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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add?

    How much value does a conservatory add? Many companies will cite a study from an insurance company that says its around 5%. 5% might not seem like much, but it can be worth tens of thousands of pounds. It could mean better offers and more of them in your home if you decide to leave, meaning you could move into a bigger and brighter property.

    A conservatory adds more than just value, though. You’ll get more space in your home, meaning you have more flexibility in how you use it. You can style your conservatory around your needs, helping you create a home office, new lounge area or a space to unwind. And, with a high-quality design, you could even save money inside your home every day for years to come.

    So, how much value does a high-quality conservatory add? A few factors can affect just how valuable your build is. For a start, the quality of the build is key. While you can save money with a cheaper design, you’ll end up saving much more if you pay for a brilliant build. You’ll get better performance, security and lifespan, too, meaning it’ll still look its best for decades to come.

    Another factor is the efficiency of your build. If you get a conservatory with advanced double glazing, uPVC or aluminium frames and solid or tiled roofing, you can make sure it doesn’t get too hot in summer and too cold in winter. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills for years to come, all while making your home even more attractive to buyers.

    But one of the best ways to add value with a conservatory is through Conservatory Online Prices. We can connect you with local suppliers offering brilliant conservatories for your home for less, helping you to save on conservatory prices when you compare online.

    conservatory value

    How Much Value Does a Quality Conservatory Add?

    The average price for a conservatory in the UK is £4,300. But, if that seems cheap, its because it is. Average builds in this price range aren’t high-quality designs, meaning they might not add as much value to your home as you might think. For example, they may not have quality glazing or frames, and they could even have cheap polycarbonate roofing.

    As a result, these builds can struggle to stay comfortable throughout the year. During the summer, heat can pass through thin glass and struggle to escape, creating a greenhouse effect. The same process happens with cold air in the winter, meaning that your space can become bitterly cold. Over time, these issues only grow as the materials in your design begin to wear down.

    Because of this, how much value a conservatory adds often depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you pay more, you’ll benefit from higher-quality builds, larger spaces, and a wider range of styles. For example, you could opt for classic Victorian spaces, go with modern Lean-to builds or even choose expansive Gable-end designs with high-pitched roofs.

    With a quality build, you can also make it last for years to come. Your new space will be weatherproof, meaning no part of the build will warp, crack, twist or fade for years to come. As a result, your conservatory will continue to look brilliant, even decades after you install it. When you decide to move on, people will see a space that adds real value to your home.

    does a conservatory add value

    How Much Value Does an Efficient Conservatory Add?

    Homebuyers are looking for properties that can save them money every day. But, by getting a conservatory, you can turn your home into one of them straight away. With high-quality builds, you can create a space that’s warm and comfortable all year round. You’ll get advanced double glazing, durable profiles and more which all work to keep cold air out and warm air in.

    By investing in a thermally efficient conservatory, you won’t have to worry about the greenhouse effect. Double glazing offers superb insulation, creating a barrier for your home that protects against cold and warm air. Not only that, uPVC and aluminium are efficient materials for your build, and they’re air and water-tight. As a result, there’ll be no gaps for cold air.

    A new conservatory could save you thousands of pounds on energy bills over its lifespan. However, it could make you thousands of pounds if you decide to move. With one of these spaces, you can make your home an attractive proposition. Buyers will see that your home won’t cost much to run, helping them cut the cost of their energy bills by moving.

    And, with your efficient conservatory, you get a space you can use in more ways. It’ll be warm enough every day for use as a home office, lounge or even as a dining area. You can even customise your new conservatory to suit you, with options like stunning doors, roof lanterns and skylights. You could even upgrade your conservatory to an orangery, potentially adding even more value!

    conservatory add value

    How Much Value Could a Conservatory Add?

    How much value does a conservatory add? While 5% is a good ballpark figure, that isn’t necessarily the limit. By investing in a high-quality, efficient design for your home, you could benefit even more. Property personality Phil Spencer says that a conservatory can add up to 7% to your home’s value. Also, Savills says it can be as much as 12% depending on where you live.

    As a result, getting a new conservatory could add even more value to your home. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get better value on your new build. If you install a conservatory from a big national brand, you might pay more than you need to. Larger companies charge larger overheads, and you can often pay high travel costs and premiums.

    Because of this, local conservatory installers could be a good idea. Companies like these often charge less and can provide shorter waiting times and more personalised service too. However, finding and comparing these companies can be tricky and time-consuming. If you search on your own, you could also end up working with a rogue trader by mistake.

    However, when you expand your home using Conservatory Online Prices, you’ll get great value. You can compare conservatory prices from trusted local installers in minutes with us rather than days. Homeowners who use our online form can save up to 40% on their quote! Not only that, but they’ll get a high-quality build that adds even more value to their home.

    how much value does a conservatory add

    How Much Value Does a Conservatory from Conservatory Online Prices Add?

    When you find online prices for a new conservatory through our network, you make the process easy. We can connect you to several local suppliers in minutes. From there, you can speak to them all to compare their range of products, designs and offers. As a result, you can negotiate to get brilliant deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

    You’ll also benefit from working with the installers in our network. We extensively review them to make sure you only get superb service. You’ll get planning permission and design advice, product guarantees in many cases, and a high-quality conservatory that adds value every time. Many of these companies are also certified by Checkatrade and Which?, ensuring you get a brilliant installation too.

    If you’d like to find out more about how much value a conservatory can add, get in touch with us today! You can fill in our online contact form to ask us anything, or you could call us on 0800 124 4307 to speak to our friendly team.

    We look forward to helping you at Conservatory Online Prices!

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