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    House Extension Cost

    The cost of an extension is typically measured per square meter, meaning that the smaller the extension the less expensive it will be.

    However, there are different ways you can help save yourself money if you do not want to sacrifice the size of your extension.

    The price of an average home extension is around £1,250 and £1,750 per m2, although this price does vary depending on what installation company you choose.

    This means that the average cost of an extension outside of London is around £30,000 for 5m x 5m dimensions.

    However, this price is also affected by the location of your property, with extensions for properties in London and the South East costing around £1,600 per m2, with an overall cost of around £50,000+ for a finished extension.

    house extension cost

    Unlike conservatories, house extensions cannot really be estimated in brackets, being that every installation is different and unique in its design.

    This means that not only does the dimensions of the extension affect the price, but so does the choice of materials, where you source the materials, the windows and doors and even the additional features.

    In order to get a full understanding of the cost of your specific extension, use our free online quotation tool to get competitive rates for your installation.

    Many homeowners hire in a specialist project manager to help organise and oversee the on-site building work, buy in the materials and take on the project for you while you get on with your everyday life.

    However, some homeowners decide to take that on themselves and, while you are more involved and may be more stressful, can save you a lot of money. By doing this, you can also be more in control over your budget by sourcing the materials, windows, doors and other features yourself for the best price.

    extension costsHouse Extension Cost Calculator

    We here at Conservatory Online Prices have put together a free and easy to use cost calculator that allows you complete creative control over your new extension, conservatory or orangery.

    Start by inputting your dimensions, and you will start to receive competitive quotes for your installation from a number of trustworthy companies operating within your local area.

    With dimensions from 3m to 8m in width and between 3m to 5m in projection, the cost of your house extension is measured in square meters, with any additional materials, windows, doors and other features being added onto the price depending on what company you choose.

    house extension cost

    This service is entirely free of charge and with zero obligation to you, allowing you to use is any number of times until you find a quotation you like from an installation company that you can trust.

    Similarly, you can also get competitive quotes for conservatories and orangeries.

    While orangeries are very similar to calculate, simply inputting the dimensions you want; conservatories offer a range of different styles to choose from, including Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To and Gable conservatories.

    Once this is chosen, you can then select from glass, polycarbonate and tiled roofs, as well as choose the frame colour for your uPVC and what kind of installation you want performed.

    While these features for a conservatory are selected within the cost calculator itself, for extensions and orangeries these options are chosen later on when you have chosen an installer and can begin the planning stages of your extension.

    With extensions, you can also have a lot more choice, with an option for different types of windows and doors as well as a variety of different roof styles to allow for the perfect amount of security, insulation and natural light and ventilation for your property.

    For more information on the range of different designs you can choose for your conservatory, extension or orangery, please visit our information pages which also lists the benefits of each different type of material and style. Finding a design that best matches your properties overall style goes a long way to improve your home’s market value and desirability, so make sure your new extension is well suited.

    How much do foundations cost for an extension?

    The foundations of an extension are vitally important in order to build an extension that is long-lasting, structurally sound and properly insulated, but how much does that exactly cost and how much disruption will it cause?

    Digging foundations may seem quite stressful, but it is actually easier than it sounds and can only take around a day or so to have completed.

    extension costs

    Again, the cost of the digging of your extension foundations varies on the size of your extension, dictating how much ground your foundations need to cover.

    Foundations for an extension need to be around 450mm wide and 200mm deep, with the amount of material to be dug out of the ground being calculated by your installer in order for the concrete to create a level floor when it is filled.

    If you are unsure about how deep your foundations need to be, it is recommended that you speak to your chosen installer or contact a member of our team through our very own online contact form today.

    A digger is usually used to dig foundations quickly, with the trenches then being filled with concrete to create a concrete outline foundation to build your extension up from.

    The cost of digging foundations often includes the cost of materials, including the cement, hiring a digger and cement truck as well as the cost of labour for any workmen you have onsite.

    You may also want to hire a skip to store the dug-up earth, as well as having someone take it away. Aside from this additional cost, this can mean your foundations can cost between £1,000 and £3,000, although this price can vary.

    If you would like to know more information about the process and cost of having a foundation dug on your property for a new extension, please speak to your chosen installer or contact us through our online contact form today.

    A member of our team will be all too happy to answer any questions you may have about your extension installation.

    How big can an extension be without planning permission?

    Planning permission can be the bane of a homeowner or property developer, but it is often a necessary process. However, thanks to recent changes in legislation, it is now easier than ever to have an extension installed onto your property without needing any planning permission.

    This doesn’t just mean your installation work can begin almost immediately from when you receive your initial quotation, but it also saves you money that you may have had to spend on fees and other planning processes.

    However, there are still certain regulations in place that dictate whether or not your extension qualifies for planning permission or not. This means that your extension:

    Must not take up more than half of the area around the original house (the term ‘original house’ depending on its state when it was originally built, or as it stood in the 1st July 1948)

    Cannot extend beyond the rear wall more than eight meters (for a detached house) or six meters (for any other type of house)

    Cannot be taller than the highest point of the roof of your original house.

    Must not feature verandas, balconies or raised platforms

    Cannot have a single storey higher than 4 meters.

