Modern Glazed Extensions

After a sun filled home? A glass extension could be the ideal solution. Gone are the days of a traditional White UPVC conservatory.

There is now a wide range of innovative designs that will increase your space, improve your lifestyle and look spectacular.

If you are after that ‘wow’ factor and want to make a real design statement then nothing will beat a totally glazed extension.

A modern glass extension brings all the benefits of a brick extension – extra space, thermal efficiency (thanks to energy saving glass) and increased property value.

Great looking and versatile, the glass extension can be utilised for many uses. Whether you use the added space for a kitchen extension, dining area or utility room, the choice is yours.

glazed extensions

Glass Extensions

Glass Extensions For Houses

If you are looking to add some character to your property, then a glazed extension makes for a very interesting architectural feature.

Sure, a typical brick extension will expand your home but why not take a new direction?

A stylish glass structure will let in lots of light, giving you view to the garden and beyond.

Inviting the outside in, a glass extension allows you to appreciate your outside views from the comfort of your home.

Glass extensions look particularly stunning when attached to a seaside property, giving you uninterrupted sea views.

Glass Extension Ideas

A glass feature can be a great additional to all styles of property.

However, you will need to consider the direction of your property.

For example, a South-facing glass extension will receive a lot of sunlight and is at risk of becoming very hot.

Likewise, a North facing extension might tend to get cold so will need to think of adding further insulation such as underfloor heating.

Considering a kitchen remodel? You will want to make sure that any kitchen units are positioned in the centre of the room.

Due to the glass walls, you will be unable to position them along the outside.

glass extensions

glass extension

Glass Kitchen Extensions

Let the light flood in with a modern glass kitchen extension.

It is a beautiful way to create additional space in your home, creating a bright and modern space for the whole family to enjoy.

A glass kitchen extension offers the perfect combination of form and function.

Whether you opt for frameless glass walls or an entire glass room, a glass kitchen extension will give you a bespoke, modern and luxury space.

A glass kitchen extension is perfect for creating a seamless link between your kitchen and outdoor space.

Will A Glazed Extension Suit My Property?

Modern glass structures are also favoured by English Heritage for use on listed buildings.

Why? It is because their design makes a clear distinction between old and new.

This is good news for those with listed buildings wanting to add some extra space.

And a glazed extension doesn’t have to mean more maintenance. Thanks to the latest innovations in glazing, inventions such as self-cleaning glass and solar control glass can make all the difference.

If you are after that ‘wow’ factor and want to make a real design statement then nothing will beat a totally glazed extension.

glazed extensions

glass extension planning

Glass Extensions Planning Permission

As a rule of thumb, permitted development covers minor extensions such as loft, garage, conversions and conservatories.

As long as it isn’t built onto the front of the property, then requiring planning permission for a glass extension should be the same process for that of a regular extension.

However, it is always best to head to the Government’s Planning Portal to double check.

Alternatively, Real Homes have a free planning permission tool.

glass extension cost

Glass Extension Cost

Glass extensions can be costly, especially when compared to a solid extension however.

You will have to think about how you want it to connect to the rest of the home as well as considering insulation levels.

If you opt for high-specification glass, then this could increase the overall costs but it is important that you make decisions based on quality rather than price.

If you are after that ‘wow’ factor and want to make a real design statement then nothing will beat a totally glazed extension.

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