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    Compare Conservatory Prices & Save
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    Hardwood Conservatory Prices

    Hardwood conservatories are becoming more and more popular. That’s because these stunning spaces bring the style of old builds together with the quality of new ones. If you install one of these spaces for your home, you could benefit from an authentic timber look, along with superb strength and insulation.

    Not only that, the wood will be far more durable than in older designs. Wooden conservatories have a long history. However, most builds from the past suffer from issues over time. After only a few years, older timber designs could begin to lose their shape in poor weather conditions. The wood would crack, twist, fade and rot quickly, meaning lots of maintenance and high repair costs.

    Modern hardwood conservatories, though, change all that. With more resilient hardwood in the design, they can deal with the elements far more effectively. That’s not all, either – hardwood conservatories can improve your home’s sound insulation, reduce your energy costs, and can give you more time to enjoy your new space without having to maintain it.

    Hardwood builds are different from softwood designs, which don’t last nearly as long and still suffer bad weather. Not only that, hardwood has more visual impact and a more dense structure, meaning better insulation for your property. You’ll even make your home more secure, especially with the addition of unique doors and roofing with leading security hardware.

    If you have a classic home or want to add classic style to it, then hardwood conservatories could be perfect. And, when you get a quote from Conservatory Online Prices, you could save up to 40% on your new space too. You can compare prices from multiple installers in your area, helping you get the best possible deal for your brand-new space.

    hardwood conservatories

    Modern Hardwood Conservatories

    Hardwood conservatories do away with the problems of old timber designs. In the past, you could get wooden builds, but they would wear down quickly. Unfortunately, wood struggles with water and wind, meaning bad weather could cause the whole design to weaken. Eventually, that would lead to structural issues, rotting, cracking and twisting.

    As a result, cold air could pass into these rooms with ease, making them difficult to use. Not only that, these older builds had single-glazed glass windows, which allowed for more heat transfer. The design of these builds, then, was conducive to the greenhouse effect. That meant these rooms were bitterly cold in winter and stiflingly hot in summer.

    None of that sounds like what you’d want to add to your home. But, today, hardwood conservatories are beyond those issues. Modern hardwood is highly durable, meaning it won’t wear down as easily. Not only that, your hardwood conservatory will be packed full of modern features, such as double glazing, to keep your space comfortable all year round.

    Also, hardwood conservatories still have the authentic look of older builds. As a result, you can add them to classic homes without sacrificing the style of the property. It’s even likely you could expand your home with one of these builds if you live in a listed building or conservation area. Because of this, these designs could be ideal for any home.

    hardwood conservatory cost

    The Benefits of a Hardwood Conservatory

    Hardwood conservatories can give you a stunning new space inside your home. If you feel like you need more room or that you and your family are outgrowing your home, you don’t need to move house to find it. Instead, you can build a brand-new space for less. Not only will you get the room you’ve needed, as these spaces are so versatile, but you can also free up other rooms in your home.

    Another benefit of hardwood conservatories is that they are secure. With durable hardwood, you can make your build more resistant to heavy impacts. Not only that, the design comes with reinforced glass that has multi-point locking systems, along with doors that have internal shootbolts, resilient hinges and robust handle to give you peace of mind.

    Hardwood conservatories can deal with bad weather, too. While older designs could struggle, your new one won’t suffer when it comes to high winds and heavy rain. The strong timber in the design can cope with storms, and it’ll last for decades longer than older builds. Also, the colour won’t fade as easily, meaning less repainting and revarnishing.

    Finally, you could save money with a brand-new space. If your home gets cold, then a conservatory could let more natural light and warmth into your home. The timber in your design can retain its strength in slim shapes, meaning there’s more glazing to allow extra light in. That way, you could make your home warmer more naturally, cutting the cost of your energy bills.

    hardwood vs softwood conservatory

    Hardwood vs Softwood Conservatories

    However, you should check what type of wood a conservatory is made from before you buy. That’s because there’s a big difference between hardwood and softwood conservatories. Softwood builds are much cheaper, which is why many homeowners opt for them. However, there are a few reasons as to why they cost a lot less.

    Firstly, softwood is nowhere near as durable as hardwood. As a result, these builds are known to wear down quickly, potentially within as little as seven years. Not only that, softwood isn’t as dense as hardwood, meaning that it’ll allow for more heat transfer. Because of this, these conservatories are warmer in summer and colder in winter as well.

    Hardwood conservatories might cost more, but their quality makes the price more than worth it. Hardwood has a greater visual impact, looks richer and more textured, and provides more strength than softwood. As a result, your space will look fantastic from any angle, and it’ll keep impressing guests and onlookers for decades to come.

    And, when you step inside the space, you’ll feel the difference. Hardwood conservatories stay warm in winter, and they can even keep cool in summer. You can customise your new design fully with expansive doors, efficient roofs, and even timber flooring to complete the look. You can design your space around almost any need, too, such as a home office if you want to work in the sunlight.

    hardwood conservatory prices

    Hardwood Conservatory Prices

    Hardwood conservatories can be quite costly, with prices starting from around £50,000 in most cases. While that might seem steep, though, you’ll get an immaculate new build. Modern hardwood is even more durable than materials like uPVC, and it has a much more authentic, textured look. Not only that, you’ll achieve high standards of insulation, helping you save more on your energy bills over time.

    But, if you’d like to save money on your conservatory, not to worry. With Conservatory Online Prices, you can cut the cost of any conservatory. You can search through a trusted network of local suppliers across the UK with us, and we’ll connect you to the ones closest to you. From there, you can compare their products and prices, helping you make a better investment.

    To invest in hardwood conservatories for less, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices! Use our online contact form to start the process, and our friendly team will connect you to trusted installers in your area. Many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade and Which? members too! You can also call us on 0800 124 4307 to ask us anything!

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