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The average conservatory cost starts from around £4,000 to £6,500 for a small room and can go up to £50,000 or more. That is a very wide range. If you want to add a conservatory to your house, those figures will not help you. You need an average conservatory cost for your unique needs.

The bad news is:

The average conservatory cost can vary according to many factors, the most obvious of which are the conservatory style and size you want.

The good news is:

If you are looking for the average conservatory cost, you have come to the right place. Here at Conservatory Online Prices, we have a comprehensive guide that will help you figure out your average conservatory cost.

average gable conservatories costs

What Factors Influence The Average Conservatory Cost?

One of the first things you would have thought about is the size of the conservatory you want. That’s a good start because the size is one of the main factors in the average conservatory cost.

A small fully-fitted Lean-To conservatory might cost you £4000 onwards, while a medium sized one would begin around £6000. These are base prices for a uPVC conservatory with glass sides and a polycarbonate roof.

If you want the material to be anything other than uPVC, your average conservatory cost will change. The proportion of brick to glass also affects your average conservatory cost.

If you want dwarf walls or brick structures in your conservatory, the price of that would be extra. You will need to factor in that along with the average conservatory cost.

Even with the same set of materials, the profiles of the material can affect the average conservatory cost. The frames come in different widths and thicknesses and that does have a role to play in their cost.

Are you using a fully-glazed roof or a polycarbonate roof? A polycarbonate roof is not only lower in cost, but also cheaper.

conservatory roof costs

A very important factor that is easy to ignore is the foundation. You need a good foundation for the conservatory to last.

The foundation cannot be less than 1m but you also need to ensure that there are no drainage or sewage pipes, or power cables directly under where you need to dig.

Another potential expense that might add to your average conservatory cost but is often overlooked is a building planning permission. You may need it if you live in an ANOB or if construction in your property requires authorisation.

The time of the year, surprisingly, can affect the average conservatory cost. If you go shopping at an off-peak time, you may find deals and offers. The style of the conservatory also affects the average conservatory cost. In fact, after size, this is the biggest factor in the price.

What Are The Most Popular Conservatory Styles And Their Average Cost?

Conservatories have always been quite popular in the UK, and like all trends, styles have come and gone. Some styles, however, have become classics and will always be in use. If you haven’t already decided what style you want, this might help you decide.

The style you choose will play a role in the average conservatory cost for you.

lean-to conservatory

What Is The Average Conservatory Cost For A Lean-To Conservatory?

A lean-to conservatory is the most popular style. It is a basic style that is versatile. Because of its uncomplicated features, this has the lowest average conservatory cost of all the styles.

It is characterised by a rectangular shape, with a lightly sloped roof. The conservatory itself has three sides, with the house acting as the fourth wall. This makes it appear as if it is ‘leaning’ on to the house, giving it its name.

The style is a great choice for houses where the height is restricted. It is also ideal for bungalows or terraced properties where the conservatory needs to fit in an awkward space.

You can choose to have a tiled roof, or a polycarbonate roof. The roof can also be partly glazed or fully glazed.

You can choose to have full-glass sides or walls, or dwarf walls where the glazing sits on a low brick wall. As we said, the lean-to conservatory is extremely versatile for the average conservatory cost you might invest in it.

The starting price of a lean-to conservatory, before it is fitted, can start as low as £2,500 for a small uPVC structure with 1 French door and 2 windows.

The average conservatory cost of fully built 3.5m x 2.0m uPVC conservatory with a polycarbonate roof and a dwarf wall would be about £7,000 t0 £8,000, while the same size with a glass roof would be about £7,500 to £8,500.

The average conservatory cost of a same sized fully glazed and built conservatory with a polycarbonate roof would be between £6000 to £7000, and £6,500 to £7,500 for a glass roof.

victorian conservatory costs

What Is The Average Conservatory Cost For A Victorian Conservatory?

A Victorian conservatory, as the name suggests, is influenced by the late Victorian architecture. Unlike the basic square or rectangular shape of a lean-to conservatory, this can have three or five facets.

A three faceted Victorian conservatory has a bay front with three main windows, while a five faceted one has five main windows.

This style of conservatory adds a stylish element to the architecture of your house. The shape of the conservatory allows as much light in as you want. The multifaceted windows create a cosy nook in your sunny room, making the average conservatory cost totally worth it.

The average conservatory cost for a Victorian style conservatory can get you a beautiful structure for your house. You can opt for a P-shaped design, or a vintage look with dwarf walls.

The Victorian conservatory can be given a modern look by using cleaner, more geometric lines and simpler frames. You can do away with the dwarf wall to make the sides completely glazed, letting in more light.

The average conservatory cost for a Victorian conservatory is not very high either.

The average conservatory cost for a Victorian conservatory of size 3.5m x 3.5m that is fully built with a dwarf wall would be between £11,000 to £12,000 with a polycarbonate roof. The same with a glass roof would cost you between £12,000 to £13,500.

The average conservatory cost for the same size but fully-glazed would be £9,500 to £11,000 with a polycarbonate roof, and between £10,500 and £11,000 for a glass roof.

