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    Guide To Self Build Extensions

    What is a self build extension? If you want to expand your home, it could be a way of doing it for less. While most people hire a qualified installer to complete their extension for them, you don’t necessarily have to pay somebody to do it. Instead, you can cut the cost by building your new extension yourself, meaning you make an even better investment.

    Also, you won’t have to build as complex of a space. That’s because there are plenty of extension kits out there that can help you build it more easily. You can get bases you can install in less than a day, and some suppliers offer pre-fabricated extension parts. That means a lot of the installation is done before the build arrives.

    However, a self build extension can take time to install. You’ll still have to connect the space up to your mains electricity and drainage, which can be a complicated process. Not only that, but designing the space can also take a lot of time on your own, and you’ll have to learn things like planning regulations in detail to make sure your build meets them.

    If you have some DIY experience, then you may already have the skill to build an extension by yourself. However, if you don’t, then building an extension is a big jump. It can become complicated and stressful, and some companies won’t cover you should anything go wrong during the process either.

    Because of this, it can be just as valuable to spend more on a qualified installer than to choose a self build extension. But, no matter which you choose, you can save money on it with Conservatory Online Prices! Use our network of local suppliers today to save money on your new extension.

    self build extensions

    The Benefits of a Self Build Extension

    So, why choose a self build extension for your home? Firstly, you can install the build at your own pace. Rather than have to follow a schedule from an installer, which can cause disruption, you can install the build in a way that works for you. Not only that, but you can use the project to enhance your DIY skills, giving yourself a true challenge.

    A self build extension can also look like the space of your dreams. That’s because you’ll also have full control over the design process. Many companies offer bespoke extensions that come in kits or as parts delivered to your door. That way, you can choose unique glazing, doors, roofing and more, all in unique colours and finishes!

    You won’t be losing anything with a self build extension. You’ll still be able to order the same quality parts as in any build for your new space. As a result, you can get the same level of performance, even when you build yourself. Your new extension will be able to increase your home’s insulation, for example, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills.

    And another way you’ll cut the cost with a self build extension is in the installation. You won’t have to hire an installation team to complete the build for you, which often causes climbing costs. However, with a qualified installation team, you could save yourself a lot of work and time, and you’ll reduce the risk of your investment.

    How Do You Make a Self Build Extension?

    A self build extension usually comes as part of a kit. That means when you order one, the company you purchase it from drops the kit off at your home. Because of this, you’ll have all the parts ready to go – just not installed. That means you’ll have to read the manuals to fit the parts together to create a warm, bright and safe house extension.

    One way some suppliers can help you, though, is by offering pre-fabricated parts. With some designs, you’ll get bits of your extension that come together. As a result, the installation is a little more simple, and it takes less time. Often, extension bases are pre-fabricated, and some designs don’t require any digging either.

    With a self build extension, you’ll have total control over the build. You can design it from the ground up if you’d like to, meaning you get a unique space for your home. Also, you can style the build to suit both your needs and your budget. Most extensions cost around £2,000 per square metre on average, but some extension kits don’t cost nearly as much.

    Before you begin the build, it’s important to know what space you can create as well. When you get a self build extension, it’ll be subject to the same planning regulations as any other extension. Because of this, if you’d like to build a large extension or a multi-storey design, you may need to apply for planning permission.

    self build extension costs

    Should You Choose a Self Build Extension?

    A self build extension seems like a great idea on paper. However, it can be a more difficult installation than you think in practice. If you have some DIY experience, then you may be able to carry out the job of building your extension. However, an extension is a complicated build for somebody less experienced.

    If you want particular features too, such as a roof lantern, bi-fold doors or floor-to-ceiling glazing, then you may have to choose a bespoke build. As a result, you’ll have a more complex installation to complete. But, if you go with a self-built extension kit, you won’t get as much choice for the design. Because of this, you may have to make compromises to save money with a self build extension.

    Also, you’ll have to rely on yourself with a self build extension. When you only order the parts, you won’t get much advice on fitting them together. And, even if some parts are pre-fabricated, the solutions may not be obvious. Because of this, something could easily go wrong during the process, and you may not be covered for any damage or failures.

    A self build extension, then, is a better idea on paper than in practice. While you’ll spend more money to hire a qualified installation team, you’ll get a lot more value out of your investment. That’s because you won’t have to spend weeks building a new space yourself. You can leave it to the professionals and get peace of mind with a quality installation.

    Qualified Extension Installations

    A self build extension could be a quality space for your home. But, by working with qualified installers to build your new extension, you’ll guarantee it. With an installation team, you can have peace of mind by working with experts in their field on your new space. Also, they can offer advice and information whenever you need it.

    They’ll help you throughout the process, including before the build. You can design your new extension from the ground up with an installation team, and they’ll help you build around planning permission regulations. Not only that, but they can provide technical and topographical surveys. That way, you can build with peace of mind, knowing you won’t damage your garden or run into unforeseen issues.

    And, from the moment you start building your extension, you’ll have peace of mind. Your installation team will take care of everything for you, working around you to minimise the disruption to your home. Also, should anything go wrong, they’ll be able to adapt quickly, and you’ll be covered in the event of them damaging or breaking parts.

    Although you’ll pay more than you would for a self build extension, you’ll get much more value with qualified installers. You’ll get a space you can guarantee the quality of, meaning better performance for your home. That means high-security windows and doors, weather-resistant brickwork and frames, and thermally efficient glazing and roofing that enhances how your home looks and feels.

    self build extension prices

    Self Build Extension or Extension Installation?

    If you’d rather choose an extension installation than a self build extension, there’s one way to save money on it. At Conservatory Online Prices, we don’t offer low quotes for extensions. However, with our trusted network of local suppliers and installers across the UK, we can point you in the direction of the people who can.

    When you get an extension quote through our network, you’ll only work with trusted companies. That way, you won’t risk working with a rogue trader. Also, as local brands, they’re less likely to charge premiums, you won’t have to pay high travel costs, and you can get short wait times! For added peace of mind, many of them are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too.

    Why Self Build When You Can Save with Conservatory Online Prices?

    For a qualified extension installation, get in touch with Conservatory Online Prices to find out how much you could save!

    You can use our online contact form today to get in touch with our friendly team. From there, we can discuss your options and put you in touch with several companies in your area. That way, you can compare conservatory prices to find the best deal for a bespoke build.

    Alternatively, call us on 0800 124 4307 to speak to our friendly team directly to find out how to save on your conservatory cost.

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