    If your property has additional buildings, such as a shed, garage or conservatory that was not part of the original house or as it stood in 1948, then that area is included in the amount of land allowed to be covered before planning permission applies.

    Will a single-storey extension add value?

    Extensions are not just a great way of increasing the size of your home, but also adding to the desirability of your property and its overall value should you decide to sell on at some point in the future.

    But does a single-storey extension add value?

    house extension costs

    Any kind of home improvement installation adds value to the house, although this value is often tied into how much you have spent on the installation as well as what you are using the space for.

    For instance, a study by Nationwide found a double bedroom and ensuite can add up to 23% to the value of your home, while single bedrooms and bathrooms can add between 6% and 12% to your properties value.

    This means that, if you ever do decide to sell on, you will actually end up earning a bit of profit, with an average profit of around £14,000 for a typical £20,000 extension.

    While bedrooms are typically found on the second floor, however, having a single-storey extension doesn’t limit you to the versatility of your new living space.

    Kitchen extensions are incredibly desirable, as are sunrooms and dining rooms, with larger spaces that allow in natural light adding that important touch of modernism to a home, suited to both traditional and contemporary builds.

    If you are interested in finding out a more personalised estimate about how much value your new extension may add to your home, feel free to use our free online cost calculator to get competitive quotes or speak to a member of our team today through our free online contact form.

    Do you need planning permission for a single-storey extension?

    As mentioned above, it is now easier than ever to get extensions and other home improvement installation products installed onto your property without needing planning permission, thanks to recent changes in legislation.

    planning permission

    There was initially a temporary increase in the size limits for single-storey rear extensions which was to expire on the 30th May 2019, but this was made into a permanent change by the government.

    Because of these changes, single-storey extensions are very easily installed, as long as they do not cover over half of the area around your original property (although the ‘area covered’ may need to be added onto any sheds, garages and outbuildings that were built after the houses’ construction, or as it stood in 1948.) and do not exceed over 4 meters in height, or exceed past the height of your property’s roof.

    Because of these limitations in height, getting more than one-storey extensions to qualify may involve more difficulty, including whether or not it blocks your neighbour’s view, meaning that single-storey extensions are far easier to get built without worrying about upsetting your neighbours.

    For more information about whether or not your extension design qualifies for planning permission, please visit the Government’s online Planning Portal to read through the regulations.

    For additional information about whether or not your particular area has additional restrictions, please contact your local planning authority, especially if you are living with a protected area.

    How much does a double-storey extension cost?

    Double-storey extensions are a great way of adding space to both the upper and lower floors of your property, allowing you to increase the space in your kitchen or dining room as well adding space to your bedroom or bathroom.

    En-suites are a popular usage of smaller extensions, as well as increases the size of the original bedroom, which can add up to 25% to your properties overall value, but your additional upper floor space can also be used as an entirely new room, such as an office space, new bedroom or a large wet-room to allow more accessibility for any family members with mobility issues.

    extension costs

    There are additional restrictions to planning permission regulations for two-storey extensions, including extensions of more than one storey not extending more than three meters beyond the rear wall of the original house, as well as being no closer to a rear boundary by seven meters. Also, no additional verandas, balconies or raised platforms.

    If your double-storey extension features any of these things, planning permission may have to be sought.

    While a single-storey extension usually costs around £1,200 to £1,700 per square meter, a two-storey extension typically increases the price by about 50%.

    This is because of the cost of additional materials and longer installation work increasing the cost of labour, as well as making the upper floor structurally sound to walk on.

    This means that a £40,000 single-storey extension becomes £60,000, as well as any additional VAT and professional fees, with this price being higher if you are living within London or the South East.

    Are you interested in getting an extension for your property? Look no further than Conservatory Online Prices.

    We offer a free and easy to use, zero-obligation quotation calculator that allows you to design your very own bespoke extension from scratch, as well as conservatories, orangeries and other home improvement installation products.

    Finding your ideal extension for your property has never been so easy!

    Getting an extension for your home is a great way of expanding on your living space without having to move to a new house just for that bit of extra elbow room.

    If your family is growing in size, or if you realised you just need that little bit of extra space to make your home completely comfortable, then getting a house extension is an affordable and relatively easy home improvement option that you can have installed onto almost any type of property.

    Moving to a new house can be one of the most stressful things a person can do, so why give up a home that you love just for the sake of some space?

    Getting an extension not only increases the size of your property, it adds to the desirability and overall value of your home, making it a great long-term investment into your property should you decide to sell on at some point in the future.

    With a lifespan almost as long as your property itself, extensions are far longer lasting than conservatories and other prefabricated structures, made from solid brick and with a sturdy roof and foundations that will insulate your home and protect you from the worst of the British weather.

    By using Conservatory Online Prices’ free online quotation calculator, you will be able to put together your very own bespoke extension design from scratch, choosing from a variety of different styles, materials and additional features to create an extension that will perfectly suit both your home and your own personal taste.

    Once this design is to your liking, we will then pass it along to a number of reputable installation companies operating within your area, who will then be in touch to offer you competitive quotes for your installation work.

    Finding your brand-new extension has never been so easy!

    Compare Prices and Save £££s on your home improvements