Edwardian Conservatory

What Is The Average Conservatory Cost Of An Edwardian Conservatory?

The Edwardian style conservatory can prove to be a great investment. It combines the simplicity of a lean-to with the aesthetic appeal of a Victorian to give you great value for the average conservatory cost.

Another feature it offers is that its pitched roof, that is angled to drain off rainwater can be made as large as you like. It is not restricted, like the lean-to conservatory is, by the size of the conservatory.

The traditional Edwardian style conservatory is a rectangular structure that offers a generous amount of floor space. It has a dwarf brick wall that has the uPVC windows resting on it.

If you don’t want the classic look, you can do away with the dwarf brick wall. Not only will that bring down the average conservatory cost, you will also let in more light. However, the dwarf wall does help in keeping the windows away from the floor and preventing unsightly rain water splashes on the glass.

The Edwardian style conservatory is also quite versatile in design. It can be ‘wrapped’ around your house in an L shape to get two distinct areas.

You can have a gable fronted conservatory that will add a dramatic factor to your house when viewed from the garden. You will have an architectural talking point, bought with just the average conservatory cost.

And what is the average conservatory cost for an Edwardian conservatory?

A 3.0m x 3.0m uPVC conservatory with a dwarf wall and polycarbonate roof would cost you between £9,500 and 10,500, while the same with a glass roof would be between £9,500 to £11,000 fully fitted.

You can expect the average conservatory cost for a fully glazed conservatory of the same size to fall between £8,000 to £9,000 for a polycarbonate roof, and £8,500 and £9,500 for a glass roof.

gable conservatories

What Is The Average Conservatory Cost For A Gable Conservatory?

A Gable conservatory is characterised by the unmistakable shape of a gable roof. A gable conservatory adds a touch of grandeur to an otherwise regular house. With just this one structure, you can add a touch of Georgian architecture to your modern home.

You have the option of putting a polycarbonate roof for a more average conservatory cost, but this is not as energy efficient or noise-proof.

A glass roof might make your average conservatory cost go up a bit, but you will save in the long run on energy costs. You can even opt for a solid roof which is the best for insulation and energy savings. However, it does not let in as much light.

You can change the roof of any conservatory to a gable roof, and bring down the average conservatory cost to just the price and installation charges of the roof. To just replace the roof, you can expect to spend around £2,400 to £5,800, and it will take around two days to replace.

You must, however, get your conservatory foundation checked. It needs to be able to bear the weight of the new roof. Additionally, if your conservatory is old, the building regulations may have changed and your new roof might not have sufficient double glazing.

If you are planning to install a completely new conservatory, with a gable front, what is the average conservatory cost you might be expected to fork out?

A 3.5m x 3.5m uPVC conservatory with a dwarf wall and a polycarbonate roof will cost you between £11,500 and £13,000, fully built. The same with a glass roof will cost you around £12,000 to £14,000 fully built.

The same size, but with only refurbishment and no base work, will incur an average conservatory cost of £6,500 to £7,500 for a polycarbonate roof. For a glass roof, it can be between £7,500 and £8,500.


What Is The Average Conservatory Cost For Building An Orangery?

An orangery is a more high-end structure than a simple conservatory. The main points of difference between the two are the walls and the roof style. Orangeries have a brick wall base, with a centralised lantern roof.

It is more like a permanent house extension than an attachment, and the average cost for building it is naturally higher.

The average conservatory cost for building an orangery starts around £15,000, and may go up to over £50,000 if you want timber instead of uPVC.

Conservatory Bi-folding Door

What Other Features Can Add To The Average Conservatory Cost?

Your basic conservatory styles may be complemented with additional design features like coloured frames and door designs.

uPVC can be treated to give a wood effect, or a wood grain on white. You may also find uPVC in a variety of colours. However, these will add to the average conservatory cost that you end up paying. Wood effect especially is costlier than just coloured uPVC.

You can choose between door styles to enhance the look of your conservatory. The main styles to choose from are patio doors, French doors, and bi-folding doors.

You can stick to the tried and test French patio doors that open outwards. These are thermally efficient and maintain the security of your house.


You can install bi-folding doors that fold back from the centre into a neatly closed accordion. This gives you an open wall instead of just an open door. If you have space constraints, this might be the best solution for you.

This is also a great way to create a bigger room by just opening a door. You can partition of your L-shaped or P-shaped conservatory into two sections, which can be transformed into one large room by simply ‘folding back a wall’!

Getting Conservatory Prices

A conservatory is a great way to create more space and add up to 10% of the house’s value. To find out the average conservatory cost for your house, you can use our average conservatory cost calculator.

All you need to do is enter what you need and the size you are looking for. You can enter as many variations as you want, and it will generate a free quote for your every time.

Once you are done, you will receive an acknowledgement in an email, and we will call you to discuss your requirements. We can also recommend accredited conservatory installers that are local to you if you want.

Getting the average conservatory cost for your specific requirements is easy and free! Why not use our conservatory cost calculator and get your rates now?

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