And, while you’ll protect yourself from intruders and burglars, you’ll open your home up to the outside world. Your glass roof will offer outstanding natural light, warmth and sightlines of the outside world.

    Alternatively, you could choose tiled conservatory roofs. This design has more traditional appeal, but that doesn’t mean that the performance is stuck in the past. Modern tiled roofs have superb strength, but they are also lightweight.

    Because of this, they can secure your new living space without putting a strain on the structure, making them a useful option as a replacement roof.

    Not only that, but you can customise your tiled roof in remarkable ways. You can modify each tile individually with unique colours and finishes, helping you give your conservatory a bespoke pattern that stands out anywhere.

    The tiles each come on their own. However, tiled roofs combine them in an air and water-tight design that helps it have incredible strength. The tiles are highly durable and scratch-resistant, and the gaps can also help you ventilate your living space.

    Modern tiles deal with the weather superbly, which means the roof won’t weaken as quickly as an old design. Therefore, you can rely on this roof as a replacement, or as the centrepiece of a new build. You’ll give your conservatory additional strength, and for many more years as well.

    However, the conservatory roof with the most strength may very well be the solid design. A solid roof uses slate and concrete in a durable blend to make your space feel more like an extension. These roofs blend in seamlessly with the ones in most modern homes, providing a natural fit.

    Not only that, but these designs can help you enjoy more of the natural world. A solid roof gives you more control of your home’s lighting, with the option to choose partial glazing to let sunlight shine on specific areas of your build. Additionally, it’ll have outstanding insulation, keeping you warm every day of the year.

    Because of the blend of materials, a solid conservatory roof has outstanding strength and durability. It won’t weaken in poor weather conditions, it can deal with forced entry attempts, and it helps to reinforce the overall structure. You can get some solid roof designs with aluminium frames around it, providing another layer of robustness.

    As a result, you can turn your old conservatory into a space that feels like new, and almost resets its shelf life. Solid roofs can last for decades, and help you save money on your energy bills the whole way.

    strong conservatory roof prices

    Strong Conservatory Roof Prices

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    Then, we can refer you to a network of local suppliers in your area. You’ll be able to speak to several of them to negotiate a better deal for your design, and you can fit it more quickly too! For added peace of mind, many of these companies have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS.

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