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    How Important Are Conservatory Foundations?

    Conservatory foundations help you expand your home with confidence. The right foundations provide solid ground to any new project, giving them a brilliant base that you can build on with ease. If you want a new space for your home, then adding one can lead to some questions you might not usually ask – is the land solid enough? Are there pipes underneath?

    Conservatory foundations make it less likely that you’ll need to find answers to tough questions. There are plenty of foundation designs out there, from traditional footings, strip foundations, and even new bases that don’t require any digging. However, ensuring your build has some foundation is crucial.

    Getting conservatory foundations, though, can sometimes be tricky. You might not work with the right installer, meaning they lay the footings too shallow, leaving your build at risk. You could install conservatory foundations yourself, but it can be time-consuming, meaning you lose some of the only time you might have free.

    The best way to build the base of your new project, then, is to find the right installer at the right price. And, when you search through Conservatory Online Prices‘ network of trusted, local suppliers across the UK, you’ll find one in seconds. With us, you’ll get on solid ground before you build a new space for your home.

    how important are conservatory foundations

    The Importance of Conservatory Foundations

    Most of the time, you’ll end up building a new conservatory on the land around your home. This land is usually soil, which can vary in terms of its strength. Because of this, building on wet grounds could lead to problems down the line. You won’t get as much stability in your new space, and water could seep underneath and cause rotting and decay.

    One way to check to see if the land around your home is suitable is by getting a technical survey of your property. By doing this, you’ll get detailed blueprints of your home’s land, and what’s underneath it. That way, when you dig footings, you won’t burst any piping you can’t see.

    Once you lay your conservatory foundations down, you won’t have to worry about the land beneath them as much. The foundations add extra support, providing strength against heavy rain, high winds and even debris like branches. As a result, your build won’t let you down for decades to come.

    And, if you’re worried about digging up your garden to fit them, then a trusted local installer can help you protect the nature around your home. You’ll be working with a professional who’ll only dig what they have to. Also, you could lay shallower foundations if you wish, although you might get less strength from them.

    Types of Conservatory Foundations

    The most common type of conservatory foundations you still see is traditional footings. Footings are sturdy support beams that lodge deep into the soil underneath your build. That way, they provide a lot of resistance against extreme conditions. Not only that, but the beams don’t wear down for decades, meaning you can rely on them for days and days.

    However, footings aren’t the only way to add a little solidity to your new space. Many traditional conservatories also come with a dwarf wall. This wall is a small brickwork base that supports the build from underneath. The brickwork is robust and weatherproof, stopping water seeping beneath the build, and it’ll raise your space higher off the ground for added strength.

    While these conservatory foundations are tried and tested, that might not mean they’re the best option for you. For example, if you have a lot of plants in your garden or it’s a home to wildlife, you might not want to dig as much of it up. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions that help you get a stable base for your build without sacrificing as much of your soil.

    The first is modern bases which use concrete and steel pads instead of traditional footings. That way, you don’t have to dig up your garden at all. Alternatively, though, you could choose conservatory strip foundations. Strip foundations can lodge in at a thickness of only 150mm into your garden. Not only that, but you can install them yourself!

    diy conservatory foundations

    DIY Conservatory Foundations

    The cost of installing conservatory foundations can be high. However, you might not have to pay for it. That’s because some foundations are DIY-friendly, meaning you can fit them for your new space yourself. Conservatory strip foundations are ideal for this, as you don’t have to do much digging, and they’re fairly easy to place where you want them.

    However, some parts of installing strip foundations can be complex. Firstly, it’s important to know the soil you’ll be putting the foundations into. If you have clay soil, for example, then it’ll be quite soft, meaning you could mould it with only your fingers. If you plan to build trenches in rock or gravel, though, you might need a pick to dig it up.

    Another factor is the load your conservatory foundations will have to take. If you know the build you’re going to install, though, all you’ll need to do is calculate the load. The dead load, imposed load and wind load all require different calculations, with the forces involved multiplied by 9.81 giving you the Newtons of force they each can take.

    That way, you’ll be able to design strip foundations that are precisely right for your build. As a result, they’ll deal with the loads it imposes without a hitch, and you’ll get the same level of stability for your new space as you would with traditional footings. But you can’t build them on your own without permissions.

    Local Authority Rules on Conservatory Foundations

    If you want to build conservatory foundations, you’ll need local authority approval. That’s true if you have an installer do to the job for you, or you’re planning to carry it out yourself. Local authorities have specific requirements on foundations, though, meaning you’ll have to hit them to get your build approved.

    These limits change from council to council, too, so it’s important to check yours before you start. Some of the most crucial rules are on the land you’re building your conservatory foundations on. If the land has any weak patches that could lead to a failure, they won’t permit the build. Also, there can be no imported soil or ‘made ground’ in the area.

    The strip thickness can also be no thinner than 150mm. That’s to protect your conservatory from not having enough of a base to stay upright for years to come. Not only that, but the strip can be no less wide than the projection of the wall face of your build, but it can be greater than it. All of these rules, though, can make building foundations yourself time-consuming.

    As a result, it’s usually better value to hire a local installer to fit your foundations for you. But finding the right one might not be as easy as you think. Often, it can take just as long to find a company you can trust with your conservatory as it takes to build it. But with Conservatory Online Prices, you can search with stronger foundations.

    conservatory foundations prices

    Installing Conservatory Foundations with Conservatory Online Prices

    If you want a brand-new space for your home, you’ll get more control for less cost with Conservatory Online Prices. That’s because, when you search for a supplier through us, you’ll find trusted traders near you. We have an extensive network of local companies across the UK that can help you build a new conservatory with the right foundations.

    You’ll get shorter wait times and lower travel costs, as these companies will be right on your doorstep. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get less quality. You’ll get durable foundations that you can rely on for years to come in a range of styles. Also, you can get a better conservatory with one of these companies too.

    You’ll be able to invest in a high-quality new space when you choose one of these companies. They offer energy efficient designs from the UK’s leading manufacturers. As a result, you’ll be warm and comfortable in your new space, without relying on your central heating either! And, with durable foundations, your new space won’t lose its strength over time.

    A trusted local installer can make installing every part of your new build easier. They’ll provide advice for dealing with local authorities, technical surveys, and a bespoke installation for your new build that works around you. For added peace of mind, many of these installers have accreditations from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS.

    Conservatory Foundations For Less

    Build your conservatory with better foundations with Conservatory Online Prices today!

    You can get in touch with us today to find a trusted company near you for the best conservatory prices in minutes. You could either fill in our online contact form or give our friendly team a call on 0800 124 4307 to ask them any questions you might have about conservatory foundations.

    We look forward to hearing from you about how we can help save money on your conservatory cost!

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