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    How Much Do Small Extensions Cost?

    The cost of a small extension might not be as much as you think. A small extension can give you the same benefits as an extension of any size, too – just without the massive costs. And, with a bespoke design, you can get creative with a small extension. With features like full glazing walls, skylights and roof lanterns or sliding and bi-fold doors, you can make a small extension more spacious.

    An extension is a perfect way to expand your home – you’ll get a room that has terrific performance, meaning it feels exactly like any other room. While a small conservatory could feel restrictive, you’ll still get plenty of flexibility with a small extension. It’s easy to pick the right features to design the build around you.

    Your small extension could suit a range of purposes. You could create a new lounge or social space, an open and bright dining area, or even a private home office. Also, you could extend a room of your home to make it a bit bigger. You could add a new kitchen section to a dining room, or build a side-return extension that changes the way you enter your garden.

    With a small extension, the process of expanding your home is easier too. You’ll be less likely to need to go through costly, time-consuming planning permission, and you could benefit from shorter installation times as well. As a result, you won’t have to move house to get the home you’ve always wanted for you and your family.

    And, with Conservatory Online Prices, you can invest in a small extension for less. With our trusted network of local suppliers, you can find a team that’ll design a small extension with you. That way, you’ll get the right room for your personality and budget. Whether you’re looking for extension, orangery or conservatory prices, we can help! Get in touch with us today.

    cost of small extension

    The Cost of a Small Extension

    The cost of a small extension can start at around £1,500 per square metre. But, while that might seem expensive, a price like this offers great value. Unlike a small conservatory, which can become difficult to use in winter and summer, a small extension will perform all year round. That way, you’ll get much more use from it, and you’ll use it with far more comfort.

    A 5m x 4m extension, for example, will cost around £30,000, to begin with. However, some factors will cause the price to rise. Of course, one of them is if you decide to build a bigger extension, but other factors could include labour costs, planning permission agreements, or even where you live. If you live in London, you could expect to pay a bit more for your extension.

    But a small extension is still a worthwhile investment for your home. That’s because the quality of this space will make a massive difference. Your extension will be highly durable, thanks to the use of more solid materials. With brickwork walls, solid roofing and windows and doors with weather-tight frames, you’ll get a space that’ll be weatherproof and secure for decades to come.

    Not only that, but a modern extension will be thermally efficient. You’ll get double glazing as standard across the build, with the option of triple glazing for even better insulation. Also, the windows and doors can feature uPVC, aluminium or even composite frames that block cold air, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills.

    The Benefits of a Small Extension

    When you think of an extension, you could be thinking of an expansive new room for your home. But a small extension is no different – with a clever design, you can make it feel more spacious than it is. You can build a small bespoke extension with several companies, adding features like floor-to-ceiling glazing, sliding doors and a roof lantern to let light pour into your home.

    A small extension might not take a long time to fit either. The more expansive your space, the higher the labour costs will be, and the more time they’ll have to spend disrupting your home. With a small extension, your team won’t take as long to construct the space, and they can work around your schedule with more flexibility.

    A small extension is also a less stressful investment. Rather than a large extension, which often needs planning permission applications that could take years, you can build many small extensions under ‘permitted development’ rules. That means you won’t need to apply for full planning permission, saving lots of time and money too.

    And, finally, the cost of a small extension will be much lower for your home. While a large design could cost upwards of £50,000 with ease, a 5m x 4m extension can start closer to £30,000. And, if you’re smart with your space with intelligent storage and doors with no swing arc, you could build even smaller, saving more on your new project.

    how much do small extensions cost

    Uses for a Small Extension

    The best thing about house extensions is how versatile they are. Because of this, you can style an extension to suit almost any new purpose for your home. And, even if you have a small extension, smart design can help you achieve anything. By building bespoke, you can pick features that suit your ideas perfectly, and have a brilliant aesthetic that makes your living space stand out.

    If you’ve spent more time at your home of late, you may want a brand-new space to focus. As a result, one use for a small extension would be as a home office. You can connect your setup to your home’s electricity inside, and choose hard-wearing furniture. Also, features like solid walls and roofing improve sound insulation to help you concentrate.

    Alternatively, you could make your small extension a thriving social space. With a solid roof, you can get inbuilt LED lighting, making sure you don’t have to stop using your extension when it’s dark. And, when it’s bright and warm outside, you can open up to your garden with ease. You could invest in bi-fold doors with a low-threshold option, perfect for extending your home into nature.

    A small extension could even help you spend more time with your family. That’s because it can help you make mealtimes memorable. You can turn your extension into a dining area with a roof lantern to eat underneath, or kitchen space for new appliances. With a side return extension, you could extend your current space too!

    Ways To Save Money with a Small Extension

    With a small extension, you’ll already be expanding your home for less. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut the cost of your new space further. For example, planning and getting the timings right is crucial. With the right timings, you’ll bring materials to your home when your installers can work on them, reducing idle time and unnecessary labour costs.

    Planning your extension design to the last detail is also helpful. That’s because, if you decide to make a late change, it can cost a lot more to do then than it would now. As a result, deciding on a plan for your extension in advance could save you thousands. With many installers, you can go through the design process with expert help, too.

    Another way is to choose a local installer to build a small extension. A local brand will often have smaller overheads to cover than a national name, meaning they could fit your new space for a lower cost. Not only that, but you won’t have to spend as much money on travel costs to bring their teams to you – they’ll be on your doorstep already, meaning shorter waiting times too!

    The one issue with finding a local extension installer is trust. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know which companies are trustworthy and which ones are rogue traders. But, rather than search for one yourself, taking the risk, you can find trusted local traders in your area with ease when you search through Conservatory Online Prices!

    small extension prices

    Cut the Cost of a Small Extension with Conservatory Online Prices

    With Conservatory Online Prices, it’s easy to cut the cost of a small extension. That’s because, with our service, you can compare extension prices for your home in minutes. We have a network of local suppliers that covers the whole UK, each one reputable and trustworthy. You can get in touch with several of them through us, allowing you to compare their offers and get the big picture.

    Once you pick the one that offers the best deal for you, the benefits won’t end there. As local installers, they could offer a more personalised service, and they can help you with your small extension at every step of the way. Their friendly teams of experts can also advise on planning permission, technical surveys and design choices!

    With our trusted network, you won’t have to make a risky investment, either. We review our network regularly to make sure the suppliers in it offer the best extensions at the highest quality. Also, many of our installers are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, guaranteeing you’ll get a brilliant installation for your new space.

    Small Extension Prices

    Find competitive prices from local installers to cut the cost of your small extension today!

    You can get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices using our online contact form. Alternatively, call us today on 0800 124 4307 to speak to our friendly team for more advice and information.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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