House Extension Ideas For Semi-Detached Houses

House Extension Ideas

There are many house extension ideas that can work well for a semi-detached house. With a semi-detached house, you’ll have more room to work with in expanding your space, and getting your home a little closer to nature. Extensions are the ultimate home improvement for flexibility as well, meaning you can use them for almost any purpose.

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A house extension can allow you to free up the rest of your space, creating a new warm room that you and your family will love. Most extensions use brickwork that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your property and insulates your new space from the cold too. Not only that, but you can customise the build with stunning windows and doors.

You can add a wide variety of materials inside your extension as well to make it suit you perfectly. For example, you could add new roofing with either tiles or a roof lantern. Additionally, you can customise your space with any accessories you’d like, and you can connect it to your mains electricity to make your room even more versatile.

With Conservatory Prices UK, you can create a house extension for plenty of ideas that are perfect for semi-detached houses. Our design tool lets you customise every aspect, even colours and finishes. Not only that, but we refer your design to a network of trusted local suppliers and installers, who’ll make your vision a reality at a brilliant price.

House Extension Costs

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What House Extension Ideas Work for Semi-Detached Houses?

Semi-detached houses already give you a considerable amount of space. However, getting a house extension can make your home stand out and create a lasting impression. Because you’ll have more space on your property, you can afford to take bolder decisions in how you build the new room.

One of the main benefits of an extension is that you can connect it to your electricity and plumbing through the brick walls.

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Because of this, you can join it with your home seamlessly and use it much like any other room. That way, you can turn a house extension into a place where you can practice any of your passions in private, or spend time with your family in comfort.

Additionally, you can take total control of how you light a house extension.

You can add advanced double glazing across many aspects of the design, from windows to doors, that let vast amounts of natural light pour in. The glass will also prevent heat transfer, working with your brickwork to keep your space warm and bright throughout the year.

With sizeable double glazing panels, you can connect your extension seamlessly with your garden.

Designing your space in this way suits a whole host of ideas, such as creating a reading room or a new dining area that makes mealtimes memorable. You can also make the gateway to your garden seamless with sliding or bi-fold doors that give you spectacular views.

However, the crucial thing about house extensions is that they give you a choice. No matter the design you want to add to your home, house extensions have the versatility and the materials available to make that happen. With our network, you can create a bespoke extension that uses market-leading materials, giving you a room that can transform your home.

Bespoke To Your Needs

You don’t have to use brickwork for the structure – you could use concrete instead, which provides similar strength and firmness. Alternatively, you could choose to install glass walls that give you astonishing natural light and warmth.

You’ll also be able to add windows to your extension if you so choose, in a whole range of styles. Each style comes with double glazing as standard, and a choice of uPVC, aluminium and composite frames. These windows, thanks to their materials and design, can trap heat inside your home and warm it up without needing your central heating.

You can also add doors to your space that either opens it up with glass or use durable structures to make it more private. For example, you could add a composite door with superb sound insulation to make your space secluded.

Finally, you can also customise the roof and even the floor to precisely style your space from top to bottom. You could add a roof lantern, for example, which uses a concrete roof with a vaulted glass skylight to give you a new focal point. Also, you can customise your floor with brickwork, wood and more to improve the natural warmth of your new room.

Let Light Into You Extension With Glazing

If you and your family feel like your home doesn’t get enough light, then you can add an extension that uses plenty of double glazing. With glass walls and roofing, you can create a relaxing lounge or sitting area that stays warm and dry from the weather. You’ll also be able to open the space up in the summer, creating an accessible pathway to your garden.

Kitchen House Extension

Another idea you could try out is creating a kitchen extension. You may even have the space to combine a new kitchen with a dining area as well. With a wide range of windows and doors on offer, you could separate the spaces with bi-fold doors or make them feel as one. Additionally, you can install roofing that gives you stunning views above your table.

Alternatively, you could install brickwork, tiles and composite doors to create a secluded space for your passions. You could fit a home office or a study, that allows you to work in peace and get a bit of privacy for yourself. These spaces have superb sound insulation thanks to their durable materials, meaning you won’t be distracted.

Planning Permission For House Extensions

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While you may have bold ideas for your new house extension, you need to make sure it fulfils planning permission regulations. However, a semi-detached house has more space to build within, and the government has extended this space only this year (2019). Because of this, you can afford to be brave with your design while also staying compliant with the law.

For a semi-detached house, your new extension cannot reach more than three metres beyond the rear wall of your property. However, you can extend this to six metres with approval. As well as that, you can avoid planning permission by only building a single-storey extension or one that doesn’t reach above the roofline of your home.

While the rules may seem complicated, it’s quite straightforward to get around them. When you work with us, you’ll get in touch with a local installer that has regulatory approval from bodies such as FENSA and CERTASS. They’ll work with you to make sure your new design meets all the regulations, saving you stress as well as time.

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